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    @zackmars funny you say root cellar, I've been looking at locations on my land for just such an thing. Once I find the perfect location I'm going to start getting the supplies together to build one.
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    Have a small fridge set up with batteries and solar for my insulin as well. Door is locked, the fridge and batteries are kept off the ground, but are still secured to the floor to try and prevent floodwater or wind from destroying it It'd be nice to have a root cellar or well thats got cold water, but neither is a good option for me down here.
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    Learning to harvest pancreases and process them for insulin. Easier if you have hogs or cattle that you know are healthy but it's still a complex and temperature sensitive operation also involving controlled PH , centrifuges and a few chemicals that should be well defined. For me not eating also works, but with a limited time to expiry of metabolic processes from other side effects. 😬
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    Well, what I'd want to head toward is friends, mutual support and basic resources. Probably with a very full truck. But that would also mean establishing new networks. I'll need to give this a bit of thought. Over the years I haven't found many places I really couldn't live if allowed to ( expiring Visas, tourist cards etc. would place me in conflict with the authorities in many areas )
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    Out of curiosity, what would it take for you and your family to relocate states/countries preemptively? I am not talking about a disaster but rather something more benign like a profound social shift or a rise in financial insecurity within your general area. Very curious to hear what @dthomasdigital , @zackmars & @Gary_Gough think about this. Its something Elise and I have been thinking about recently.
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    Beautifully put @PappyHiker , I 100% agree that with @Elise with me, I can handle almost any change. I imagine once I reach retirement age that I will be in a situation where I am happy where I am (hopefully). Because Elise and I work online, we have a more flexible mindset to location compared to how it would have been in the past. Our current issue is the cultural shift and changes happening in our current enviroment and wanting to be somewhere more like "us". Lots to think about.
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    Figured I'd throw in my 2 cents on the subject.................. Been in the area I live in for my entire life.......... Everything I know and love is here. Pondered the question you ask. Don't think there's anything powerful enough to make me want to leave other than the area becoming inhabitable. Social/political/economical change????? Been living thru these changes my whole life.......... I've tolerated and survived all of lifes changes without having to resort to relocating to a place that will also change in time. I'm a survivor. I'll always find a way to do it. And the grass isn't always greener on the other side anyway. When one becomes discontent with life where they are a common illusion is that it's better elsewhere. It seldom is. Once you're away for a while you'll find that everything is pretty much the same. Well, unless you live in a war torn country, or a country where poverty is the norm. Perhaps if my little town became a haven for violence that could drive me away. But we live in an increasingly violent world these days anyway. Thinking no matter where you go violence can be found.......... I'm not young anymore, only a few years away from retirement. I figure when you reach my age you're pretty much where you are for the duration. Makes me want to say that moving is for young people. Those who are younger have longer time to adapt to change versus an older guy like me set in his ways. It's not easy starting over. But Thomas, you have Elise and that's important. With all the changes one has to go thru in starting over it's nice to have that one constant, ones life mate. I can honestly say that after 37 years of marriage I find strength in my wife, my one constant in an ever evolving world. No matter what happens I have her. Most definitely if I ever had to leave where I'm at, having her at my side would make anything possible. Okay....... I'm done. Just my personal feelings. Not all may agree........................
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    i found a tamper proof bit set on amazon, we'll see how that works out before i do anything i might regret. If that doesn't pan out, I'll just dremel the safety button off, back out the screw with some pliers and get a bunch of replacement parts off numrich.
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    The style of screw head is an exact match for early 1970s "theft proof" Cadillac car stereo screws, but being inset the side cutters don't have a good purchase. If the metal is soft enough, dental drills may do a good job turning the two ramp sections into verticals too.
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    Haven't gotten my gun back yet, but i took a look at my shockwave and 835,. The part that is breaking on the 590a1 is phosphated, while the same part on the other guns are silver-y. They haven't broken yet, so that specific part might be the way to go as far as replacing it myself.
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    Grab yourself a bahco laplander, around 20 bucks and i found the performance to be exceptional- took apart a picnic table in minutes.
