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    • Not even June yet and this guy has already about a 6" start!


    • The ones currently on the market seem to work well.  As some of us have no doubt seen on the news, people will jump to certain death rather than be burned alive so the escape packs sort of sell themselves.  I'd rather strap on one that's been around for a bit and rigorously tested rather than the knock-off though.

      There seem to be some really good variants out there, Latchways PRD is a work safety device that allows a worker to let himself down after falling and being arrested by the device, in essence rescuing himself instead of having to summon others.  A simple version of escape reel I saw on youtube seems to be the one that comes with some apartments in Korea.  They seem to be more common in Europe and Asia than in North
      America, but that's a glass half full situation as far as sales is concerned.  Tomas Bata, Shoemaker to the World told the story of 2 salesmen sent to Equatorial Africa to explore the market; one wired back, "Situation hopeless, no-one here even wears shoes."  The other man wired back "Possibilities endless, no-one here has shoes yet!"


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    • For those following along at home.... The answer (for me) is 4.  I just purchased new bifocals for my everyday when I'm not wearing contacts pair and some mail order glasses for my 4th pair.  This brings me to:

      • Ray Ban Bifocals - main pair
      • Ray Ban Single Vision - spares in the car
      • Progressive Bifocals* - BOB
      • Mail Order Single Vision - EDC Pouch/Bag**

      * Least favorite pair, but serviceable
      ** Also some tiny readers in case I have my contacts in.

      I'm still primarily a contact wearer, but practicality says glasses are the way to go if I'm looking long term.  Mail order single visions were around $40 and have already paid for themselves with my peace of mind.

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    • I suspect the biggest hurdle to use would be getting over the idea of stepping into space and trusting that nothing will jam up. 200 meters of static line is about $400 , an aluminum descender $10 and then a climbing harness and assorted hardware maybe $50 more, so $460 to be able to drop 50 stories. How's that compare?  Either way practice would be a good idea, and I have to admit I've never done more then 10 meters down my house, so know the theory but would panic set in?  It's not hard to mess up the rope especially if you are working with an improvised rig, cross it over so it self tightens and you are suspended in space. In some ways I'd prefer rope, as it could be used by several people in turn and is something I'd be more likely to have on hand. The backpack with steel cable would be fireproof , but if you need that it also means you intend to drop through a fire. The pack is also not something I'd be likely to be carrying, so pretty much just emergency gear for a fixed long term location. I can see it if you live 20 stories up in an earthquake prone location, and want an escape route when the elevators are out and maybe the stairs too.

      Just as a point of interest, I wonder if anyone has ever actually used one of these for the intended situation? Seems like one of those very rare occurrences that's unlikely to happen in several life times, and even less likely to be in place if needed. Kind of like installing a bell on a casket, if you were alive and about to get buried,  the embalming process would make sure you weren't going to be calling for help. But people have feared being buried alive enough that it was an option.

    • Not sure i want a breaking system on climbing equipment😬