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  1. All Things Archery

    I just redid my old Hoyt Spectra. I didn't try making any replacement parts. I instead I had to search out what I needed on the net. The bow has been out of production for quite some time now. But its old news now. Going to trade it........ However, my new addiction has been more for traditional archery. Don't plan on going back to compound any time soon..........
  2. All Things Archery

    I quit for a period of time and have only gotten back to it several months ago. And I'm loving it. You should give it another try......... maybe you'll get hooked like me.
  3. All Things Archery

    Yes it is. In fact there's 2 Samicks there.
  4. All Things Archery

    Looked at this many times already. It's cool and all, but thus far I've really developed no desire to buy any. These may be okay for emergency or occasional fun, but there is an uncertainty about the longentivity of these arrows. I shoot allot. Nothing like going thru a minimum of 120 arrows per session. These were originally made for the pocket hunting system, kind of like an emergancy/survival use system. Something you use in the interim, something to get you by. Not neccessarily for long term heavier use. Not that I won't in the future buy the system. I may just do that. Just don't have the interest now. But I do wonder how the system would work on a 4 course 3D shoot with 30 targets per course. Then go thru a block shoot...........
  5. All Things Archery

    We run an archery camp at my local game association. Its really great the youth turn out we've had over the past few years. What is even better yet is that many of the youth that have attended the camp are now participating in our 3D shoots also.
  6. All Things Archery

    And for many of us, setting up a small range in the back yard is effective, easy, and can help you keep your skills honed by getting you out more often.
  7. All Things Archery

    What's even greater about my new found love for archery is that Mare now loves it too. Especially now that she can have it customized to her likes with colored bow strings.
  8. All Things Archery

    I have been doing archery for many years now....... Decided to get a new bow a couple of months ago...... went back to traditional archery. And you know, after this purchase I rediscovered my love for it.
  9. All Things Archery

    Anybody out there participate?
  10. Picture a day thread!

  11. I've been considering the purchase of one of these. Not neccessarily as a neck knife or a carry piece, but one that can be thrown into a day or sling pack, or maybe a lumbar pack.......... This one, unlike other small fixed blades that have been popularized over the past few years, has a handle that appears more comfortable for harder use if the case would be. I'd like to see a hard review of this knife on you tube. Sure there's one out there.
  12. I'm a Sig snob, but will give credit where credit is due. The CZ 75 P-01 is a decent pistol. I know this because a friend of mine purchased one about 2 months ago and I had the pleasure of shooting it. I didn't care much for the trigger, longer pull than I like and the reset is a little long too. But if you train to the trigger there is no issue in that. The trigger is also allot more forward than I like to see. May be an issue for samaller hands. It felt real good in my hand. Because of the aluminum frame she felt a little snappy while shooting, although totally controlable. A good shooter. Accuracy was good, I've seen allot better though. I don't like the position of the decocker......... but I'm spoiled by my Sig decocker location. Don't think I'd want to conceal it though. I consider it an OWB carry. Price.... well it's not bad. The same as another pistol I've been eyeing up..... The FNS-9 compact. The FN is a little less money as of today, as well as 5 ounces lighter. And the FN is double action only, not DA/SA as on the CZ. The trigger is much better than the CZ, less pull, shorter reset. However, I'd never rule out this CZ. Nice pistol, good shooter.

    Really haven't had the chance to really put it thru the mill yet. But the time is coming.


    It's not bad, just not great. But I didn't expect it to be for what I paid. The original price was appx. $25. I'd not have bought it at that price and would have bought the Ontario RAT 1 instead. But I'm thinking occasional carry just to make it last longer. Almost sure a daily beating of this knife will surely end it's cutting career short. Light to moderate ( at best ) use is what this knife is made for. Had the KA BAR Dozier for a while. Gave it away to a coworker who liked it. But the build quality was the same. Thanx on the easel. But my knife collection is rather large. I just split up 186 Case knives I've been collecting for decades between my 3 sons. All of them were collectable pieces, limited editions, but full useable Case quality. That leaves me with around 70 knives. Guess I'm kind of a knife junkie. Have been for many many years.