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    • On 12/13/2017 at 10:42 PM, DomC said:


      Here is my latest acquisition. LT Wright Genesis. Blade is made of CPM 3V Steel, Scandi grind to 0°, 4.250" blade length, .149" (3.79mm)thick, Matte Natural Canvas Micarta scales. 9" OL. The knife weighs in at. 8.5 OZ. Dark Brown Leather Dangler Sheath w/ 3/8" diameter ferro rod holder. The spine of this blade is sharpened to a 90° edge which scrapes sparks off a ferro rod like the 4th of July! It'll scrape wood like nobody's business and make fatwood into Maya Dust. The edge is a true 0° Scandi Grind, no micro bevel and is ridiculously sharp!😱 I'm very happy with my new toy!


      I have the same but different steel. One hell of a bomb proof bushcraft blade. Enjoy it!

    • Silicon Carbide Micromesh should do the trick. I have 20000 grit sheets and it can polish up the sapphire face on a watch so I presume it will work fine on lenses.

    • On 12/9/2017 at 3:46 PM, Rspreps said:

      Fantastic post Zackmars! Love the ‘A Team’ reference at the top. I haven’t looked that far into it but I think here in Canada, body armour is not legal. 

      I find it so weird that something defensive can be illegal. Then again, suppressors are restricted in the states but very common (over the counter) in various EU countries like France.

    • We moved from a standard American house to a British Apartment (until next year/2019 when we move into a more rural location), seeing as we live on the top floor we 100% take fire safety seriously. 

      Personally, I like fire blankets. Work for all sorts of fires and perfect for out of control stovetop accidents. 

    • Aye, its crazy how many e-mails we get about prepping for conditions we are simply unqualified to answer. Thankfully, we have a super knowledgeable community!