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  2. zackmars

    Stop The Bleed

    Old post, but maybe this will help. Did a stop the bleed class a few weeks ago Would have liked a bit more reccomendations on gear, especially TQ's, or at least which ones to avoid. Our guy showed us CAT's and SWAT TQ's, and briefly mentioned SOF-T TQ's A more detailed description of what should and shouldn't be in an IFAK, how to organize it, etc would have been nice I liked how he stressed organization, one guy calls 911, one guy gives aid, one guy gets the attention of the EMS people, etc. Carrying people and recovery posistion was good info as well
  3. I decided to start a thread for any odd ball fishing gear that I have or make. This is not for store bought gear, but for stuff that I see on Youtube, forums, or come up with on my own. My first entry is a Hobo Reel. Full disclosure - this is an exact copy of one that I saw on a Youtube channel (Corporal's Corner). It's a tube for holding beads repurposed as a fishing reel. The entire length is covered with a bicycle tube. The handle is a #36 bank line wrap. Inside the tube I have assorted hooks, split shot, and a bobber. I took it out today and got a few wee pan fish at a local lake/pond. My best cast was 20+ feet, but I got sloppy reeling it in and the later casts suffered. But it works and it packs well so for now it's a keeper. Got a few odd stares when I was fishing, but that's OK. I have another odd ball project in the queue and will post that here too. Links to other ideas are welcome.
  4. Rick

    survival related humour

  5. Gary_Gough

    survival related humour

    I don't think the frame would handle a 18" cannon, let alone the recoil, but it would wake up the neighbourhood. Maybe a Davy Crockett? Of course is anyone really taken seriously if they don't have a few thermonuclear devices, and I think that one was just fission. Or maybe Geek fire... About as legal as the ATV around here ( looks like jail time to me ) .
  6. PappyHiker

    Picture a day thread!

    Is it nap time yet?
  7. I'm older, was raised poor in the midwest. My parents went thru the Depression. We'd always had a garden, put up produce, bought a side of beef and half a hog per year, cut it up and wrapped it ourselves, stuffed our own sausage. I've always been a hunter, starting with a slingshot at age 8.. I've never thought much of fishing with a pole. A net always made more sense to me, or put out a bunch of trotlines and then shoot frogs. 🙂 I"m into mass production and preservation when it comes to food. The Alone show proves that it only takes a week or so for starvation to rob you of productivity and proper decision making. Food productions is most definitely seasonal in most parts of the world.
  8. zackmars

    M16A1 "clone"

    Ok. Sure thing pal.
  9. I've had people complain that the e tool and the Crunch are hard/dangerous to baton. Well, just dont baton them. There's no need for batonning. It can be handy, at times, on small stuff, but I"ve batoned the e tool thru small stuff. It's awkward, but it can be done. For big stuff, you can start a kerf with the saw edge of the shovel, and then split the wood with a baton and wooden wedges. Jordan has skinned and butchered an entire moose with a multitool, while I'd remove the handle from the Cold Steel shovel and use it as an ukluk for that job. An axe, which is what Jordan had, is not very handy for skinning or butchering! For millennia, humans had only stone axes, but survived for 20 years or more (or they'd not have reproduced and the species would have died out. Until a about 200 years ago, the common man did not have a big saw and many of those saw blades broke easily, as metallurgy from back then was nothing compared with what we know today about the subject. While an E-tool is definitely inferior to an axe or saw for chopping or sawing, it's a LOT better than a stone axe. It's a lot closer to a modern saw and axe ability than the stone axe is to the E tool, for a fact. It's not to your advantage to build a cabin, or try to heat one with wood, for this little 2-3 month excursion (the alone show). That's a waste of precious foraging time and calories, at least until you've fed yourself well for a month and have at least 50 lbs of preserved food. If you haven't even managed that, you'll starve out before you have any need of a 'winter shelter". or a big stockpile of firewood. If you know to use the Dakota fire pit to heat stones/water and use those to heat your shelter, while you're foraging and to get understround for the winter, in a debris-stuffed dugout shelter, you wont need nearly as much wood as you think you will. So the E tool and multitool offer a saved pick over the axe, saw, belt knife triumvurate, and the duo offer more versatility at the stuff that's really needed. You dont want to have to cut wire or fishhooks with your knife or your axe, and none of those 3 tools help you convert one big fishhook into 2 smaller hooks, nor will they help you dig. Loosening earth with an axe and then using the cookpot or a wooden shovel to move the dirt onto a hunk of tarp, so that you can carry it out of the hole, can of course be done, but you run a major risk of chipping your axe blade and for sure, you'll dull the hell out of it. The Crunch tool comes with a file blade, with which you can sharpen the saw edge on the e-tool. One of the mods I recommend for the Crunch is to swap out the Phillips screwdriver blade for another file blade. There's a flathead screwdriver end on the file blades, so sharpen one of them into a chisel. There's a medium and small flathead driver blades, too, which are best converted into a hook/scoop knife and an awl.
  10. the only sure answer is to catch a really big critter, but this season is the first one to offer that chance, with the possible exception of a 300 lb bear on Vancouver Island As much as 70 lbs of that could be fat on a fall bear, and that would be 210,000 calories in just the fat, along with 80 lbs of meat, at 800 calories to the lb. So, say 300,000 calories, which is as much as 400 lbs of moose meat at 600 calories to the lb But a 1000 lb moose can have up to 200 lbs of fat on it in late fall, if the rut has not taken it all off of the maies, that is. fat is 3000 calories to the lb. So that fat moose is a ton of food! 🙂 If it's that big or bigger and taken in early november, it will get you thru the winter. Most CAN be 1500 lbs or a bit more, so it's a major score when catch one. But it's so rarely done with a bow, on a 5 sq mile area that you didn't pick, that it's a hail mary sort of thing. If you bait them, put out snares, AND call them, the odds of course go up, but you need a backup plan, say several dozen ducks, several hundred lbs of fish, some small critters and a deer, caribou, etc. Those speciies are much, much more likely to be a feasible source of calories and taking care of those first gives you calories and time to get a baited tree blind and some calling done for the moose, elk, etc.
  11. ratter

