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    A frozen Jemez Falls, Jemez Springs, NM and damn was it cold taking a picture with a long exposure.
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    Grist Mill, Babcock State Park West Virginia, Photo By My Wife.
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    Went kayaking with a friend. Getting up early has its perks
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    Neat Crabapple Tree I photographed
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    Above Kokopelli's cave with thunderstorm in the distance. Farmington, NM
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    here's a view Of Lake Lynn from this past winter. my Wife took the picture.
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    White Sands, New Mexico
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    This should be the first thing on your First-Aid Kit to do list. And remember my disclaimer, anything I say here is just my opinion I am not a medical professional. I do however have an American Red Cross Certification in First Aid and adult CPR/AED, a American Heart Association certification in First Aid, and Adult, Child and Infant CPR/AED. I’m also a certified CERT (community emergency response team) member which includes fire safety, light search and rescue, team organization, and disaster medical operations. I also have over 200 hours of National Incident management system training. I’m also a member of my local ARES Amateur Radio Emergency Service which is a corps of trained amateur radio operator volunteers organized to assist in public service and emergency communications. So as you can see training is a big part of this so get some training. Now on to the list (which is my no means comprehensive as every persons family may require more customization). Besides the simple stuff like assorted band-aids and of course a 30 day supply of all your families prescription medications (you have that right), the below list is a pretty good idea of what your home First-Aid kit should look like, if it doesn’t you got some shopping to do. Miscellaneous (2) Trauma Shears (1) Mini-Mag Light or other light of choosing (1) LED Head-lamp (makes things hands free) (1) rite in rain notepad (1) Sharpie marker (10) Pair Gloves (2) Safety Goggles Trauma/Bandaging (10) 5×9’s (20) 4×4’s (2) 12×30 Trauma Dressing (4) Vasoline Gauze (2) Rolls 3″ Tape (2) Rolls 1″ Tape (10) Rolls 3″ Kerlix (5) Rolls Coban (2) Ice Packs (2) Hot Packs (5) Cravats (all kinds of uses) (2) SAM Splints (2) 4″ Elastic Bandages (2) 3″ Elastic Bandages (2) 5×9 H2O Gel Burn Pads (2) Tubes Antibiotic Ointment (20) Betadine Swabs (1) Bottle Sterile Water (1) Sawyer Snake Bite Extractor Kit. Medications (2) Tubes Insta-Glucose (if diabetic in residence, that would be me) (1) Tube Activated Charcoal (1) Bottle Low Dose Aspirin (1) Bottle Motrin (1) Bottle Benadryl (1) Tube Topical Benadryl (1) Bottle Anti-emetic (1) Bottle Anti-diarrheal (2) Epi Pens-Adult (if applicable) Airway (1) CPR Mask (adult and child) If you have any question drop me a line, I’ll be happy to answer.
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    http://www.herbalab.com/agriseptgse.asp I would like to share a piece of information with the Forum about a product I have been using for years.. It is called Agrisept-L and I am in no way affiliated with the product other than a very happy camper. It all started years ago when a friend was searching for a way to control a candida infection on her face. It was beet red and looked like most of the blood vessels were broken on the cheeks.2 weeks and it was gone. Then it took care of the strep in one of the little ones..i started looking at the product much harder after I heard that the israeli and other military was using it to purify water. The link has recommends for dosage. It is an all-natural Citrus bioflavinoid mixture, and it even helps with ulcerative bacteria in the stomach. I keep it in a kit with very good Katadyn water filter. It is all I use. Gone are the tablets, bleach, iodine I tried before. Anyways, I use it to wash bean sprouts and produce, just a few drops for e.coli and take a few drops a day in a glass. It is available on Amazon and is all I have been using for years, as gone are the days of chemical disinfection for me. So, a little off the usual methods and products, all I can say is that some things not yet well known are tomorrows mainstays
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    Now Vaseline has an interesting History. From what i can remember, a starving chemist from Britain spent his life savings on a trip to America to find a product that would deliver him from poverty and make his fortune in the mid-late 1800's. He stumbled upon the oil industry, where at the pump-jack arms, a highly viscous, waxy black grease formed. They had no use for it, so he took a bunch of this mineral grease back to England, and after a few years, made it clear. Still what to do with it? There are stories of him cutting and burning himself, with the physical evidence, before and after anointment, as to the efficacy of the product in healing the body, to which he hoped to sell small jars to an amazed general public. Vaseline was later picked up by the military, and honestly i do not know if he ever made his fortune from it yet in his earthwalk. It's military uses proliferated. Cosmoline (gun grease to pack firearms and coat barrels), water-proofing/rustproofing armaments for transport, and it's eventual use in the very popular explosive Cordite are it's many legacies. For the survivalist that use cotton balls and Vaseline, it is interesting to note that 'guncotton' with Vaseline and the nitroglycerine it stabilized, was for the most the formula for Cordite in artillery shells, that went a long way to killing about 10 million people in the First War alone. Fast forward to the 80's and probably 90's, the "Canadian Rangers' a volunteer force of mostly Arctic Indigenous people, were given a Lee Enfield Rifle,(still are though the Prime Minister promised them new guns a few years ago) condoms, supposedly to keep the snow out of the barrels, and Vaseline to keep your gun lubricated. (no pun intended) According to good friend of mine, a Cdn. Army medic that toured in Bosnia, military issue antibiotic is still in a heavy Vaseline base, and jars still issued. As a lubricant-coating for topical use to avoid chapped lips, wind burn, skin hydration, keeping stuff out of wounds, rashes, blisters, softening scabs, dry or cracked skin, and for more intimate reasons, it is WD40 for the body. So from buttstock to buttcrack, this is a must have for all your moving parts imho. You will find uses for it. It is not good to eat, but You have eaten it before. USP Food Grade Mineral oil is what they use to lubricate food cutting equipment, so if You have ever eaten sliced meat, or cheese, it is what is used to wipe blades after sharpening. In fact, i use it own my own hand cranked slicer at home. My preference is for the food grade product as it is slightly lighter, and comes in a fat toothpaste squeeze tube, and i always have it around for slicing. I promise, you will find use for it.The colder or wetter it get's more things want to either lock up, or rust, and this product can free up many survival circumstances
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    Attached is a word document in the form of a handy check list (including checking for the quantity of items). I used it as an initial check list when setting up my medical dispensary. It covers Fever, pain, dental, and even pregnancy issues. Below is a sample of the larger file. Feel free to use it any way you want, modify it and add things to customize it for your family's needs. Just remember I'm no medical professional and these are just my opinions. If you need it in another format like a PDF just let me know I'll be happy to convert it. Fully Stocked First Aid Supplies generic.docx
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    near Neos Marmaras, Greece, shot at night.
