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  1. 4 pairs, 2 sunglasses and 2 regular glasses. 1 pair of sunglasses is in my go bag, the other pair is in a closet along with my spare "regular" glasses. The final pair is usually on my face. ;)
  2. Thomas

    Shelter In Place Kit with pictures!

    Your preps are so far ahead of my own, eek. Been working on my first aid & go bags recently, Elise and I are more or less set with food (6 months to 1 year with heavy rationing)- the biggest risk for us was always financial in nature hence our downsizing from Toronto- we may make a big move (and hopefully final) this year (fingers crossed) that will really help us in that regard but we shall see.
  3. My worry with homesteading is the risk of injury- I feel if I am taking out of commission, what will happen to my family and homestead in general? I think being in a group does mitigate the risk somewhat but then the question of where to find like minded people, sharing responsibilities fairly etc. etc. I think my ideal is having a low maintenance off grid property (thinking orchards and other "self-sustaining" food sources) and a clean natural water source whilst in the meantime working on my own preps, financial independence etc. Maybe I am looking at all of this the wrong way but thats my general feeling on homesteading.
  4. Thomas

    Looking for a Hunting Partner in NC

    Hope you find someone mate.
  5. If I could legally carry a fixed blade knife, I like to think that I would.
  6. Thomas

    Power company

    Just wrote an article about this here, interested to hear what you think of this phenomenon.
  7. Whats the law on properties like this? Can you legally walk around? If a door is closed and easy enough to force (and the building is abandoned) can you give it a hard shove and take a look? Or is it one of those- its illegal but not enforced?
  8. Thomas


    Politics are a bad idea on every forum in my experience. too easy to take things personally.
  9. That is unbelievably cool @zackmars !
  10. I always do find it interesting how people react and/or deal with situations I am unlikely to encounter in my neck of the woods. Thanks for sharing!
  11. Is this kinda thing safe to use indoors/with limited ventilation?
  12. Thomas

    Solar Energy System

    I like your definition's mate.
  13. Thomas

    Make it yourself [DIYs & Modifications]

    +1 literally. Whenever @Gary_Gough responds, I grab a cup of tea and make time so that I don't mentally implode.
  14. Nice pics mate, back in the days I was into Urban Exploration and these sort of abandoned buildings fascinating. I always wonder who owns the deed and if it would ever be viable to buy the land and build something cool (and resilient!). Just look at the views in the second pic!
  15. Smart approach, but how will that help you in an area where gun crime is high? I know here in the UK its super rare (fringe benefit of being an island with very few ways to smuggle in contraband like firearms) but then again I imagine in Washington D.C, the risk of a gun being pulled on you during a mugging would be high, no?