    M16A1 "clone"

    2-3" is not good at 50 yds, other than from a 9mm pistol. That was my point. i'd toss a rifle that I couldn't get 1" at 50 yds from, even with iron sights. When you KNOW the gun's empty, of course you dont flinch. Like I said, it's a subconscious thing. Mix in some dummy rounds with live rds and watch your front sight when you drop the hammer on a dud. Or have a friend cycle the bolt with his back to you and then hand you the rifle, so you wont know if it's loaded or not. He'll have to know how to hold over the mag catch, so that you wont hear it click when he's lowered the mag, letting the bolt shut on an empty chamber.
  12. when you really need the shelter, you're likely to be so sick and/or hurt that you're unable to do all this scrambling around. 1/4 lb of SOL mylar Emergency bivvy (much more durable than a mere mylar "space blanket") and a 3x8 ft, 1/2 lb bag of Wally's absorbent painter's drop cloth makes 30F degrees of difference, IF you can get up on some dry debris. If you have to lay on cold, hard ground, it only helps about 15F degrees, but it's still capable of saving you from the wind and rain making things much worse. I also carry a couple of 1/4 lb , 3x8 ft bugnet bags. If I'm so messed up that all I can do is get inside the mylar and dropcloth bags, sit/recline, back against a tree, etc, at least I can fold up the net bags many times, and use them as padding and to reduce heat loss to conduction thru my butt and back. Lying down increases heat loss to the ground. By being somewhat vertical, the heat loss to the air, from your lower body rises to warm your upper body and head. if you fall thru the ice and get soaked, having just a tarp and garbage bag is not going to save you, and neither will a fire, cause it takes too long to get one going , on 3-4 sides of you, which is what you'd need., if all you had was a tarp and garbage bag. I also carry the 1/4 lb UCO candle lantern and a couple of beewax candles. The heat from the candle (set between my thighs) is worth another 15F degrees. The beeswax has very little in the way of toxic fumes and if the lantern falls over, the flame just goes out. NEITHER of those things is true of paraffin candles, so BEWARE. In such a position, you can do knee rock backs, wave your legs and arms around, generate another 10F degrees of metabolic heat. So you CAN be ok (albeit miserable) at 30F degrees, for a long night and early morning, or all the next day if the sun doesnt come out to warm you. Given some painkillers, sedatives, stimulants, antibiotics, anti inflammatories, that much rest is likely to let you use your rifle or your trekking poles as a splint, and at least get to where you've more shelter from the wind and can have a fire. For very little more bulk/weight than t he tarp and garbage bag, you can have a LOT more protection. In hot weather, the bugs can kill you (or make you wish your were dead) and you can't just cover up with the tarp and garbage bag, or the heat WILL kill you. Ideally, of course, you'll get the mylar and drop cloth bags tented over a ridgeline, the bugnet bags stuffed with dry debris, and have one above and one below you. Then you can handle some seriously cold conditions, if you'll also exercise and can have a fire.🙂
  13. it's stupidity to go on a mere "day hike" without a bit of shelter gear, a lighter, a multitool, a way to treat and carry water, and some water being with you. Even if you DO have phone service, it can take many hours, (in the mountains several days) for help to reach you. If you've broken a leg, it's getting dark, rainy, windy, you can be severely harmed by not being able to get yourself out of the weather and warmed up, hydrated, etc. I've been guilty of hunting in not so warm weather with nothing in the way of emergency gear, thousands of times, but i'd never do it again. That "extra" 5-6 lbs of stuff can easily save your life, especially in the mountains and especially if you dont have phone service.
  14. ratter

