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    • @Rick I'm not real experienced with long guns, but my impression of this is positive.  The trigger pull seemed medium, but consistent.  The sights worked well enough with my vision correction.  The rifle seemed to shoot consistently.  Might be shooting a little low, or I might be shooting a little low, I'm betting on the latter.  My main goal was "Can I shoot bunnies at 25 yards or less" and I think I can. (more if it's 'less'!)  I had zero misfires or other issues.  I shot 36 g Winchester HPs.  About 400 rounds.

      If they asked me to design this rifle, I think I'd do a folding wire stock, sacrifice a little length for a quicker setup, but they didn't.  I never had a Henry but I know a lot of folks who swear by their lever actions.  I'm pretty pleased with this one and it does fit in some small packs/bags when it is all stowed.

    • I'm curious about how it shoots.  Back in the 80's a friend bought an AR-7 and I tried it and pronounced it trash.  It was awkward and the trigger was terminally clunky and so not very accurate.  I've just read a brief history that explains how Charter Arms was probably the cause of most of those problems.  The Henry, however,  gets a good review and it seems they've done a lot of work on it.  On the day I tried the AR-7 a few of us were out shooting gophers and I was using an old Savage 23-A Sporter with a heavy barrel and Lyman receiver sight so not really fair to compare them, but interestingly someone told me that the USAF once used the Savage Sporter rifle in .22 Hornet as a survival rifle as well.

        http:// https://www.alloutdoor.com/2014/02/04/history-ar-7-henry-repeatings-survival-ar-7/

      "Congratulations, Henry — I think you have broken the cycle of the AR-7 and restored the honor of the Stoner design with your updated version of Henry U.S. Survival AR-7 Survival Rifle."

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    • On the eye protection, the guys teaching the class had a few military field medics teaching, they made it pretty clear that good eye protection served them very well, I figured they knew what they were talking about so I added it to my kits.

    • Nice I have a few wood handle knifes and I've always liked how it feels in my hand.

    • Went to REI today to spend my yearly dividend and I needed to add something on to use it all up.  I saw this wee Opinel #6 and decided I had to have it. (had is subjective - I don't need another knife)  3" handle, 3" blade, 1/2" lock.  6 1/2" opened, 3 1/2" closed.  Not sure if this will be part of my EDC, but I like it.



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