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  1. I have the same but different steel. One hell of a bomb proof bushcraft blade. Enjoy it!
  2. technical skill questions

    Silicon Carbide Micromesh should do the trick. I have 20000 grit sheets and it can polish up the sapphire face on a watch so I presume it will work fine on lenses.
  3. I find it so weird that something defensive can be illegal. Then again, suppressors are restricted in the states but very common (over the counter) in various EU countries like France.
  4. We moved from a standard American house to a British Apartment (until next year/2019 when we move into a more rural location), seeing as we live on the top floor we 100% take fire safety seriously. Personally, I like fire blankets. Work for all sorts of fires and perfect for out of control stovetop accidents.
  5. Aye, its crazy how many e-mails we get about prepping for conditions we are simply unqualified to answer. Thankfully, we have a super knowledgeable community!
  6. Concilium; Security Training

    Glad it hear it worked out well, were there practical scenarios and tests?
  7. Elise & I were thinking of doing something similar. Buy a couple of acres, have a hobbit hole bug out location and surround it with shrubs and bushes. Sounds like a solid plan B in anycase!
  8. That is one hell of a setup mate, out of curiousity- do you ever wear a vest concealed in normal environments or is this a SHTF set up exclusively? I have a friend who wears kevlar reinforced t-shirts as they are slash proof (supposedly) but I have my doubts- any thoughts on that?
  9. Didn't take it the wrong way at all, and it's certainly a valid point. We have little resemblance to most forums (especially taking into account we have been around for a couple of years now).
  10. Kimchi

    That sounds delicious!
  11. Hi all new guy from GA.

    Welcome mate!
  12. Living in the UK, potatoes grow if you look at them the wrong way. I have always been curious as to how countries with super cold weather deal with frost etc. Thanks for sharing @adjee !
  13. I responded with a thread-
  14. A couple of days ago @Chili Pepper posted the following comment on a thread; Which led me to scribble this quick post to clarify why SurvivalThreads is different to the average forum. The reality is that running a website costs money which forces the webmaster to make a compromise with regards to direction and the underlying principles behind the community. If you look at the bulk of other forums, they are essentially commercial entities- whilst they all have their own community they do need to cater to specific advertisers and need to keep the traffic numbers up because traffic = money. This limits the ability for the webmaster to offer a neutral platform- go on another forum and criticise a company that pays for ads on that board and see how long that post stays up! This is not a criticism because I understand the tough position the forum owner is frequently in but ultimately- SurvivalThreads as a consequence of piggybacking on MTJS resources is immune to this kind of pressure. We don't need to promote aggressively, in fact we don't promote it at all as I simply don't have the time and since the costs of running SurvivalThreads are covered by MTJS, I can create an enviroment where spam, toxic behaviour and divisive virtue signalling (I am better than you because X) can be stomped out pronto. I give moderators like @zackmars @dthomasdigital & @Gary_Gough an extreme amount of power over the curation of the content because I don't have to worry about catering to advertisers or the growth of the community. The only directive they have to adhere to is laid out in the rules- At no point does survivalthreads have to quibble over "leeway" for paying members, advertisers or senior members because they don't exist. There is a very famous knife forum where a senior member gets away with with bloody murder because of a high post count/popularity whilst a new member will be banned due to posting a contrarian opinion. You only have to look at how Cliff Stamp has been treated on forums to understand why I chose to create a neutral entity like Survival Threads. This creates a level of consistency regarding how rules are meted out which in turn makes having a forum a very stress free affair. In short- I hope this clarifies my position concerning Survival Threads, its ambitions and questionable growth! Please share your thoughts below, I am interested to read your positions on this!
  15. When we lived in Canada, our grandmother had/has a root cellar. Amazingly useful- especially when the power goes out if you need to give your refrigerated/frozen food a bit of breathing room during the hot summer months.