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  1. New Major Update

    Hey threaders, finally finished up the new upgrade- this is a "major release" and thus some quality of life improvements amongst other things have been added. Let me know if any issues crop up- always a possibility with such a major upgrade.
  2. So from what I gather, carbonized human hair can act as a coagulant? Interesting.
  3. Power company

    Makes sense, population density of the UK is pretty extreme so it stands to reason that our network is so saturated. What do you think about the differences in power output? Gotta say one of the things I love the post is how difficult it is to overload a socket in the UK. I remember in Canada being unable to use a toaster oven and kettle at the same time on the same line which took a while to get used to!
  4. Leatherman Wingman

    Keep an eye on the second hand boards for the UK specific forums. You can swipe a bargain pretty regularly, especially around Christmas as folks often need a smidgen more cash. Remember that (for now) you can buy gear from all EU vendors without issues from shipping in terms of excessive taxation/custom control. Something to think about!
  5. Boker Rangebuster vs. Case sodbuster

    The quality from Boker is usually pretty damn nice relative to pricepoint- I own the https://www.amazon.com/Boker-01BO801-Tech-Tool-Knife-Ground/dp/B0148S18D2/ and its awesome. I did rip off the stupid glassbreaker but beyond that- its slick. There is still something about the classic Case in terms of nostalgic feel but I am not sure if this is because of my own attachment to the brand or if its actually different (my bias is pretty strong, but at least I can notice it!). I look forward to the pics!
  6. Power company

    I never experienced outages until I moved to North America- is there something drastically different with your grid vs the UK one? I don't know a single person who has had a power outage. I asked my Grandmother and in 30 years, she never had one either. What gives?
  7. Mossberg 590A1

    Not being savvy with firearms, I have to ask- so the gun was still fully functional? & what could have caused this, metal fatigue?
  8. Power company

    It sucks, I know. Toronto Hydro (electricity) went out for 1 week in December...in Canada. So many old people suffered in silence because they didn't have anyone to check in on them and it was really disheartening to see the response from the only electricity provider (they own the grid) in our area. http://morethanjustsurviving.com/preparing-for-winter/ Keep us updated mate!
  9. So due to the melting snow, your annual water gain is relatively predictable?
  10. We keep a spare litterbox & litter at a closeby relative as well as good. Definitely good to think about your pet in terms of bugging out- great post @Family Disaster Dogs!
  11. Folks, please remember the rules you agreed to when you signed up, specifically the ones concerning political or religious speech. We all have different opinions and discussing the preps regarding political, financial or social instability is perfectly fine but the moment it strays into an us vs them or good guys vs (arbitrary) bad guys, the post will be moderated.
  12. No where near as a often as I should. We have 120 servings of 30 year (shelf life) food which is our "in the cupboard just in case". The rest of the preps are bulk purchases that we use on a continuous basis- cans etc. so we do cycle through which allows us to keep on top of things. I keep the HAM radio charged always and as for batteries- my 18650's are always getting cycled due to my vaping habit so that helps.
  13. ESEE Serrations?

    I have so many sharpening tools, but that looks like a useful lil' tyke. I imagine for serrations the end result is "good enough". Not sure on the slicing copper- i'll test it out when I review it but I imagine it will fare well.
  14. A few thoughts on the Schrade SCH304

    Aye! On one hand I find the over the top advertising from Cold Steel "a bit much", on the other- the tests are technically valid and do showcase the strength of the knives (and their locks!). So I gotta respect it.