    Rabbits Suck!

    pellet rifle and shine them at night with a flashlight. A rabbit offers 750 calories and some of them carry diseases, so cook their flesh well and wear rubber gloves to process them.
  15. You are missing the point. Ballistics gel is not meant to simulate tissue, it is supposed to provide a stable, controllable medium to compare one round to another. It is formulated to be CLOSE to human tissue, yes, but not meant to be exactly the same. The reason why so much penetration is required is because people have bones that protect important organs. Its funny how the rounds that do REALLY well in ballistics get testing has a very good record in the streets? Gold dot, HST, the various winchester loadings, all have excellent reputations. If you really had the answer, you'd have big bucks and all the ammo companies trying to get you to design for them. But you don't, and if i have to pick between shade tree ballistics, or millions of dollars of research and decades of real world data, its not a hard choice
  16. people are so stupid that they "think" that they have to practice with their carry ammo. No you dont. Not after the gun is well broken in with practice ammo and 100 rds, thru all your mags, proves that the carry ammo is reliable. Then you can practice with any load that has close to the same recoil and the same blast. When you're being shot at, you'll completely miss the man at 10 yds, half of the time, just like everyone else does, and you'll miss the vitals half of the time at 5 yds, just like everyone else does. It's not about groups in practice. It's about nerve control when you're ducking axe swings or bullets, with your ears blown out, maybe you're already wounded, it's in bad light, your eyes are dazzled by the flashes, maybe a loved one has been maimed/killed right in front of you, you're already exhausted, no sleep lately, etc. So, 200 rds of "duty" ammo is enough for life. If the "extra" $500 of cost ($3 per shot for really effective ammo, vs 50c per shot, is more than your life's worth, well, you ought to know.
  17. delivered in 1.5 seconds. The blood loss and loss of organ function take at LEAST 4 seconds to have a phsyical effect. Any faster effects, other than support bones breaking or spinal-brain hits, comes from psych effects. but when you shoot animals, it's easy to see the difference between lots of 380 ball hits and the 000 blast. the reason you see that effect is shock. Shock is real. It's just that ammo makers dont want to sell ammo that pierces kevlar vests. They know damned well how to deliver Mach II velocities in reliable, accurate ammo. But the ammo would cost $3 a shot and few value their lives that much, it seems. They wont even buy a $1000 gun instead of a $500 gun, when the difference is just the cost of 2000 rds of ammo, which is not even 6 months' worth of practice, minimum skill maintenance. The gun purchase is once in a lifetime. The 5000 rds per year, 20x each, is a constant-repeating cost. People are stupid. Without that practice, neither the gun or the ammo is going to matter, cause they're not going to get the hits, fast enough, to save themselves. If you never have to fire, or MISSES suffice, then a .25 Raven is enough.
  18. bs, penetration beyond the vitals is pointless and that's mostly what you get. I'd happily settle for a bullet that "only" penetrates 8" of animal flesh, live ones, now, if it destroys lots of tissue and has lots of energy for shock effect. The more you destroy and shock/hurt the mofo, the more likely he is to NOTICE that he's hit. He has to NOTICE in order for psych factors to have an effect. Blood loss ALWAYS takes at least 4 seconds, which is at least 3 seconds way too damned slow. 60 gr 223 softpoints stop people RFN, while 30 AK ball fails quite often, despite (because of, actually) they penetrate much more deeply. The problem with ammo is not that it under penetrates, it's that it doesn't expand waf in flesh and blood. Jello performance means nothing. They ADMIT that it doens't simulate organ tissue. They'll flat out tell you that it's just for comparisons of how loads do in jello. Marshall is just a fucking liar. Many instances of his claims to have insider info have been proven to be lies. I've shot hundreds of animals with CCW type guns and loads. I KNOW what works in flesh and blood and it's only the lightest, fastest bullets in each caliber. We need a 100 gr jhp in .40. 135 gr is either too slow or has too much recoil in a lw, compact ccw pistol. When you get more than 16 factor recoil momentum, you've got control problems that you dont need. My 500 ft lb load for my Sig P938 has a 10 factor recoil. 45 grs at 2200 fps. Solid aluminum, hollowbased, hp, slit nearly in half lengthwise. Animal tests prove it to be more effective than 125 gr jhp's in 2.5" barrels, and the Sig is just 6"x4.5" and 15 ozs. it's also AP, so that's a nice extra. and the recol is that of a Makarov. When I practice with the Sig, it's with 125 gr lrn at 800 fps, but most of my practicing is with an alloy framed 9mm commander variant, using 160 gr lrn at 850 fps. That low velocity keeps the fouling down and prevents keyholing. I dont like having the fouling and wear of practice on my ccw pistol. The value of the pre-segmented bullet, at Mach II is that the segments penetrate clothing skin and sternum/ribs as one piece, then the unstable, full length segments diverge, giving two wound tracks. Due to the very high impact velocites, the temporary gas cavities WILL damage organ tissue that gets "caught" between the two temporary caviities.🙂 \
  19. WHY would your "survival bag" not have a shelter as part of it, hmm? often, there's no debris, or it's soaked, rotten, covered with snow. What would be the damned point of lugging around a bunch of other stuff and not have 2-3 lbs of shelter/ sleep gear? You know damned well you're going to need it, vs bugs, rain, sun, cold, wind. You'll need it within hours and you'll probably get bad sick without it in just a day or two. So not having shelter gear as part of your BOB is sheer stupidity.
  20. zackmars

