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  1. Not pathetic at all mate, sounds like you are learning and evolving in Bulgaria- I wouldn't fret about Brexit- I am sure "something" will be worked out for EU citizens (which includes us) before they pull the switch. What sort of place do you have in Bulgaria?
  2. Definitely a homesteader type, I don't think the end of the world is likely, I just like being ready for *anything* and knowing that I have more or less independent.
  3. That sounds terrifying, what is your red line for getting the fuck out? D:
  4. This is particularly interesting to me as I find myself more in agreement with Zack's mindset but as a Brit who has never heard a gun shot fired in anger, I completely understand Dan's perspective. In fact, I started writing an article for MTJS about this exact topic earlier this morning to mull over these complex issues on killing and its associated emotional cost.
  5. Heh, I love bosnianbill! Nice share Dan. That Krono's is pretty awesome, might want to get my hands on one, one of these days!
  6. We tried the valley food stuff, and as far as dehydrated goods go- its perfectly palatable.
  7. Aye, I reckon antiseptic/antibacterials have done more than anything else to eliminate disease. I really hate how the prepper community peddles fear for profit. (I know I focus a lot on gear on MTJS but I am very honest about the motivation- I like knives- both as tools and as objects I enjoy owning)
  8. As shocking as it may sound, I have never gotten a tick in my life. Now, mosquito & spider bites? Those I get on a weekly basis.
  9. Pretty much my thoughts on the matter, especially in extreme situations like guerrilla warfare, how do you deal with inflicting death on bystanders on an emotional basis? Tough stuff to think about.
  10. Wish we had a 2A here in old blighty'
  11. Sometimes when I read your posts Gary, its like hearing myself speak. The Ebola nonsense drives me crazy.
  12. True that Gary, I going from 1 to a hundred because of a hunch is a bad idea. With that said, Canada is super friendly and definitely the safest place I have ever lived in. In my experience you can walk pretty much anywhere at any time safe in the knowledge that shit won't go south. Its pretty remarkable.
  13. Be a cynic. Living in the UK in some pretty impoverished areas in my youth, I realised that tribal loyalty only exists for the winners. The moment things go south- the group will cut tail and run. In a street fight, its common to think that predatory groups will fight in unison and an individual won't stand a chance but after watching them from my 3rd floor window facing a pretty sketchy pub- groups tend to crowd around the attacker but when the main protagonist gets his ass kicked- they back away. Self-preservation is the only thing we can count on when it comes to human behaviour. People fear the potential for violence and use the threat of violence to intimidate. If you go on the offensive, they will generally fall apart. Especially with opportunistic thugs.
  14. I just read through the thread and figured I would weigh in with my thoughts, as @Dan Seven said- some good food for thought. If nothing else we can agree that despite our collective differences & approach we at least can be civil and discuss them. With regard to violence and the potential for violence in our society, point by point- 1) Statistics show that we live in a safer society, that said, I don't put much stock in statistics outside of murder due to the onus being on the victim reporting it. I have been attacked in the past and frankly I didn't report it to the cops. Maybe I was wrong but living in the UK- street violence is common, especially on a friday night. Murder is rare however and we should be aware that less murder doesn't mean less violence- just less murder. I like to think we as a society have learnt to get along better but in my experience people are nice and polite when everything is going well. Throw in some chaos and you will see things get crazy pretty quickly (my experience on the matter). 2) On the issue of fighting back & the definitions of the act- my stance will echo @zackmars on this, if my family (or myself) is in danger, I will end the threat. "Others" can quibble about the definition, is it murder etc. but I won't give it a second thought. My stance is based on the concept of personal responsibility. I do not go out and look for trouble but if you break into my home, you made a conscious choice and the consequences will be on your head- not mine. 3) On the religious aspects- please see rules. I know that politics, God etc. can bring up strong sentiments in people but sadly for us as a species we will never know with absolute certainty and this creates a situation where we turn on each other despite all the things we have in common. Toxicity is the bane of all internet forums and I aim to be autocratic on the matter- as @KCM said- we self moderate and do not censor. Having strict rules that apply to everyone regardless of "side" or belief, allows us to not have to censor which makes my life much easier. 4) On living with our choices- storytime: when I was 15 or 16, I worked at a supermarket part time after school. In the UK with (used to) have an epidemic of anti-social goons called chavs that would pick fights amongst other unsavoury activities. One night walking home from work, I ran into a group of these idiotic li' thugs- they tried to pick a fight with me but I walked away because frankly I was tired and wanted to sleep. A week later, the local newspaper reported that an Asian girl had been raped in my neighbourhood, the same week I walked away. I will never know if it was the same gang of idiots but the reality is that if you are passive with predators- they just become more confident. I felt a wave of crushing guilt and I swore on that day I would never turn the other cheek. If I had taken them down a peg (or two) perhaps things would have been different. Maybe it was all unrelated, we will never know (attackers were never found). I firmly 100% believe that apathy is cancerous to society, by doing nothing we tacitly give free run to those who may hold contrarian ideals. Much like democracy, it only works if we partake in it. If we want the world to be a better place, we need to stand up and be counted- because those who want to abuse society most certainly do not have any qualms about doing what they want. And thats the crux of the issue. This is not to say we should go hunting for thugs- but rather when we see something wrong, we act. Even if we risk being put in a questionable situation.
  15. Ah, here in the UK and before when I lived in Canada, I must admit I never really thought about water and access to it. Must be interesting living somewhere (like Cali for example) where water is a limited (on a practical level) resource. Its something I often think about.