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    Eh, thats part of small forums, especially ones where you've got convoluted topics like prepping But hey, I'm here!
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    Vehicle condition........ Check fluid levels, lights, horn.......... tires and tire pressure. Look for anything broken, missing, loose, or leaking. Wipers and wiper blades. Make sure your vehicle is up for the trip. You don't want to get stranded and find yourself in an emergency survival situation because of a breakdown. Plan your trip and the roads you'll be driving on. No shortcuts! Stick with the well traveled main roads and highways, that way if you do became stranded your chance of being rescued is pretty damn good. Know what's along the way. Gas stations, rest stops etc. If the weather does start getting really bad, head for one of those places and shut her down for a while. Don't travel in packs....... Keep a safe following distance from others and leave yourself a space cushion. LEAVE YOURSELF AN OUT! If someone screws up, you'll be able to stop and avoid becoming a part of a 60 car pile up. Be well rested and take your time.
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    I agree with pretty much everything so far. My most useful winter thing so far has been a cheap plastic "kid size" snow shovel. Not as good as a full size one, but better than an e tool, and fits in a small space. Handy for cleaning off the vehicle, if nothing else.
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    Pretty cool, no pun intended. There is an ancient, but heavier very cheap alternative from the middle east called a "zeer" in Arabic. Basically, an unglazed clay pot inside a larger container ( usually another unglazed clay pot ), with a layer of sand between the 2 vessels. The sand is wet with water, and a damp cloth is used as a covering. As the narrator stated, works best in hot, dry conditions. Humidity will make it less efficient, but a couple big clay flowerpots and a bag of playground sand from the DIY store set me back about $20 US, and kept the beer cold, while I did garden chores, even in humid Virginia
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    Hey, but look what happens when somebody just says hi, we all come out of the wood work.
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    I come on eery once in a while, make a post or respond to a post on occasion. Not much happening here. Nobody wants to engage in conversation. So may threads started with little or no acknowledgement. Just the same few people......... But there are so many prepping and survival forums people can go on out there.... Its a topic that is getting beat on pretty heavily. If things aren't happening here they go elsewhere........
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    Well I'm glad to see an old face here..
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    Didn't do a garden, but do have chickens. No eggs. None. Zip, zilch, zero.
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    I was browsing an open directory and came across this pdf file created by the Canada Emergency Measures Organisation (Department of national defense), I read through it and the information on the pdf file is quite useful. It talks about the effects of a nuclear bomb, first aid etc. You can either view the guide through the website below or through the pdf version http://www.ki4u.com/webpal/d_resources/survival/books/11steps/index.htm 11_steps_-_Nuclear_Survival.pdf
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    Yep, very accurate that way. A full exchange would be a mass extinction event, more because of the dust and sun blockage then the radiation. I expect some people will live through it, but not sure how many and in what condition. The last civilian bombings are fading from living memory, and people are way too good at only believing what they want, so some of the deterrence is becoming less effective. MAD works until it doesn't, and we'll probably call that "bad luck". We actually came very close in the 1990s , after the USSR was gone. A paperwork foul up in Russia didn't get a Norwegian rocket launch notice passed to the monitors. It looked like a pre-emptive EMP attack on Russia, and they were up to the final authorization to launch a full retaliatory strike before they lost communications. Was under a minute from launch.
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    I agree with everything PappyHiker said, with 1 caveat. Know your shortcuts, and when to use them. Years ago, I used to drive about 60 miles each way to another state for work. I used a backroad shortcut in most weather, the big roads and interstates in snow. Until I got distracted one winter morning and took my shortcut, which went through an area of ultra rich folks and diplomats. There were plows and sand trucks every half mile, with engines running and lights flashing, every mile, waiting for snow, unlike the normal highway. I cruised through that little winding road in all weather for the next 3 years, even when Rt. 7 was a disaster area.
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    I decided to spend it on preventative survival. My dentist has been after me to take better care of my gums. My survival angle here is that if the S does HTF, the better shape I'm in today will impact my long term chances. I'd imagine dental hygiene would take a hit if I was in a survival situation, so I'm prepping by taking better care of my self now. I ended up getting a SonicCare toothbrush. But I also got a Mora neck knife, 'cause you could always use an extra knife. The balance went to odds and ends like tarps and paracord.
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    NOT a political post. This has just been my worst growing season ever, and I'm 65. Odd weather has kicked my butt this year. Here in Va, it was too cold and wet to plant until almost June. We have alternated record high rainfall and record high temperatures. My tiny semi hydroponic herb and tomato garden did just ok. The raised beds at a local assisted living facility we support were a disaster. Baked desert one day, swamp the next. If I was a pioneer in the area in the past, I would be thinking up recipes for cooking my shoes this winter. Anybody have a good growing season this year?
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    Apparently a jalapeno plant has decided to appear out of nowhere
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    Aye, I might switch to full electric once we go all Solar (300 days of sunshine a year in Portugal!). And yeah, always moving- hopefully this will be the last time. Thanks for sharing your experiences Pappy- i honestly am not sure on my current system- never had a propane system before. i'll take a picture and you can educate me! The tank(s) have their own little shed. Very discreet!
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    Naw it doesn't repel water, I had to spray it myself as for the capacity I have had it packed with 50lbs of gear and it held up well, BUT, it doesn't have a chest strap ( which I added later). Click here for full details...
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    Silver is still used in some burn dressings (clearly labeled "external use only"). Traditional use of some substance does not mean that it is safe, or even works at all. Traditionally, lead arsenate was used as an insecticide, anhydrous ammonia was used as a fertilizer, and elemental mercury was used to treat STD's. Not good ideas, but traditional. Some old stuff still works, willow bark is where we got aspirin, but knowledge has come a long way. Take advantage of the fact that we now know a lot that our grandparents didn't. Superstitious reliance on the past can kill you.
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    Why does that happen? I have been interested to have chickens for a while now, I sorta assumed hens laid eggs consistently?
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    You can say that again, can anyone tell me why my zucchini plants produced nothing but male flowers, I got like 4 zucchini's this year, so disappointing. Tomatoes, grapes, and apple tress got beat down during a massive hell storm we had (not to mention how odd such a storm in New Mexico is) had some nice roof damage too. The apricots got frozen on the tree due to the oddest flash freeze I've ever seen. So yes crappy in New Mexico too. Things like tomatoes are bouncing back so hope to get some to harvest soon, but we will be getting into cold weather soon out here in the High Desert so we will not have long. On a side note went to visit some friends in Minnesota over the summer and their huge garden was going crazy, they where giving bucket loads of food away, and their pickles where out of this world good! Us not even enough to can anything.
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    OK, so I set out on a mission to create one of these. It's a work in progress, but it uses an Altoids Smalls for the container, 550 cord for the necklace*, and bicycle tubes to stick it all together. Inside are a knife (a wee tiny knife), whistle, ferro rod, striker, and some dryer lint. I'm waiting on a smaller whistle which may afford me some room for some first aid stuff. This will continue to evolve. This was more of a exercise in what I could do, not so much a serious piece of survival kit for me. But time will tell. * (I plan on doing a breakaway as suggested by Wyzyrd, in the future)
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    God they look beautiful
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    I found an entire guide on how to collect and purify water, I hope you find it useful. The guide is in pdf format so you need a pdf viewer to view it. Btw im sorry if i posted this in the wrong section, as you can see I'm new to the forums Water_-_Water_Treatment.pdf