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  2. dthomasdigital

    Saws ?

    This tread just reminds me that I don't have near the inventory of tools that I should have, and saws are high on the list of things I need to look into.
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  4. Rick

    Saws ?

    I happen to have a 16pc set of reciprocating saw blades sitting in front of me and thought "Gosh, if I had a good handle for these I could cut through a lot of different stuff." It would be fairly compact as well. The handles I found online ranged from $15 - $50 for the Bosch. The folders are 6" but I don't see why you couldn't slap in the biggest blade you have if needed. There don't seem to be many of these handles on the market, and some resemble big utility knives, so I might actually prefer a substantial home-built one if I could get it, maybe with a guard to save fingers.
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  6. Brad

    Saws ?

    Apologize for the thread resurrection, but it seemed to be the best place for this. For some reason I've wanted a Sven saw for years and this year I finally bought one. (15") I used it on a camping trip in New Hampshire and for this one trip it did exactly what I expected. It packed light (I flew to NH). It was easy to set up. It cut wood. It's best suited for 2" - 3" branches, but it did cut some 5" - 6" logs as well. I cannot speak to the longevity of the blade, but this earned a place in my BOB based on this week's performance. I might consider the 21" model if I was buying again, and I still want to test this against some folders, but I have to say that the 15" Sven Saw did not disappoint.
  7. A aluminum baseball bat.. And a flashlight that uses 4 double A batteries end to end. I think Luieville slugger when ever I see it. Then there's the lock Blade clipped to my pocket.
  8. Rick


  9. It's a bit strange, but the past week of slightly lower temps, constant overcast skies and a lot of light rain, ahead of the incoming hurricane, is making the tomatoes and peppers go absolutely nuts with vine growth and flowering. Nope, nope, not a strange growing season at all......
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  11. Manicmechanic71

    Dogs of War field knife

  12. I kinda was watching for a while, I guess I should start back up so I know how it ends.
  13. the last season of The Last Ship premieres tonite at 8PM (CST) on the TNT channel - re-run follows immediately ....
  14. South Africa in Economic crisis, beware there would be refuge to out of south Africa soon (maybe already). http://www.theworldin.com/article/14442/edition2018south-africas-coming-crisis
  15. zackmars


    2500, no issues. I do wany to show a few more things about the gun. It has a recessed crown, so any damage done is less likely to effect accuracy Slide stop is thicker than on previous gens, and engages the slide on both sides. Texture is the same as gen 4 guns, but thanks to the absence of the finger grooves, it feels like I'm able to get a much better hold of the gun The wire and leaf spring are gone. Everything is a coil spring. Coil springs are much more durable The nPVD coating is amazing. That is all. If you want, you can run a gen 4 slide on the 19x, and vice versa, all you need to do is swap the end plates. All the controlls on both guns work, thought the trigger on the 19x framed gun wont be as nice, and the slide will rquire a bit of wiggling to slide on
  16. zackmars

