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    • Looks pretty good. I'd ditch the p38 for a p51 or FRED. *Much* better to use. The only things I'd really add would be more water and an IFAK

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    • First try at a BOB.  Not going to get all of the things that I need, but it has a lot more than my previous non existant bag.  If I BO in my car, I have additional supplies, but I wanted something that I could grab and go if I needed to.  This sleeps by the foot of my bed. No firearms in this bag. (not that they aren't a part of my BO plan)

      I picked up a SOG bag at the local big box sports store and filled it with stuff that I mostly had about the house.  I know that I have some redundancies and that I need to add some stuff.


      Dryer Lint, Disposable Poncho, Bandana, Smith Pocket Sharpener, Headlamp, Spare glasses, Reading glasses, Space blanket x2, Lexan spoons, Small file, 3/8" brace & bit drill bit, 250 steel shot for slingshot, Life Straw, 1st aid kit, Poncho, Small pot, 2 silicone bowls, 2 mouse traps, compass, Storm matches, Lighter, Ferro rod and striker, P 38 can opener, light-sticks x2, 4800 Cal in food bars, battery powered lamp, 4 mil 55 gal trash bag, 50' paracord , Gerber  Parabellum folding knife, Buck fixed knife, Cold Steel folding knife, Axe, Sven saw, 4 Always pads, 5' x 7' tarp, Slingshot, Whistle. Aluminum water bottle.





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    • 5 hours ago, dthomasdigital said:

      @zackmars What do you like so much about the bag?

      Well built, pockets are well thought out, doesn't scream gun bag, keeps things kinda dry.


      Got the gamut for like 60$, so i was already smitten

    • @zackmars What do you like so much about the bag?

    • Vertx EDC Gamut +


      I loved the regular gamut, so i went and bought thr bigger brother at full price.


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