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    My Bear is a similar story, out of production for so long they can't even quote specs. Reason I'm thinking of trying my own has more to do with learning the pitfalls. Any inconsistency between ends is going to do horrible things to accuracy and I expect my results will fall into the silly category, but maybe usable if I'm lucky, and I'll know more after working on the math to create the shape.
  3. In China, for instance, the numinous force was believed to mirror the Sun’s annual journey through the Ecliptic–meaning its apparent path on the celestial sphere–and to circulate in a network of 12 primary jing luo (經络) known in English as the chinglo channels or simply channels or meridians (a term coined in 1939 by George Soulié de Morant, a French diplomat). These imaginary pathways run from head to toes and interconnect around 360 primary points on the skin.10 There is a strong possibility that the web of these channels was a rudimentary model of the vascular system that was conceptualized according to an episteme­–meaning a set of fundamental beliefs–that was based on astrological principles and mythology. This episteme­ also indicated that a person’s health and destiny are determined by the position of the Sun, the Moon, the 5 Planets and the apparition of comets, along with the person’s time of birth.11 In this worldview, each body segment corresponds to one of the 12 Houses of the Chinese zodiac system di zhi (地支) known in English as the Earthly Branches, and which consists of 12 two-hour (30°) divisions of the Ecliptic. The channels are therefore named according to their degree of yin (阴) and yang (阳), from tai yang (太阳) to jue yin (厥阴), which are terms that describe the phases and the positions of the Sun and the Moon.12 Each has five special points designated by the characters 水 (Water), 木 (Wood), 火 (Fire), 土 (Earth) and 金 (Metal) which are also the Chinese terms for Mercury, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn and Venus,13 and seem to correspond to the transit positions of these Planets in the matching House. Each point is also associated with a color, which comes from the visual appearance of the matching Planet in the night sky. Venus is white, Jupiter blue-green, Saturn golden-yellow, Mars red, and Mercury “black,” for it appears to be the dimmest of the five. Each of these points has also an occult connection with a direction, a segment of time, a season, a number set, a taste, a musical note, an internal organ, a body region, etc, in an ancient Chinese metaphysical cosmology often referred to as “correlative cosmology”14 and reminiscent of the esoteric and mystical beliefs held by Pythagoras of Samos (c. 580-c. 490 BC) and his followers, the Pythagoreans.15 In his occult and magico-mystical worldview, the nature of the life-force qi is often described in such terms: https://sciencebasedmedicine.org/astrology-with-needles/ More better explanation than my very raw explanation
  4. Every Day Carry Active Shooter First Aid Kit

    Please do not advertise like this, here, see rule 10 https://survivalthreads.com/rules/ We have a thread that is more appropriate for promoting your business, here. Thanks.
  5. These are a few items I have in my bag - scorpion survival Active Shooter First Aid Kit, This mini Trauma kit is designed to go anywhere while being prepared for everything. Everything in the kit designed to stop bleeding. SWAT-T, ISRAELI PRESSURE DRESSING, Compact Style, OTHER CONTENTS– Compressed Gauze.

    Good Post... One of the good scorpion survival mini Trauma kit is designed to go anywhere while being prepared for everything. Everything in the kit designed to stop bleeding. Bleeding is the #1 cause of death in traumatic injuries. Everything is authentic and no china knock offs. Every Day Carry Active Shooter First Aid Kit, its perfect for the gun bag.
  7. Improved First Aid Kit (IFAK) List

    @dthomasdigital tht's Good Information,, and i also post one scorpion survival Active Shooter Kit information it includes (1) Military style tourniquet (1) 6″ Wide Israeli Trauma Bandage 2 grams of CL Ox Powder (blood Clotting Powder) 5″x9″ Occlusive Dressing (chest wound seal) (1) Abdominal Pad (1) Pair Medical Gloves (1) 6″ Trauma Shears It's a compact solution for active shooter preparation and response
  8. Emergency Personal First Aid Kit

    No driver should leave home without one of these in their trunk. scorpion survival Kit Includes: (1) Emergency Poncho (1) Emergency Blanket (1) Emergency Ration Bar (1) Emergency Drinking Water, 4.4oz (1) Snap Light Stick (2) Hand Warmers (1) Tweezers (1) Adhesive Bandage (1) Alcohol Pad (1) Triple Antibiotic Ointment (1) Pack Anti Histamine (1) Pack Pepto-Bismol (1) Pack Electrodes (1) Pack Pain Meds (IBU Profen) (1) Bag Assorted Candy
  9. Home First Aid Kits for the Non-Medic

    Make sure you have the necessary supplies for first aid kit. Don't forget to include extra essentials for any emergency..
  10. All Things Archery

    I just redid my old Hoyt Spectra. I didn't try making any replacement parts. I instead I had to search out what I needed on the net. The bow has been out of production for quite some time now. But its old news now. Going to trade it........ However, my new addiction has been more for traditional archery. Don't plan on going back to compound any time soon..........
  11. All Things Archery

    I quit for a period of time and have only gotten back to it several months ago. And I'm loving it. You should give it another try......... maybe you'll get hooked like me.
  12. All Things Archery

    Yes it is. In fact there's 2 Samicks there.
  13. All Things Archery

    Been awhile. Picked up some dead compound bows ( dead strings and pulleys , bows are ok ) and have vague ideas about either casting replacements or finding some generic that can be made to fit. Was fun 50 years ago even if I was never very good.
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  15. Freeze dried, canned, or ?

