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  2. didn't get any email or pm, sorry. the way you said it made it seem as if someone said that people carrying would be a cause, sorry if i misread, but that didn't seem too clear to me. Japan didn't really care about civilian weapons, the popular "behind every blade of grass" comment is fiction, and a country that is willing to strap pilots to suicide rocket bombs probably isn't too concerned with a bunch of hunters and plinkers. in any case, they couldn't launch a ground attack on the CONUS and support it. if anything dissuaded them on a conventional ground attack on the mainland US, it was that. we were more concerned with the Japanese fanaticism, not something i have the attention span to get into, but its an interesting topic to look into. in closing, i would also add that gun control isn't a singular concept, it could be as "loose" as the current US federal regulations, or as strict as it is in the UK or AUS. so, yeah, it is possible. will it work? depends on your definition of "work"...
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  4. Zackmars, you misunderstood me. It won't be because of those things. I believe it will be manufactured....for ulterior motives. Japan didn't want to invade America because of the number of patriots with guns. Same reason we didn't want to invade Japan (at the time). It is safer in New York City than Mosul or Kabul. Not so, Chicago? It has strict gun control laws, There are so many guns in the world that gun control is not possible. Bad people will fnd a way. $$. Or, use a knife to stab a policeman or innocent in the neck... Our world is spinning out of control. The powers will use Martial Law to subdue. PS. Sent you an email on here. Not sure if it went to you. It disappeared, LOL.
  5. Love peep sights!
  6. t I've been off this forum for a while (been out and about touring / swimming / trekking) can I say how much I love potatoes?! So easy to grow, and the benefits? as an example see; I can mash, roast, ....well anything my imagination lets me do to them
  7. Castor Oil! Grandma was right! Larest studies show that it may fight certain cancers! Dr. Mercola has a pretty good rep.. Uses here:
  8. Cool! I have a S/W receiver with an extension antenna as well as 2 Baefong (sp?) hand-helds. Both Faraday protected. Kinda far away to hear from you, but S/W can have long reach! Kim
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  10. Thanks for the review!, they should be coming in the mail soon. I've got rid of a dozen or so hitch-hikers but only had a couple stuck on so far.
  11. Rick, we have been using these for many years on all our animals and they work well, cheap and efficient we always carry them on us and have them dotted all around the house, there are two sizes of them and yes they do work on humans!! The fun is in checking over your partner for ticks and other crawlies after every adventure/expedition! First post so hope I have done this right!
  12. That will kick you in the shoulder when you touch that thing off..
  13. Ive got one of those too! Lord only knows how many rounds have been put through it
  14. Not pathetic at all mate, sounds like you are learning and evolving in Bulgaria- I wouldn't fret about Brexit- I am sure "something" will be worked out for EU citizens (which includes us) before they pull the switch. What sort of place do you have in Bulgaria?
  15. Farm kid here, too. Like Justin Wilson used to say, "I don't waste anything because I have been hungry before and I don't want to be hungry some more".
  16. I have one of Mossberg's Model 835 3-1/2 inch 12 gage turkey guns. Show guns Mossbergs are not, but there is a reason why the cops here keep them in their cars, they are that dependable.
  17. Much to be said for traveling light and developing skill sets. Good to have you along
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  19. Based off the Mossberg 500, the 590A1 has a number of features that were requested by the military, including a metal safety, and trigger group, heavy walled barrel, and bayonet lug. This isn't an upland game gun, with 9 shells of 00 buck (the gun has an 8 round tube, and can hold 1 in the chamber) the thing weighs around 10 pounds, or about 4.5 kilos. Various models exist, and can have different barrel lengths, different stocks and fore ends, different trigger and saftey packs, and different sights. This particular one has the standard polymer furniture, 8+1 capacity, 20" barrel, and ghost ring sights. Like most new pumps, the action is rather stiff, and will require working in, as will the mag tube, filling it up amd letting it sit for a day or two often fixes this. Whichever barrel you get, 20, 18.5, or 14, the barrel will have a cylinder choke, which is to say it is a perfect cylinder. Should you want to thread it for chokes, the barrel is more than thick enough to handle it. The stock is compatible with other Mossberg stocks, so if you don't like what you've got, it's easy to fix. The polymer on the stock is nice and thick, and has a really nice recoil pad, but the stock is LLLLOOOONNNNGGGG. a 14.25" length of pull can make the gun quite the pain to use, many replacement options exist. The shotgun has a 3 inch chamber, so you have a good variety of loads to pick from. It should be noted, depending on the shell length and crimp type, capacity will also be effected. The ghost ring sights are very nice, the rear is adjustable for elevation, and the front can be drifted for windage. You can get tritium front sight blades if you wish. The finish is a nice grey phosphate, the regular 500's and 590's are blued, recievers (aluminum) are anodized. I was only able to run 75 rounds of low brass #8, but aside from action stiffness, the gun ran perfect. As i continue to use this gun, i will update this thread.
  20. You sir have my admiration. Not for what you've done as I might disagree with that but for having the gumption to do it. When playing a game you can not win where you suffer and be in servitude, change the game so everyone loses. That I respect, even if you have nothing at least you have not bowed as a slave. Welcome.
  21. Well I have been following and reading a lot of threads around this site for ages and have enjoyed the views and points raised, so thought I would join. A brief intro..... a costly divorce and job loss left me broke in uk, working to pay for some one else's lifestyle and to keep the tax man happy I threw the towel in and left. After a few adventures I ended up in Bulgaria where with no income at all I survive by growing my own food and raising chickens, all learnt here as I only killed plants previously! Next step is raising rabbits for food. Not much else to say as Brexit will no doubt see me moving on again, where who knows, so........... no fancy gear in use here just anything cheap that works.
  22. I try to entertain both options..i have multiple go bags in the house and one locked in the shop and one that belongs in the truck. Who can say what the future holds.. i have 2 communication is a cellphone with a broadband radio receiver..The i do not want to be found but want to hear what is going on around the world system, and text somebody if i have to...with 911 added. Both work off the same solar usb charger. The second is a plant myself here and ride out the storm communication system.. 2 types of gear for 2 types of scenarios i guess...
  23. I have 3 exit routes out of this area (one of the reasons I moved to this location), I am also a volunteer for our emergency radio service and in C.E.R.T. so I get information on fires pretty fast. We are prepared we have the go bags pack checked and up-to-date, important papers and the pets go kits loaded and ready to go. We do test runs before every fire season, We can get up, dressed and out the door in 15 minutes flat, worst time was 25 minutes. That's me the wife, our son, the mother in law, 1 dog, and 2 cats. The tank is never below 1/2 tank ever, and a fire fighters trick the truck is always backed into the garage, if you really got to get out fast keeps you from backing into all the other people bugging out. Also all the radios (each person in the family has a radio assigned) have the forest service pre programmed, and we have a designated communication plan as well.
  24. Definitely a homesteader type, I don't think the end of the world is likely, I just like being ready for *anything* and knowing that I have more or less independent.
  25. That sounds terrifying, what is your red line for getting the fuck out? D:
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