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    Just caught the post on the MTJS page for diabetes - and without being diabetic myself, those that I know who are, they have stocks of Fanta - mostly because of all the 'sugar drinks' out there, it has the highest content of sugar of all (for when they're hypoglycemic (to low)) - So just my quick .02 worth!
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    A severely diabetic ex always carried one of those small squeeze tube of gel icing from the baking aisle. Small, leak resistant and a small squeeze under the tongue worked faster for her than glucose tablets.
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    Here is my latest acquisition. LT Wright Genesis. Blade is made of CPM 3V Steel, Scandi grind to 0°, 4.250" blade length, .149" (3.79mm)thick, Matte Natural Canvas Micarta scales. 9" OL. The knife weighs in at. 8.5 OZ. Dark Brown Leather Dangler Sheath w/ 3/8" diameter ferro rod holder. The spine of this blade is sharpened to a 90° edge which scrapes sparks off a ferro rod like the 4th of July! It'll scrape wood like nobody's business and make fatwood into Maya Dust. The edge is a true 0° Scandi Grind, no micro bevel and is ridiculously sharp!😱 I'm very happy with my new toy! Dominick......
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    Yeah, if i were more into precision rifle, I'd be more in the war belt camp, but even when wearing my thickest armor combo with mags (one of the surplus rigs with ceramics and 3a backers) and an assault pack), I'm still going to have to get off the ground just a bit more to use my AR with a 30 round mag. The haley rig with the adds the same amount of thickness to my front as the OCPC with steel plates does, while being close to 16lbs lighter
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    I typically keep the chest rig and the belt in my truck. The armor is just too bulky for that. I only really use the armor for competition and training, and for SHTF should i need it. I suppose i could get away with wearing this carrier under a jacket in the winter, but i think its still a bit too bulky for that. I don't have any experience with newer ballistic shirts, so you might still need to be careful with water, sweat, humidity and UV exposure. Using a concealable 3a vest under a shirt is more common here in the US