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    Thanks for the feedback. I will be sure to put this thru its paces before I rely on it.
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    My experience with my p32 and kel tec in general was not great. I got one as an inheritance from my moms co-worker who lost his bout with cancer. At first i really liked it, it was small, and slim, and i was ok with only having it in .32 I had to hold off a while to shoot it to get some ammo, but once i did, i pulled it out of the safe, and i noticed a big bulge in the frame. I field stripped it, and the gun came apart, i think the hammer spring broke in half, and the frame bulge means the spring that holds the takedown pin in won't stay where in needs to be Anyways, I open a CS ticket with keltec, and i explain that the gun was an inheritance, and was used. I told them i was willing to pay for shipping and repairs, only for them to close the ticket without explanation. I sent off another email and they asked if i didn't see what the CS rep said (well duh, and even if i did, there isn't anything i could do on a closed ticket) and then they went on about how i need the FFL info and other info i had no way of getting. Needless to say i still have that thing in parts. If it were a simple broken spring, that'd be an easy fix, but the frame is a bit jacked up as well. I hope your experience is better than mine, but if i need a serious use gun, kel tec isn't goimg to be my first choice.