    I've eaten quite of bit of mystery meat in my time as well. Have you tried doing your own canning to see if you can brings your stores up with things you might enjoy a bit more when the stress level goes through the roof.
  16. Freeze dried, canned, or ?

    I take it your posting for general consumption and not for some old gypsy with a backpack. LOL For some reason I get deja vu when I read your posts.
  17. All Things Archery

    Used to do quite a bit when I was a kid. Great way to spend a couple hours after school. Was thinking about getting back into it again even if just for a Saturday morning thing during the winters. There are a couple of great places fairly close to me too but I just got to get up the gumption and do it this winter. Great pics of a great skill to practise.
  18. New Major Update

    Oh boy, it'll be like Christmas in August!
  19. New Major Update

    Awesome! Thanks @Thomas
  20. New Major Update

    Hey threaders, finally finished up the new upgrade- this is a "major release" and thus some quality of life improvements amongst other things have been added. Let me know if any issues crop up- always a possibility with such a major upgrade.
  21. All Things Archery

    That looks like a Samick in the middle,
  22. In Canada most farmers have a selection of firearms, and I'd be surprised if it was different in the US. The man I used to buy farmgate pork from saw 2 wolves trying to pull down one of his calves and propped his .270 on the seed drill and killed one of them from about 250 yards. The wolf weighed 90 lbs.
  23. i know many farmers who don't own a gun at all, while others have nothing more than a single shot shotgun or .22lr rifle. There just aint that much call for a gun on a ranch or farm ( especially not for uses other than a handgun for self or home defense). You can end a sick or hurt animal's suffering with one swing of an axe or sledgehammer. Few bother to keep a longarm with them, and most can't hit jack with a handgun. You can't shoot or intimidate with a gun you aint got in your hands, and you have to hit the critter before having a gun makes any difference.
  24. very few military people know jack about combat riflery and almost none know squat about real pistol work, so the military claim means nothing. You CAN take critters, lots of them, with the handgun, if you work at it. I've shot hundreds of them, mostly by driving slowly on the backroads, often at night. you CAN get the lengthwise shot, too, if you work at such, and refuse to take any other shot. I once had a very dear friend give me just 6 rds of .38 special lhp reloads, soft lead that he'd cast himself. and told me 'tell me how they do". I couldn't even shoot a group to see where they hit with my 4" M19. One may evening, I saw 23 rabbits in 3 hours. So I resolved to not take a shot with those loads, unless it was broadside, sitting, and less than 10 yds. I killed 6 rabbits, and those lhp's really tore them up. He'd loaded them so hot that my rifling looked like a spider's web, lead strings literally hanging in the bore! This was 1973. I think that they were 150 gr swchp, and I remember that the powder was Alcan, I think AL7, but i dont remember the charge weight. He thought that it should give me at least 1200 fps, tho. :-) When you are testing for expansion and penetration, people always "think" that a mere 3-4" thick animal wont adequately expand a jhp. Well, you get more penetration and less expansion in critters' chests than you do in jello, and the inventor of the hydroshok, Tom Bryzinski, said that if you dont get full expansion in 2" of jello, you probably arent going to get any in flesh and blood.
  25. out of 37 entrants, only about 8 have taken a bow and nobody has even shot an arrow at so much as a fish. Dave waited to go hunting until he was so weak that he couldn't even string his bow. I saw a comment that there are ways that he could have used his feet, while sitting to string his bow. I laughed at the guy and said:"I f you can't even string it, hth can you expect to draw it, much less be able to hit anythng with it"? :-) You have to use the treble hooks to catch the ducks and gulls, use the netting to catch lots of fish, juice the kelp for carbs/energy, bait in bears to your tree blind with the guts of the fish and fowl, arrow at least one bear and preserve the meat. All that is quite feasible to accomplish in one month, feeding yourself as you go. If, after just one month, everyone else is starving, you've lost no weight at all and have 100+ lbs of preserved food, Alone is going to call you the winter and end that season, right there.
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  27. All Things Archery

    you aint viable to clear 1/4 mill $ on the alone show, either. Those who ARE, tho, should own one.
  28. Thanks for posting that. It is widely accepted among sportsmen in the west that the solunar tables, http://www.solunarforecast.com/solunarcalendar.aspx marking relative position of the Sun and Moon in respect to any area on earth are a factor in the activity of fish and animals, so it makes sense to me that humans are affected as well. I live a thousand miles from the sea, but I agree with your first post, if you're dying you might as well go to the beach.
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