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  2. HOBO stove

    I'm gonna try it out tomorrow and I'll let you know.
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  4. Music

    I wonder if that house is still there. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s2WywwxWbvY I like the random hounds.. everyone loves a dog picture.
  5. First Aid

    All the time. I think CAT tourniquets are the worst. Most, if not all fakes come from china This is the label on a real one
  6. Music

    It's that simple? Geez.
  7. Look at these prices! https://www.augasonfarms.com/ https://valleyfoodstorage.com/product-sales-page/ https://www.mypatriotsupply.com/short_term_food_storage_s/187.htm
  8. HOBO stove

    I always mused about making a hobo stove but army surplus (german) esbit stoves are so cheap here, that I never really bothered. How is the performance?
  9. LIGHTWEIGHT EDC/backpack

    Honestly, outside of knives (which to be fair are a hobby) the only things i really splurge on are the boots, comfy backpack and multitool (leatherman rebar is my fav). With the rest, I do look at the price point aggressively and try to cut down. As for keeping things lightweight, I just endeavour to have less stuff.
  10. Kimchi

    Rick...that stuff looks amazing. Been following your progress from the beginning and wow, as someone who lived in korea town for quite a few years- I am unbelievably impressed. I really gotta get off my ass and make some myself.
  11. First Aid

    Do people counterfeit medical supplies?
  12. ViperSharp precision knife sharpener

    As weird as it sounds, I really like how compact it is. I have a gritomatic and its a monster. As well as my Worksharp WS-2000, its a chore to set up and get going.
  13. Music

    To embed, all you have to do is post the youtube url, it will do it automatically. Perturbator is damn good. Great taste mate.
  14. Last week
  15. First Aid

    Looks like a sof-t wide tourniquet. If it's legit, its a great choice, i prefer them over all the others I've tried I have close to ten of the things attaced to various plate carriers and other med kits
  16. Music

    I've been really getting into synthwave lately, esp. Gunship, and perturbator NSFW videos, especially perturbator. One day, i will figure out how to embed, but i still won't do it because I'm lazy
  17. HOBO stove

    Another thought,at random.. foil packets of bouillon and a zip bag of pastina pasta (tiny star shape - Italian baby food ) take up very little space, cook up in just a few minutes, and make a very satisfying cold weather cup of soup/snack
  18. HOBO stove

    That's where I got the two stainless bowls-- The Dollar Tree
  19. First Aid

    Hey Rspreps, have you tried ITSTactical.com 's website? They've got some pretty good gear, but being here in Australia their website doesn't accept payment from Aust Credit Cards TACMED otherwise, pretty sure they post international.....so perhaps...... On another note, have been reading the latest post on the MTJS website - Asthma. - Since the fatalaties and hospital callouts since our Asthma fallout last year - we're in prep mode for this upcoming Nov Asthma 'season' again ( read; http://bit.ly/2xQLNz6
  20. Kimchi

    There were a bunch of wieners left over from a party event on the weekend so I've had kimchi hotdogs for lunch 3 days in a row (saving some time at work), but today I took a day off and made some fresh stuff so it was extra good.
  21. LIGHTWEIGHT EDC/backpack

    Short answer, badly The new flashlights help ( have a dirt cheap 10440 (( AAA size)) clipped inside my T shirt collar most of the time . 15 mins of silly bright ) but I have a tendency to carry a tool kit in my jacket along with meds.( my VOM might fit in an altoids tin except the test leads ) If you feel like splurging https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B01BS8VMWW These things are $23 in Canukistan, 3 intensities so you can run for several hours if you don't need a spotlight, and has a rave mode and a signal mode ( two fast presses and it does one or two fast pulses )
  22. ViperSharp precision knife sharpener

    Just wanted to update this thread. Vipersharp has gone through some significant upgrades including angle markings, better base and a new stone attachment. Diamond abrasives are coming soon and a heavier base will soon be available. Here is a more recent video showing quite a bit of detail.
  23. HOBO stove

    Good ideas The little plastic "2 a day for a week" pill organizers with removable day smaller containers make great watertight spice holders to carry along. Use rubber bands over each small container to be extra sure. Another idea, stolen from Dave Canterbury, is using small stainless steel dog bowls (dollar store or discount place) for bowls/pots
  24. Been enjoying YouTube survival videos lately. I watched a video of a guy who kinda smirked at all the expensive heavy gear. His idea was to get stuff for free when you go to a fast food restaurant. For example, an extra plastic spoon, salt & pepper, a plain plastic water bottle (not the kind you find in sporting goods, but one you would buy in a convenience store for $.99). That's pretty much the direction he went. I found it rather interesting and rather common sense practical. He did have a knife and lighter. I wish I could find the link so you could watch it and give an opinion. If nothing else it reminded me that it's ok to have at least a few things that are dirt cheap or free in my bag. How do you all keep things lightweight?
  25. SURVIVAL necklace

    I enjoy making all sizes of EDC kits. I mainly use Altoid tins of various sizes. I used an Altoid Smalls tins for a necklace kit. My thought was to just have fun making a mini kit that might be useful should I ever find myself stranded in the woods or who knows where. Honestly, not sure that will ever happen, but I like the idea of being prepared. The items inside the kit are: water purification (tablets and bag), storm proof matches with striker, razor blade, couple of band aids, alcohol wipes, small whistle, a bit of medication, dental floss, and a bit of Gorilla tape. There may be something else in there, but I can't remember at the moment. I painted the little tin black. I was going to decorate it to make it look like a BIG locket, but to finish it faster I went with using ranger bands to secure it to the necklace chain. Underneath the ranger bands on the outside and backside of the necklace I inserted a small flashlight. It may sound a bit nerdy or paranoid, but I had fun making it. I'm always open for survival ideas so if you have any in regards to mini survival kits I'd like to hear them. Thanks always.
  26. HOBO stove

    Just recently made a hobo stove. To be fair, my husband took it to work and drilled the holes for me. He also found a lightweight stove eye type thing that sits perfectly on the top to hold a cooking pot. The can was a bigger than coffee can so it holds a good amount of food kit stuff. I put things in the can that could be used to do everything needed for cooking: small Bic lighter, fat wood, water bag, water purification tables, matches, striker and rice, etc. I added some spices separately. I also have a stainless coffee mug, a small cooking bowl and a small/.medium'ish size cooking bowl. For the fuel I used a clean canned chicken can with spiraled cardboard inside. I saturated the cardboard with cooking oil and lit it to see if it would burn slowly enough. It does. I need to get a string backpack for storage of stove and accessories. Plus I'll add a bit more food to it. IF anyone has any ideas about changes or additions I'm open to suggestions. Thanks
  27. First Aid

    Just recently watched a YouTube video. The guy in the video is/was an avid hiker. He highly recommended something called "Leuko Tape". He said it's better than moleskin for blisters. I looked on Amazon. You can find a roll for around $10 or a little more. I'm gonna look at Walmart to see if they carry it.
  28. With over 600 units sold in the first year of business I'm now taking pre orders for 50 sets of diamond abrasives for the ViperSharp system. It has gone through a lot of upgrades this year including a new base, updates to the base and finally diamond hones and a heavy quartz base. I have ordered 50 diamond sets that will be available to ship be the end of November. Get your Christmas gifts now! I'll have more info coming out on my Facebook page and my email newsletter on Saturday so you guys are the first to hear of it. (image used here is not the quartz base) http://ViperSharp.com http://Facebook.com/vipersharp
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