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    • This tread just reminds me that I don't have near the inventory of tools that I should have, and saws are high on the list of things I need to look into.

    • I happen to have a 16pc set of reciprocating saw blades sitting in front of me and thought "Gosh, if I had a good handle for these I could cut through a lot of different stuff."  It would be fairly compact as well.  The handles I found online ranged from $15 - $50 for the Bosch.  The folders are 6" but I don't see why you couldn't slap in the biggest blade you have if needed.  There don't seem to be many of these handles on the market, and some resemble big utility knives, so I might actually prefer a substantial home-built one if I could get it, maybe with a guard to save fingers.

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    • Apologize for the thread resurrection, but it seemed to be the best place for this. For some reason I've wanted a Sven saw for years and this year I finally bought one. (15") I used it on a camping trip in New Hampshire and for this one trip it did exactly what I expected.  It packed light (I flew to NH).  It was easy to set up.  It cut wood.  It's best suited for 2" - 3" branches, but it did cut some 5" - 6" logs as well.  I cannot speak to the longevity of the blade, but this earned a place in my BOB based on this week's performance.  I might consider the 21" model if I was buying again, and I still want to test this against some folders, but I have to say that the 15" Sven Saw did not disappoint.

    • A aluminum baseball bat..  And a flashlight that uses 4 double A batteries end to end. I think Luieville slugger when ever I see it. Then there's the lock Blade clipped to my pocket. 


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