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    I've wanted an M6 for years. Never could justify what the original were going for used but when I saw this new version from TPS Firearms, I decided to take the plunge. It was raining today so I took it to the local indoor range and ran some ammo through it. I didn't have a case, but it fit nicely into my old laptop bag, so I loaded it up and took it to the range. The barrel assembly uses a pin to lock it to the other half. One neat improvement is that the pin has a stop so it won't fall out. The trigger is a paddle kind of thing, but once I started shooting I didn't even notice any difference. It has a peep site and a v (for the 410). My eyes are not the greatest, so my distance correction makes the peep hole very fuzzy, but I was able to make it work. The operation is simple, as you would expect. Load ammo, close rifle, cock, fire. There is a selector button that you lift up to shoot 22 or push down to shoot 410. Since I was all 22 this time, once I set it, I was good for the whole time. The extractor works well when you break the rifle open again and remove the spent ammo. Then just pop another one in and keep shooting. Even with the limitations that my eyes gave me, I was happy with the accuracy of this rifle. Next up is to try out the 410, but I can't do that at this indoor range. (I think) The stock opens up to store ammo and even has a little space for other things? Bore snake comes to mind, TBD. I had gone back and forth trying to decide if I should get this rifle or the Henry AR7. In the end, I got both! Separate write up on the AR7 to follow in another post. As I have more experience with this particular gun, I'll add to this thread