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  1. Thomas

    Buy a Homestead

    It's a conundrum isn't it? its something the girl and i have been struggling with- how far removed can we be from society without it negatively impacting our future.
  2. Why would you have to move if you are already in Bulgaria? Applying for permanent residency should be easy enough no? I presume you entered as an EU citizen in which case, even after brexit you would have the same rights (in Bulgaria) as before.
  3. I can't break the no-politics rules.
  4. Beautifully put @PappyHiker , I 100% agree that with @Elise with me, I can handle almost any change. I imagine once I reach retirement age that I will be in a situation where I am happy where I am (hopefully). Because Elise and I work online, we have a more flexible mindset to location compared to how it would have been in the past. Our current issue is the cultural shift and changes happening in our current enviroment and wanting to be somewhere more like "us". Lots to think about.
  5. Wow, the price went up on bahco's. Eek. At that price, the Silky is worth it I think (relative to the bahco). I think that style of saw is called a Sierra Saw? I believe Canadian Tire sold a "Colemans" branded one for under $10 too. That said, this was 5 years ago so who knows now!
  6. Grab yourself a bahco laplander, around 20 bucks and i found the performance to be exceptional- took apart a picnic table in minutes.
  7. How do you feel about silky saws? I tried a bow saw in the past and found the cutting performance lackluster compared to my Silky fatboy.
  8. As an EU citizen, I can thankfully have my choice of countries within the EU as well as Canada due to being married to a Canuck. Definitely see your point about moving towards friends but honestly, most of my connections are forged online. Yup, 6-7 years in Toronto. Been in the UK since May 2016 and I imagine we won't be here come this time next year (i'll make a proper posts on MTJS once the plans are in motion). I find myself in agreement over your list. Elise and I are young enough that we feel "now" is the time to relocate and find our happy as opposed to staying and watching a questionable situation get progressively worse. Aye, Elise and I are very close to our next step and it won't be in an apartment. We are becoming more and more disillusioned with our current enviroment and the idea of hunkering down in a proper house is looking more and more like the logical next step. My worry is being too late- i see signs and feel the pressure to preemptively deal with my enviroment instead of sticking around until its too late.
  9. Thomas

    Medications during a SHTF.

    I hope some new discovery occurs that mitigates the risk for folks with diabetes, must be stressful.
  10. Good to know, do you think IMR cells are worth the extra cost relative to the "safety" they offer?
  11. Very interesting, i noticed that the total charge they would hold seemed to wane over time, is it just the imr ones i had? or is that the standard with li-ion?
  12. Thomas

    Highrise rescue backpack

    I think you either run or work for that kickstarter but since it provided some conversation I shan't throw the ban hammer (for now). As @Rick said, it looks like a knock off to me.
  13. Thomas

    Medications during a SHTF.

    Is there no viable alternative to the refrigerated insulin?
  14. Thomas

    Rabbits Suck!

    Would ground pepper also work?
  15. Out of curiosity, what would it take for you and your family to relocate states/countries preemptively? I am not talking about a disaster but rather something more benign like a profound social shift or a rise in financial insecurity within your general area. Very curious to hear what @dthomasdigital , @zackmars & @Gary_Gough think about this. Its something Elise and I have been thinking about recently.