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    • On 18/08/2017 at 2:31 AM, dthomasdigital said:

      Well at least in NM we have excellent good Samaritan laws,  however it's best to only do up to your training.

      Training and experience can show you how much can be improv'ed with what you have laying around.... Glad/Cling wrap is an excellent example.

    • @Critter got in pictures of your contraption?

    • Your list is great, and encompassing, though depending on how you have your gear set up, keeping it all in one kit might not be the beat idea


      For more "tactical" use, your list is best broken into separate layers

      Shears, chest seals, a TQ, gloves, clotting agent, gauze, saline, Israeli bandages go in your primary IFAK, typically carried on a belt. Most keep a spare TQ and shears on their chest rig/armor so it's immediately available.

      Things like bandaids, pain relievers, alcohol swabs, and antibiotic ointment are often kept in a smaller pouch or tin. Since space is at a premium, and these things don't serve much use against GSW's, most keep them seperate from an IFAK. Typically this tin (aka boo boo kit) is stored in an admin pouch, or kept in an assault pack or ruck, depending on how you are rigged up.

      I keep baindaids, alcohol swabs, OTC meds, and antibiotic ointment in mine, along with burn cream and some chap stick, so it's pretty full, and needs to be secured with tape. You can probably get a similar amount of stuff in an altoids tin or something.


      Lots of guys keep personalized care items (like an epipen) in their primary IFAK, but will often have "standard" IFAKs for aid to others kept in their packs.

      Lots of people who I've talked to also have a sort of "+1" kit, to supplement their primary, and will include the more esoteric and in depth items (cpr masks, decompression needle, airway tubes), along with refills for their regular IFAK, should they get used, or damaged.


      I ran a lot of stuff in my IFAK, which was a pretty big pouch (6.5"×6"×2") but even then it was STUFFED. Moving the alcohol pads, antibiotics, medication, bandaids, extra rolls of gauze, and a smaller israeli bandage to other areas gave me enough room to add more urgent use items, like a larger Israeli bandage, and 2 celox applicators, with some room to spare. Since the IFAK on my belt is primarily ment for self care, the TQ and Shears are kept up front, but the other full IFAK and the +1 kit in my pack have spares


      Obviously it a pack in the only line of gear you're running, you aren't going to be super concerned with space, or which line of gear gets you the quickest access, but if you do have a belt, or plate carrier, moving stuff around makes a massive difference.

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    • Heres a few commonly avalible masks you can find without much hassle, for around $60

      All have hydation tube adapters for bladders or canteens (you will need to buy special connecters though) all of these have 2 filter adapters, so you can have the filter on whichever side you want, so you won't have to do yoga to aim a rifle


      Mcu-2, has the best FOV of any mask I've played with


      This one has a polycarbonate shield over the visor, so it looks a bit off, but it can be removed. Most examples have yellowed with age, but they are still functional, if ugly. New ones have a blueish color

      M40, ok FOV, but well built. This is an original M40, but you can find more recent models


      Both the M40 and MCU are venerable to some nerve agents, but you can find "second skins that can protect the mask

      Scott M95. Lot of these being sold by CA police departments. Good masks


      No idea how these hold up under nerve agents, but these masks are pretty well built. These were designed with Finnish people in mind, so they may not fit westerners well.


      Mcu's can go for some sweet coin, unless you luck out, so I'd look into an M40 a1 or a2. The original M40's like mine are perfectly functional, but the hydro tube sticks out a bit too far, and can be annoying.


      Most NBC filters last about 24 hours, so be sure to think out how much you'll need

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