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    I've seen good things written up about silky saws, but haven't gotten to test one out. The bow saws are wildly variable quality too. They really do need to be well tensioned and I wouldn't bet on the teeth being properly set out of the box. Still for a $20 cutting tool at hand it did the job.
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    As an EU citizen, I can thankfully have my choice of countries within the EU as well as Canada due to being married to a Canuck. Definitely see your point about moving towards friends but honestly, most of my connections are forged online. Yup, 6-7 years in Toronto. Been in the UK since May 2016 and I imagine we won't be here come this time next year (i'll make a proper posts on MTJS once the plans are in motion). I find myself in agreement over your list. Elise and I are young enough that we feel "now" is the time to relocate and find our happy as opposed to staying and watching a questionable situation get progressively worse. Aye, Elise and I are very close to our next step and it won't be in an apartment. We are becoming more and more disillusioned with our current enviroment and the idea of hunkering down in a proper house is looking more and more like the logical next step. My worry is being too late- i see signs and feel the pressure to preemptively deal with my enviroment instead of sticking around until its too late.
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    I hope some new discovery occurs that mitigates the risk for folks with diabetes, must be stressful.
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    Nope not yet, at least you can keep the new pen injectors out for 28 days, but that is it and you still have to watch the temperature.
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    What a good question. Economic collapse is always a worry, maybe not in America as much as other places but I don't want to kid myself it could happen. We live in an almost cash free society now and I never did think it was a good idea to but all your eggs in one basket. So where would you go if the economy took a dump I'm not sure and it's something I've talked about but never really planned for. In the mean time I diversify, I keep cash on hand, and have plenty of items stocked to barter with, but lets face it, that will only go so far before if things get real bad the violence starts. I keep our passports up to date, just in case.
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    I'd go with a machete plus a smaller fixed blade. And a small folder. But I'd totally rock my BMF
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    Y'all lived in Canada for awhile, correct? If so, do you still know any friends and family over there? If thats the case, I'd move there. As for what it would take to get me to move... Dramatic rise in crime (violent crime in particular), extreme inflation, extreme taxes, less and less job opportunities. The standard stuff. It's also real nice to be able to own and do things without having to deal with the gov't treating me worse than actual criminals.
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    Ground chile peppers, such as cayenne , Habanero or hotter should work ok. Black or white pepper might be too mild. The hotter, the better. Adding fresh or granulated garlic and/ or onion doesn't hurt, either. With ground spices probably best to strain through paper coffee filters, or something similar to avoid clogging your spray bottles.
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    Other then day to day pocket knife, the last cutting tool I used, unexpectedly, was a bow saw. Trees blew down across the driveway ( it's 1/2 mile long ) and I was called to work just to find my path blocked. Was about 5 minutes later then usual. Saw lived in the vehicle grab bag ( along with assorted camping in a blizzard and fixing breakdown tools )
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    Stored at about 2/3 to 3/4 charge I expect the vast majority will outlive me. I have 30 year old cells in fine shape, and they keep getting better. The safeties in laptop packs count the charge cycles and then shut down the pack after a set number. If they were fully cycled it might even make sense, but every drop to 95% and recharge to 99% counts as a cycle, so a "dead" unrechargeable pack with 6, 8 or 9 perfectly good cells. Leaving them totally discharged will destroy them in a few days, reverse charging destroys them right now.
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    Is there no viable alternative to the refrigerated insulin?
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    A little more awake now. ( wrote the last at the end of a night shift ) If you plan to replace the screw ... nuclear option. With a dremmel abrasive wheel worn nearly to the end ( so small diameter ) slice a slot into the head of the screw. Works on recessed screws. If it's all above the surface, a new wheel will cut a full slot.
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    Well, sight unseen.... if the sides are at all accessible, a set of good side cutters can grip a screw. Need to be careful to align across the center, pinch enough to make a small dent on both sides ( they may slip off a few times, practice helps ) and then twist counter clockwise assuming a right hand thread ( very good odds ). I'll try to find a couple of pictures of the better tools. Some cheap ones don't align very well, one jaw longer then the other, a grinder can fix that. These ^ will take the most force. but in a tighter spot these ٧ could be a better option. If you can snap a picture, it will help.