    Mossberg 590A1

    So i shot the A1 some more yesterday, all 2 3/4 inch, no magnum stuff. Shot some dupleks and federal tru ball low recoil, plus some #1 buck flite control, and some birdshot. Cycled the safey probably a hundred times since then, hopefully it holds up.
  17. Farm fresh eggs are the best sorry for the bad luck @zackmars
  18. Didn't do a garden, but do have chickens. No eggs. None. Zip, zilch, zero.
  19. The cucumbers at the facility did ok, basil did pretty well after a battle with Japanese beetles, squash and zucchini were coming along until human footprints stomped hell outta the plants. Guess someone hates squash. Sunflowers and marigolds and zinnias were about all that did well, in the flower section. At home, the freebie Hungarian wax peppers, cayenne and cherry tomatoes are going nuts after a hot weather lull.Most herbs are just ok, Cuban oregano not bad, not great, but you need <40 F Temps or a flamethrower to kill that stuff. Still a crappy year, in general
  20. You can say that again, can anyone tell me why my zucchini plants produced nothing but male flowers, I got like 4 zucchini's this year, so disappointing. Tomatoes, grapes, and apple tress got beat down during a massive hell storm we had (not to mention how odd such a storm in New Mexico is) had some nice roof damage too. The apricots got frozen on the tree due to the oddest flash freeze I've ever seen. So yes crappy in New Mexico too. Things like tomatoes are bouncing back so hope to get some to harvest soon, but we will be getting into cold weather soon out here in the High Desert so we will not have long. On a side note went to visit some friends in Minnesota over the summer and their huge garden was going crazy, they where giving bucket loads of food away, and their pickles where out of this world good! Us not even enough to can anything.
  21. NOT a political post. This has just been my worst growing season ever, and I'm 65. Odd weather has kicked my butt this year. Here in Va, it was too cold and wet to plant until almost June. We have alternated record high rainfall and record high temperatures. My tiny semi hydroponic herb and tomato garden did just ok. The raised beds at a local assisted living facility we support were a disaster. Baked desert one day, swamp the next. If I was a pioneer in the area in the past, I would be thinking up recipes for cooking my shoes this winter. Anybody have a good growing season this year?
  22. Rick

    survival related humour

  23. zackmars

    Picture a day thread!

  24. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sterling_silver So you have silver alloy with copper, there many combanition alloy, I just relize there more metal who have antimicrobial proprty but still in reasearch
  25. Storing Drinking-water in Copper pots Kills Contaminating Diarrhoeagenic Bacteria https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3312355/ Note: read carefully, there speak about copper leaching limit from copper pot, there saftey standard limit copper leaching in water, so many copper pot (right now) leaching copper may vary and diffrent from WHO standart ! "So you have been warn!"
  26. Current EDC G19X in an alien gear, kershaw leek, wallet, phone spare 19 round mag. I still carry a G2X, but its AWOL at the moment I also have this with me on road trips Vertx gamut (i love this bag) Front pocket has 2 33 round mags Pocket above it has a sof-t wide TQ Main pocket flap has a Kershaw leek, tube of TW-25b, and a 19 round mag, foam earplugs, a boo boo kit, and a rite in the rain notepad Cavity has an IFAK set up exactly like the one on my battle belt, but with an extra TQ stufffed in there, an otis 9mm cleaning kit, glock knife, that glock arm brace thing, and a spare change of clothes. I often keep my nikon d3400 in here, along with a 3l camelbak. I'll also usually throw in my nintendo switch. Its charging now, so no pics. Other pocket holds a spare nikon battery and charger, and and SD card case, and a TLR-1hl Side pockes have a 17 round mag each. The right one also has some medical shears, cords for electonics, and 3 fisher space pens. Left one has a black sharpie and a power core There are some elastic pockets on the outside of the side pockets. The right one has a USB solar charger, the left one has a few MRE matchbooks, and a lot of MRE toilet paper. I have a streamlight sidewinder on the right strap It has a lot of ammo with it, mainly because I've ran into some really cool ranges on road trips. The armbrace thing is because sometimes, that nice hotel doesn't turn out to be so nice, so it's nice to get a bit more performance out of my carry gun.
  27. Daimond25

    Life Hack !

    Interesting Long stick match waxing become like candle
  28. zackmars


    2k report Hit 2k today. Gun runs. And runs, and runs. Not a single instance of BTF or eratic ejection. The gun passes the test where you shoot a round with no mag in the gun Finish holds up well, though i haven't done that many draws with it yet. Its not as slick as the gen 4 finish, which is nice.the barrel has lost a bit more of its finish compared to my gen 4 G19, but it isn't going to rust due to the type of finish it has. Zero complaints. The trigger isn't as nice as the PPQ, but the glock is much simpler, and more consistent over high round counts without cleaning. Plus i can make stupid things like this now
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