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  1. Mountainmum

    Homemade candles

    Thank you so much!!!!! I made my beeswax candles but I'm also following Elise's advice to buy lots of cheap ones. Fab stuff thank you x
  2. Mountainmum

    New Today

    Welcome Kay!:)
  3. Hello! I was wondering if anyone could advise me on a small electric mill that can double to hand mill in case we need to go off the grid. Thank you:))))
  4. Mountainmum

    Homemade candles

    He's a very wise, capable man. He doesn't believe in survivalism or prepper but he's looking for us to become SELF SUFFICIENT. I am happy to divide tasks that way:) however I hope he comes round! Once again thank you for your kind words. Sorry Elise as we are here may I ask you if you'd know of a good medical/first aid basic list? Gary Gough's list is fantastic but too complex for me at this point, and not too enthused about The survival mom's one (though I totally love her)..what do you think?
  5. Mountainmum

    Homemade candles

    I totally see your point..I think I'm beginning to feel a shift in myself towards preparedness over perfectionism - for example I read that canned goods are not the best because the coating of the cans can be toxic if the cans are stored for long periods of time. I told my husband today and he said 'when shtf the last thing you'll be concerned about is the coating of the cans'!!!!!
  6. Er...ro system?!? Can you..buy one?
  7. Mountainmum

    Home First Aid Kits for the Non-Medic

    on the other hand, you're never short of something to slice some nice salami with. Prepping is hungry work!:)
  8. Eeeek Gary that's PROPER preparedness!!!! I have a small cellar plus some outdoor space but not near enough for water cement containers..however we have a disused rainwater system stored in an old 'cisterna'( metal container) and I plan to restore it to order for ongoing survival. It wouldneed filtered of course..but what is this mineral add on you talk about? Thanks for the honey tip!!! I intend to store a lot!!
  9. Thank you so much!! Would you know how long honey last for by any chance?
  10. Hello! If you could chose between storing water in glass or plastic which one would you chose? If you dont trust tap water, can you buy mineral water in plastic bottles and store that? Thank you xxxx
  11. Mountainmum

    Homemade candles

    That sounds good..thanks for the tip, didn't look into soy wax at all! Thanks x
  12. Mountainmum

    TS Erika

    I just read about it!!!! Thinking of them tonight!
  13. Mountainmum

    Hurricane Erika?!?

    American friends, I just read of Erika coming to the Florida coast - just to say please stay safe, thinking of you dearly tonight xxxxx
  14. Mountainmum

    Hello, I am a newbie

    Thank you so much Elise and Wiseguy!!!! Xxxxx
  15. Mountainmum

    Hello, I am a newbie

    hello!!!! Thank you:)))