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    I had a look at blade hq site, as well. I can highly recommend the Cold Steel kitchen classics 3 inch paring knife as possibly the best fixed blade utility knife I ever used. You'll need to make a sheath, and avoid tungsten v-sharpeners, because of the flat grind, but hard to beat at $8.95, and won't be mistaken for a weapon, in most cases.
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    I scoped the Blade HQ site. Was hoping to find the Bahco Laplander saw to suggest to you. Unfortunately they don't have it. But that in combination with the Mora Companion ( your choice of carbon or stainless steel ) is an ideal duo of cutting tools that won't break the bank and still give you excellent service. I also looked for Bear and Sons knives. They don't have them either. But they have a real nice carbon steel jack knife that is inexpensive. But between the three you have a solid set up and still be under $100 leaving you with enough money to grab a ferro rod.