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    Just recently made a hobo stove. To be fair, my husband took it to work and drilled the holes for me. He also found a lightweight stove eye type thing that sits perfectly on the top to hold a cooking pot. The can was a bigger than coffee can so it holds a good amount of food kit stuff. I put things in the can that could be used to do everything needed for cooking: small Bic lighter, fat wood, water bag, water purification tables, matches, striker and rice, etc. I added some spices separately. I also have a stainless coffee mug, a small cooking bowl and a small/.medium'ish size cooking bowl. For the fuel I used a clean canned chicken can with spiraled cardboard inside. I saturated the cardboard with cooking oil and lit it to see if it would burn slowly enough. It does. I need to get a string backpack for storage of stove and accessories. Plus I'll add a bit more food to it. IF anyone has any ideas about changes or additions I'm open to suggestions. Thanks
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    Another thought,at random.. foil packets of bouillon and a zip bag of pastina pasta (tiny star shape - Italian baby food ) take up very little space, cook up in just a few minutes, and make a very satisfying cold weather cup of soup/snack
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    That's where I got the two stainless bowls-- The Dollar Tree
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    Good ideas The little plastic "2 a day for a week" pill organizers with removable day smaller containers make great watertight spice holders to carry along. Use rubber bands over each small container to be extra sure. Another idea, stolen from Dave Canterbury, is using small stainless steel dog bowls (dollar store or discount place) for bowls/pots
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    In another post, I reviewed Valley Foods dehydrated chili. It was tasty. For the second batch, I added some dehydrated tomatoes and a bit of leftover taco meat. Yummy! Since the election in the US, the prices for freeze dried or dehydrated foods has come down sharply. All of the major vendors are offering special deals and steep discounts. Based on my research and purchases, i recommend the following: WalMart: Many stores have stock on hand at great prices! Their website is like aded with brands and offers free shipping! Augason Farms https://www.walmart.com/search/?query=Augason Farms 1 Week Pantry Pack Valley Foods Storage https://valleyfoodstorage.com/products/10-entree-sample-pack/ Patriot Supply http://www.mypatriotsupply.com/Three_Month_Food_Supply_p/zf_3month.htm Look around these sites for deals and specials. Or, order some samples and try some out.
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    Honestly, outside of knives (which to be fair are a hobby) the only things i really splurge on are the boots, comfy backpack and multitool (leatherman rebar is my fav). With the rest, I do look at the price point aggressively and try to cut down. As for keeping things lightweight, I just endeavour to have less stuff.
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    Been enjoying YouTube survival videos lately. I watched a video of a guy who kinda smirked at all the expensive heavy gear. His idea was to get stuff for free when you go to a fast food restaurant. For example, an extra plastic spoon, salt & pepper, a plain plastic water bottle (not the kind you find in sporting goods, but one you would buy in a convenience store for $.99). That's pretty much the direction he went. I found it rather interesting and rather common sense practical. He did have a knife and lighter. I wish I could find the link so you could watch it and give an opinion. If nothing else it reminded me that it's ok to have at least a few things that are dirt cheap or free in my bag. How do you all keep things lightweight?
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    To embed, all you have to do is post the youtube url, it will do it automatically. Perturbator is damn good. Great taste mate.
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    Looks like a sof-t wide tourniquet. If it's legit, its a great choice, i prefer them over all the others I've tried I have close to ten of the things attaced to various plate carriers and other med kits
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    There were a bunch of wieners left over from a party event on the weekend so I've had kimchi hotdogs for lunch 3 days in a row (saving some time at work), but today I took a day off and made some fresh stuff so it was extra good.
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    Short answer, badly The new flashlights help ( have a dirt cheap 10440 (( AAA size)) clipped inside my T shirt collar most of the time . 15 mins of silly bright ) but I have a tendency to carry a tool kit in my jacket along with meds.( my VOM might fit in an altoids tin except the test leads ) If you feel like splurging https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B01BS8VMWW These things are $23 in Canukistan, 3 intensities so you can run for several hours if you don't need a spotlight, and has a rave mode and a signal mode ( two fast presses and it does one or two fast pulses )
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    So we've been getting a number of people who have online stores joining us on Survival Threads, and while we're not huge on the overt advertising front, I do want people to feel comfortable advertising so long as it's done in the right place! And thus we begin the thread of shameless plugs to your online stores! Please let us know a bit about the stores you run, the kinds of products and/or services you provide, if you sell products - whether the items you sell are handmade or whether you are a reseller, etc. Any and all info you think would be helpful for us to know! Aaannndd.. go!
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    I'll be going back to the Asian store, $12 for a lb seems reasonable after all since it costs more online and I haven't seen it anywhere else in town. They don't call it gochugaru but it looks like the stuff and one of the several name and price tags jammed into the shelf beneath it says kimchi chili. I'll corroborate that with the staff. If I had access to a big Korean supermarket like Pat Supermarket in Ontario I might find it for a bit less or on a sale, but this is a LOT of spice for the money. A product description on one website bears out my theory about the seeds. They must split the pods and scoop the seeds out, then sun dry the peppers before crushing them: "Hot, sweet, fragrant and brilliantly red, coarsely ground Korean chili is great for cooking, and a beautiful tasty garnish. Sprinkle it liberally on poultry, seafood and meats before grilling or pan-frying. Use it on finished noodle dishes, pizza, eggs, potato and pasta salads and so on. Keep it in a shaker on the table to brighten up the flavour and appearance of everyday foods like burgers, sandwiches and soups. Because it is seedless, it has a sweeter flavour and much nicer mouth feel than ordinary chili flakes." I want to make some incorporating red cabbage and cucumber a little later today. Wyzard, do you leave the peel on the cucumber?
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    I started mauling some chili flakes and soon realised there was something different, went back and checked a pic of gochugaru (appropriate response is gesundheit) and it was obvious - they seem to somehow have winnowed the seeds out of it. If correct this could mean that the increased density of the ingredient as it's measured and the trade off of heat from the seeds for flavour from the pod will change the character of the batch if there's 3 tbs going into a quart. I couldn't find gochujang in a forum search so googled it; the instant cucumber kimchi salad with gochujang sounds like it might be good. I didn't see gochugaru at the wholesale store so I'll stop in at the Asian market. I can use a 340g jar of chili flakes in other stuff (I sometimes put it in carp bait as well as eating it). Depends if I prefer the gochugaru. Edit: I found a pretty good match for gochugaru in the Asian store but I thought it was a bit pricey and want to check out a couple of other places. I have to scale down batch size so I can try different things and not have quarts of kimchi taking up space while I'm only eating 4 or 5 oz a day.
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    As @Gary_Gough said, its a common sense platform- I support freedom and expression but the line gets drawn at personal attacks, politics, religion and spam. I chose to start of the forum as such from the beginning and this attracts a more reasonable crowd (in my opinion) as well as a neutral platform without the toxicity found in a lot of other forums. Because I started this off of the back of MTJS, I have very few expenses/running costs when it comes to running SurvivalThreads as it is essentially subsidized by my other sites. So due to this unique circumstance, I am very strict when it comes to spam- the forum is ad free so its not hypocritical for me to slam the ban hammer when people think they can use this platform as a marketing tool. As for being from the North Pole, Elise is originally from Canada and I spent 6 years there with her. We are now back in the UK! Glad to have you here with us!
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    My first knife build. Made from an old farm implement leaf spring. Mesquite wood handle.