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    Just wanted to mention a little 'episode' that happened to me a few months ago that reminded of the importance of my eyes. Comin home late from a friends place, got mugged. The guy blocked me on the sidewalk, I think he was half out of it. He would not let me pass, was going on about my money and wallet, generally abusive, said something about a can.. I thought he had a can of beer, it turned out to be bear spray. Long story short, spent half the night in hospital for pushing past him. He did not get my wallet. He did get me in the eyes. Ladies, if legal, pack it in your purse, it will take a "crowd' of men down...and down hard.. Lessons learned. Bear Spray or other filth in the eyes has to be irrigated out with saline solution. Look for Salt Tablets 100 1 GM on Amazon. I will not go into quantities for making your own saline, but do not use regular salt or a packet from Mc Don's, it may have some grit or worse in it. Use distilled, or boiled water that is clean of impurities, as clean as you can, put a half a litre or quart through each eye..minimum. I spent about 400 clams on a Katadyn water filter, the suction screen end of the filter is too coarse. I have a little panty hose tied around it with floss. Clean water, clean tablets, make your own saline, the objective is sterile. This is the best way to get the filth out of your eyes. Remember not to use water that has been treated with chlorine halazone or iodine or agrisept, or any other disinfectant. There is a reason why your tears are salty and clean water by itself will dry and irritate your eyes and make them redder, still a second best. After that, there are a few options. In the hospital they gave me a small tube of Erythromycin that you squeeze a cm (3/8 in) line in the eye for 4 days. If an eye infection develops from washing in a contaminated source, better get on that. No need for saline. Other than antibiotic which I carry in my first aid kit, I have had success with Colloidal Silver. Works like a damn, even on the dog and cat. In fact, it is what I would use first before the antibiotic, that impressed by the results over the years of not being too fussy with my contact lens solutions. If you are handicapped visually, might I suggest a spare pair of wireframes in the go-bag. Salt tabs are still standard issue in the Army, and are good for dehydration and leg cramps and I consider them a must have in the Go-bag.. Anyways, awhile back I was reminded that I am not much good without my eyes and made a few little preps that make me feel I have them covered.
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    An old tractor I just had to take a picture of! McCormick Standard
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    Today's pic is from 2011 when my rig was in Invergordon, Scotland
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    Bridges near Dickinson bayou
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    Snow covered Sandia Peak, Albuquerque, NM
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    Cool idea for a thread! A cute kitty in our neighbourhood that recently keeps swinging by our window for a free meal.
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    This is what I carry most days. Leatherman Juice S2, Streamlight Stylus Pro, Benchmade 940-1.
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    INGREDIENTS 1 c ground goat meat (or beef) 2 c green corn, cut from cobs 1 sm sweet green pepper, chopped 1 c summer squash, cubed 1 tb whole wheat flour Salt (to taste) DIRECTIONS Fry meat in a little fat (shortening or cooking oil) until brown. Add rest of ingredients (except flour) and cover with water. Simmer until vegetables are almost tender. Stir 2 tb cooking water with 1 tb whole wheat flour, return to cook pot, simmer five more minutes while stirring. Add blue corn meal dumplings if desired. Source: hillbillybonez.org
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    I posted this other places but dang that's a lot of pipes.
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    Above the cliffs of Farmington, NM
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    Personally I am not comfortable supporting what are essentially counterfeiters. The primary issue in terms of performance is that they are designed to look similar- not perform similarly. The heat treat is likely to be considerably inferior & I have my doubts over the quality of the construction when compared to the originals. With that said, for tough knives I don't think you can do better than a Cold Steel- I have batoned with my XL Voyager & the lock up is perfect. At under 50 bucks frankly its an amazing amount of blade for the money!