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    • 16 hours ago, dthomasdigital said:

      What a great idea on the UV resistant sheeting @Illini Warrior, I have to go check now to see if that is what I have. If not looks like I will be making a few changes. I live in the high desert and the sun is brutal. I mean if it's not made of cider block the sun just tears it up.

      up north in the frozen climes we have the additional effect of colder cold temps on the poly sheeting - the cheaper stuff manufactured for drop clothes and temp jobs basically "shatters" into small pieces >>>> for long term window/home openings check that temp rating for the poly you are using - they have good stuff rated down to -20 to -30 degreesF below 0 degreesF ....

    • I am new to this community but I can't help but notice all over the web that most preppers are only preparing for a hiccup.I see articles for urban preppers. What the heck is this? There were in the not too distant past, riots and looting burning buildings and violence because people didn't like the republican nominee for president. What are a majority of preppers thinking is going to happen if something drastic happens? If there is a major incident (SHTF) I personally believe being anywhere in North America is just postponing the inevitable. Having worked in the private sector for a big evil company doing government contracts I know more than the average bear what our government is preparing for. Thank you Dick Chaney for those really nice paychecks. I see people spending a boatload of money on bolt holes all over the US. Some 20 miles out of Pittsburg or an hour out of DC, REALLY. Let's not forget there's satellites forever taking pictures of the lower 48 about every 3-4 weeks. I don't care how far up in the mountains you are it's not a secret. Anywhere there are swamps or standing water is a no go. Mosquito born illness is not all a natural occurrence, some are man made. Your bank, brokerage and asset accounts are not beyond the reach of uncle sam. I realize not everyone has the ability to move assets and buy land off shore but there are quite a few that do. I see nothing mentioned about off shore anything. If you have the means be truly prepared move assets and bolt hole off shore. The us government CANNOT seize your off shore land, it is actually an act of war to do so. Many people don't know but you can self direct your 401k or IRA to purchase foreign real estate. I did years of research on where I have strong property rights as a non citizen, carrying costs so low they make your head spin and potential for value increase so if the shit doesn't hit the fan I will gain instead of lose money on the investment I made. I researched The willingness of the locals acceptance of outsiders, the availability of land you can thrive on not just survive on. Where I don't need an arsenal and a small army to feel safe, just a 20 pound dog that barks at his own shadow in a place that has had no major conflict for centuries. Where the air and water are clean, the soil is fertile enough and not depleted like the US that you only need an acre to support a family of 4 (they raise families of 5 or 6 on less here and been doing it for centuries) instead of 40 acres in the US. The poorest of the poor don't go hungry because food grows everywhere and the climate is so nice you don't need heating or cooling in your house.( 50 degrees to 80 degrees year round) Land prices have gone up here about 12% in the year since I bought mine so I'm happy it is more than the 401k I used to have my money in. My taxes on a 14 acre tract for 2017 were under $40.00 YES $40. There are direct flights from JFK, Miami. Houston and Dallas I have used so far and Miami is a 4 hour flight and costs under $400 round trip. If I would have found this place in my 20s I would have moved back then. People don't realize that 90% of the world population lives in the northern hemisphere so roughly twice the population of the US equals the population of the whole lower half of the planet. EVERY major conflict in the last 500 years has been fought in and destroyed the northern hemisphere. The pollution, the toxins, the crap is in the northern hemisphere. What is the best part you ask? I am in what has ranked in the top 3 places to retire on the planet for the last 10 years by numerous publications in the field. I have seen the writing on the wall as many have but I believe hiding in north America if SHTF is just delaying the inevitable no matter how far in the sticks you go. Of course it is only my opinion and I wish well to all who see fit to prepare.

         I don't want to sound like a commercial but I will tell you where I chose to bolt. I am in south central Ecuadorian Andes mountains 2 hours northeast of the port city of Machala and 1 hour southwest of the city of Cuenca in the Yunguilla valley. Any questions feel free to ask, I will be more than happy to help.

    • 6 hours ago, dthomasdigital said:

      @PappyHiker So I had to go take a look for out of state licenses for New Mexico oh dear lord I sure hope you didn't want to go Ibex hunting here. On top of the game hunting licenses (only $65.00 out of state) the Ibex and Oryx will run you $1610.00 ouch, resident is only $153.00. Out of state Elk for a quality Mature Bull is $782.00. However Barbary Sheep, Javelina, Cougar, Bear run around $250.00 out of state. Turkey is $100.00. We got Big Horn sheep to but I'm pretty sure those are on special hunts only.

      Figured that much. 10 years ago Wyoming cost me a fortune. 15 years ago Idaho cost me a fortune too. Haven't looked into other states since.

    • What a great idea on the UV resistant sheeting @Illini Warrior, I have to go check now to see if that is what I have. If not looks like I will be making a few changes. I live in the high desert and the sun is brutal. I mean if it's not made of cider block the sun just tears it up.

    • On 3/17/2018 at 8:29 AM, dthomasdigital said:

      I have some 2 mil stuff for things like vents and I use 6 mil for doors and windows. Good ideas all, so much knowledge in this place.


      good deal guy on that 6 mil - more importantly is that it's actual window covering sheeting that is UV resistant >>>> always a good chance that we'll have busted windows in alot of the various SHTFs - could go long term with no glass manufacture and/or delivery - what goes up up could be up there for awhile ....

      not a bad idea to have a roll or two of the better reinforced window replacement sheetings - comes with a lattice of impregnated webbing >>>>> http://www.warpbros.com/category.asp?section=windows


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