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  1. Thomas

    Cooler with no Electricity

    Now that I live in a crazy hot country, I may look into this sort of thing for the garden. Would be nice to have an outdoor cooler!
  2. Haha, great point Gary & in line with my own feelings on the matter. Yes, definitely. I do have to admit a fondness for old school Chinese oils (eucalyptus based) when I am stuffy. If it works without bad side effects, I think its fine but as you said- knowing more is the key- research, looks at side effects etc.
  3. Interesting. Our garden has 5 lemon trees, we are thinking of adding berries and small fruit trees too but my worry here in Portugal is the water- how do you guys deal with it? Complex reservoir systems?
  4. Thomas

    Hi yall

    As @dthomasdigital said, when something does pop up, we do tend to drop by. The issue with forums that are not created as commercial entities, is that there isn't a push for traffic/financial reasons. This is a free platform that doesn't allow politics and is general speaking created as a non-toxic place for people to discuss prepping without pressure, being spammed with ads or "buy a subscription" nonsense. Glad to see you again though, how have you been?
  5. Aye, I might switch to full electric once we go all Solar (300 days of sunshine a year in Portugal!). And yeah, always moving- hopefully this will be the last time. Thanks for sharing your experiences Pappy- i honestly am not sure on my current system- never had a propane system before. i'll take a picture and you can educate me! The tank(s) have their own little shed. Very discreet!
  6. Why does that happen? I have been interested to have chickens for a while now, I sorta assumed hens laid eggs consistently?
  7. Whilst the social divide in SA is definitely an interesting topic in terms of social collapse and potential issues with regards to prepping- please remember the forum rules, specifically the no politics section.
  8. I've heard a lot of people talk about using silver as an antimicrobial agent- wasn't there a trend for a while for people who drank so much of the stuff they turned blue?
  9. That looks pretty awesome, say what you want but those "ancient" structures really stood the test of time.
  10. Elise & I now live in Portugal in a much much better situation. I'll do a proper write up soon but I just wanted to drop in and update y'all. Sadly, I am not off-grid as I have to be connected to work, but I am planning to have solar panels put in at some point next year & will no doubt make a thread for suggestions on what I can do! Out of interest, my home is heated with as water heater connected to external propane tanks- does anyone else have such a system? Any pros and cons?
  11. Thomas

    Buy a Homestead

    It's a conundrum isn't it? its something the girl and i have been struggling with- how far removed can we be from society without it negatively impacting our future.
  12. Why would you have to move if you are already in Bulgaria? Applying for permanent residency should be easy enough no? I presume you entered as an EU citizen in which case, even after brexit you would have the same rights (in Bulgaria) as before.
  13. I can't break the no-politics rules.
  14. Beautifully put @PappyHiker , I 100% agree that with @Elise with me, I can handle almost any change. I imagine once I reach retirement age that I will be in a situation where I am happy where I am (hopefully). Because Elise and I work online, we have a more flexible mindset to location compared to how it would have been in the past. Our current issue is the cultural shift and changes happening in our current enviroment and wanting to be somewhere more like "us". Lots to think about.
  15. Wow, the price went up on bahco's. Eek. At that price, the Silky is worth it I think (relative to the bahco). I think that style of saw is called a Sierra Saw? I believe Canadian Tire sold a "Colemans" branded one for under $10 too. That said, this was 5 years ago so who knows now!