    M16A1 "clone"

    I do lots of dry fire practice, both at home, and at the range with snap caps. I don't flinch. No, those are not very poor groups. The A1 has a pencil barrel, non free floated, on a hot Texas day, using a twist that is not meant to shoot 55gr, none of those things are good for accuracy, but if i want accuracy, i want a 77gr SMK, not a crappy 55gr pill. You also seem to be ignoring the part i said about 75gr ammo getting 2-3" at 50 yards To top it off the stringing was confirmed by another shooter at 100 yards, who also got about a 6" group, and I know this guy is a far better rifle shooter than I am. This isn't my first 1/7 ar. The first upper i had used that twist was also not great with 55gr, and again, multiple people habe confirmed it. It's easy to ignore the equipment and blame the user, but sometimes thats not the case.
  21. It's around, lots of write ups out there by Dr. Gary Roberts and others.check lightfighter, pistol-forum, and maybe m4carbine. While not as technical, TNoutdoors9 makes some good videos He was right about HP's needing hydraulic force to expand, but decades of testing and examinations of real world shootings disprove his other statements. The biggest factor in handgun projectiles is penetration, after all, hadguns only stop the fight if a critical organ is shut down, other wise you are playing a waiting game hoping the threat stops due to blood loss. Penetration is the biggest problem with light for caliber bullets, they just dont have the ability to get to the important bits. Id rather carry FMJ's than a super lightweight JHP
  22. with 60 gr Aquila subsonic 22 ammo and holding the bolt shut with your non-firing hand, you can hear the firing pin hit the rd and hear the bullet hit the target. It's inaudible at 50m, on open, flat terrain, in cold weather on a quiet night. In warm, wooded hills, with a bit of wind, it's inaudible at 50 ft. That sentry dropping to the ground will make more noise than the shot, i am not kidding. Especially if his rifle hits his steel helmet. This can be arranged at 50m, which is 100x better than trying to sneak up and cut his throat. with 60 gr Nosler Partition softpoints, the shorty 223 hits every bit as hard, 800 ft lbs, as a 4" barreled .44 mag revolver using jhps. In other words, plenty hard enough! The can makes full power 223 ammo sound like a normal 22lr from a rifle. It's so tame that .22lr practice, without the silencer, truly is relevant to (suppressed) 223 rapidfire, multiple target shooting, to 75m. saving you $200 per 1000 on the 5000 rds per year that you need to be firing, to stay skilled from either shoulder.🙂
  23. in the US, that would be about a $5000 fine. AR's can be found everywhere these days for $500, and a CMMG .22lr conversion unit costs $160, brand new. There's no reason at all to have a non-combat arm for the same money, when the AR can do anything you need to do. It will take deer or hogs as well as any 30-30 ever did and WAY better than any 44-40 or Ky rifle ever did and those two have taken trainloads of them, for a fact. The AR 223 will reliably brain moose, bear, elk at twice the range anyone can reliably hit them in the chest with an arrow, and bowhunters score all the time. So why can't you get half as close and brain critters with the 223? given some coyotes or a dog pack, rapidfire can be very useful, as can tracers, and of course if you need to defend vs men, the bolt action is nearly worthless. The 10 second parts swap lets you go from sniping effectively at 1/4 mile, with 10.5" barrel and 7.5" of silencer, to BB gun quiet removal of a sentry, guard dog, scout, or the popping of a cow in the head at 10m at night, are near-instant options. The 22 unit and mag ride neatly in the thigh pocket of your cammies, wrapped in a rag.
  24. ratter

    M16A1 "clone"

    how do you know that you're not flinching? Are you checking with dummy rounds, or with video or having someobody watch your face and hands as you fire? Almost nobody realizes it when they are flinching. It's a subconscious thing. Those are very, very poor groups. Many pistol will shoot better than that, and I mean a normal 9mm.
  25. Is there any evidence that he was not correct?
  26. ratter

    Colt pocket positive

    yep, sight unseen, it's a $100 gun, tops.
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