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  2. I have the same but different steel. One hell of a bomb proof bushcraft blade. Enjoy it!
  3. technical skill questions

    Silicon Carbide Micromesh should do the trick. I have 20000 grit sheets and it can polish up the sapphire face on a watch so I presume it will work fine on lenses.
  4. I find it so weird that something defensive can be illegal. Then again, suppressors are restricted in the states but very common (over the counter) in various EU countries like France.
  5. We moved from a standard American house to a British Apartment (until next year/2019 when we move into a more rural location), seeing as we live on the top floor we 100% take fire safety seriously. Personally, I like fire blankets. Work for all sorts of fires and perfect for out of control stovetop accidents.
  6. Aye, its crazy how many e-mails we get about prepping for conditions we are simply unqualified to answer. Thankfully, we have a super knowledgeable community!
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  8. Diabetes Preparedness

    I got glucose tabs by the crate, it will be no insulin when the SHTF I worry about.
  9. A severely diabetic ex always carried one of those small squeeze tube of gel icing from the baking aisle. Small, leak resistant and a small squeeze under the tongue worked faster for her than glucose tablets.
  10. Just caught the post on the MTJS page for diabetes - and without being diabetic myself, those that I know who are, they have stocks of Fanta - mostly because of all the 'sugar drinks' out there, it has the highest content of sugar of all (for when they're hypoglycemic (to low)) - So just my quick .02 worth!
  11. So I'm doing my quarterly check of all things emergency in my home, flashlights, spare batteries, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, radios, and very important the mighty fire extinguishers. I'm wondering do you all have one in your home? The break down for us is; 1 20lbs in the garage, 1 5lbs in the kitchen, 1 more 5lbs one in the mother-in-law suite, 1 2lbs one in each car so that's 2, and one 2lbs for the outdoor grill. So that's 6 all together. I need to replace the 1 20lbs as it's 5 years old. I always donate the old one's to the fire department so they can use them in training.
  12. technical skill questions

    @Gary_Gough You always bring up stuff I never think about, then you say something and now I'm thinking about it. That being said I got no idea how to even start.
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  14. technical skill questions

    I looked and didn't find a thread for this, which is surprising. My question, has anyone got any experience grinding lenses ? Wondering about what abrasives make sense to repair microscope eye pieces . It's a flat surface on most but scratched central areas seem to be common. As a flat I'm thinking abrasive on a damp cloth on a flat surface should be enough, maybe glue the lens to a stick so I can apply a little force and rotate it while moving it across the surface. I'll probably dive in with some off the shelf hardware store abrasives, but ideas that have worked would be very welcome. Thanks in advance.
  15. Here is my latest acquisition. LT Wright Genesis. Blade is made of CPM 3V Steel, Scandi grind to 0°, 4.250" blade length, .149" (3.79mm)thick, Matte Natural Canvas Micarta scales. 9" OL. The knife weighs in at. 8.5 OZ. Dark Brown Leather Dangler Sheath w/ 3/8" diameter ferro rod holder. The spine of this blade is sharpened to a 90° edge which scrapes sparks off a ferro rod like the 4th of July! It'll scrape wood like nobody's business and make fatwood into Maya Dust. The edge is a true 0° Scandi Grind, no micro bevel and is ridiculously sharp!😱 I'm very happy with my new toy! Dominick......
  16. My name is Bob I just wanted to share my website with you all. I would like some input if you like on recommendations for improving it seems I am lacking as I have sold not one item. Http://survivalbackpacksplus.com
  17. Hi my name is Bob Leiker I've been a survivor since birth but as of late it kind puts a new prospective on it. With the current events around being able to survive could become real very soon. At any rate a year or so ago I lost my job so I decide to start an online business. I been struggling with high costs to set it all up and have yet to make any kind of a profit. The products I sell on my website are for Emergency preparation, food water, gear etc. I got an email this morning from this. website and it looked very interesting I plan to spend some time soaking up the knowledge you have shared. Thanks for your input.
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  19. Truck Camper for a bug out?

    Seen a few variations. Old couple in Mexico that had sold everything and put it in a trust, then built a wooden camper on their 1/2 ton truck. Very minimalist but it was basically a place to sleep and store belongings while living in ( and care taking ) a camp ground. One other was a $50,000 air stream with all the features ( in 1981 ) owner pointed out that all the pop rivet stems were left inside the walls and rattled like mad when moving. I was helping him sort out the electronics on his furnace while discussing the unit ( a half dozen interlocks , electronic ignition, and automotive style documents ). The layout looked nice, a little "pride in workmanship" would have gone a long way. In most ways building your own means you can use tech you are comfortable with and spend time where it's needed.
  20. Traveller 10 Water Generator

    The Traveller 10 by droughtmasters.net can provide gallons of clean, safe water every day. I bought mine about 3 months ago because I needed a reliable source of water for my Aquaponics garden. Our local water department uses massive amounts of Chloramine to disinfect water pumped from the Colorado River. The water was not safe for fish or plants straight out of the tap, and required additional treatment to avoid poisoning my fish. The Droughtmaster machine pulls water out of the Air, sterilizes it with a high intensity UV lamp and then cleans the water with a charcoal filter. My fish and plants love the water and I don't have to worry about chemicals or heavy metals ending up in my salad / dinner. The Traveller 10 weighs about 40 pounds, and runs on 120vac. It's power requirements are similar to a small refrigerator, so solar power is possible, but would be expensive. The unit is simple to operate, and comes with a 1 year warranty. Visit droughtmasters.net for more information or to order.
  21. Clean Water ... Gotta Have It. I used to worry about the water coming into my home. Fluoride, chemical and Biological contamination. I don't anymore. I make my own Pure, Uncontaminated Water with my Traveller 10 Water Generator from droughtmasters.net
  22. Concilium; Security Training

    Not on this first course (TSO) I did with them - this was all theory based and a lead up for their next course 'CAST' which is all field work based involving (mock) kidnappings, questioning, field survival, negotiations etc etc.... Perhaps for another time!
  23. Concilium; Security Training

    Glad it hear it worked out well, were there practical scenarios and tests?
  24. Yeah, if i were more into precision rifle, I'd be more in the war belt camp, but even when wearing my thickest armor combo with mags (one of the surplus rigs with ceramics and 3a backers) and an assault pack), I'm still going to have to get off the ground just a bit more to use my AR with a 30 round mag. The haley rig with the adds the same amount of thickness to my front as the OCPC with steel plates does, while being close to 16lbs lighter
  25. I typically keep the chest rig and the belt in my truck. The armor is just too bulky for that. I only really use the armor for competition and training, and for SHTF should i need it. I suppose i could get away with wearing this carrier under a jacket in the winter, but i think its still a bit too bulky for that. I don't have any experience with newer ballistic shirts, so you might still need to be careful with water, sweat, humidity and UV exposure. Using a concealable 3a vest under a shirt is more common here in the US
  26. Fantastic post Zackmars! Love the ‘A Team’ reference at the top. I haven’t looked that far into it but I think here in Canada, body armour is not legal.
  27. Never been a big fan of chest rigs - can't get on my stomach properly enough to get a decent prone position for firing / observing / keeping a low profile. Belt kit all the way!
  28. Elise & I were thinking of doing something similar. Buy a couple of acres, have a hobbit hole bug out location and surround it with shrubs and bushes. Sounds like a solid plan B in anycase!
  29. That is one hell of a setup mate, out of curiousity- do you ever wear a vest concealed in normal environments or is this a SHTF set up exclusively? I have a friend who wears kevlar reinforced t-shirts as they are slash proof (supposedly) but I have my doubts- any thoughts on that?
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