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  1. HOBO stove

    I always mused about making a hobo stove but army surplus (german) esbit stoves are so cheap here, that I never really bothered. How is the performance?
  2. LIGHTWEIGHT EDC/backpack

    Honestly, outside of knives (which to be fair are a hobby) the only things i really splurge on are the boots, comfy backpack and multitool (leatherman rebar is my fav). With the rest, I do look at the price point aggressively and try to cut down. As for keeping things lightweight, I just endeavour to have less stuff.
  3. Kimchi

    Rick...that stuff looks amazing. Been following your progress from the beginning and wow, as someone who lived in korea town for quite a few years- I am unbelievably impressed. I really gotta get off my ass and make some myself.
  4. First Aid

    Do people counterfeit medical supplies?
  5. ViperSharp precision knife sharpener

    As weird as it sounds, I really like how compact it is. I have a gritomatic and its a monster. As well as my Worksharp WS-2000, its a chore to set up and get going.
  6. Music

    To embed, all you have to do is post the youtube url, it will do it automatically. Perturbator is damn good. Great taste mate.
  7. Hello from the Philippines

    Welcome! Sounds like you are well under way to being prepared.
  8. First Aid

    I like using eBay for the stuff that is harder to get- delivery and pricing is accurate & if there is an issue, Paypal will refund you.
  9. First Aid

    That tourniquet has been around at a bunch of retailers in the UK for around £24. Solid piece of kit that looks well designed (haven't ever used it so my judgment is theoretical in nature).
  10. Kimchi

    As Wyzyrd said, the Koreans use a red pepper paste, commonly known as "Gochujang"- reasonably sure any asian supermarket would have it. That said, if your current system works for you, I wouldn't stress about the colour!
  11. Looks damn good Rick! Let me know how it tastes. I have been meaning to give it a shot myself!
  12. Interesting you brought up airports because that was my first thought! I imagine I would get quite the reception if I had this on my carry on.
  13. Harvey pictures

    Elise and I have been avidly watching the situation from here in the UK and its absolutely crazy. Any longterm damage around your neck of the woods @zackmars ?
  14. Hi there!

    As @Gary_Gough said, its a common sense platform- I support freedom and expression but the line gets drawn at personal attacks, politics, religion and spam. I chose to start of the forum as such from the beginning and this attracts a more reasonable crowd (in my opinion) as well as a neutral platform without the toxicity found in a lot of other forums. Because I started this off of the back of MTJS, I have very few expenses/running costs when it comes to running SurvivalThreads as it is essentially subsidized by my other sites. So due to this unique circumstance, I am very strict when it comes to spam- the forum is ad free so its not hypocritical for me to slam the ban hammer when people think they can use this platform as a marketing tool. As for being from the North Pole, Elise is originally from Canada and I spent 6 years there with her. We are now back in the UK! Glad to have you here with us!
  15. Mossberg 590A1

    Gotta say Zack, that looks pretty awesome to me. Its like a marriage of old and new!