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  1. PappyHiker

    Picture a day thread!

    Not even June yet and this guy has already about a 6" start!
  2. I don't wear glasses. My eyes are sharp as an eagle for long distances. However, anything within an arms length requires the use of bifocals for me. The closer an object the worse it becomes. So I always have a pair on me. In my house there's at least a pair in every room. I keep a pair in my rucksack, range bag, my vehicles, my work bag, etc. I literally have a ton of bifocals scattered about. I don't consider it overkill, I've lost them before. Don't want to find myself scrambling around looking for glasses.
  3. PappyHiker

    AWS molle day pack

    Great review. Excellent illustrations.
  4. PappyHiker

    Streamlight Twin-Task 1L

    I have a Coast HX5 flashlight I use at work. It's only 130 lumens. Got it 3 years ago for $7.95 at WalMart. It's been thru some rough times and still works as new. Anyway, 130 lumens is adequate for what I do at work. But if it isn't I have a 180 lumen flashlight stashed in my tool bag.
  5. PappyHiker

    Streamlight Twin-Task 1L

    I've been running with this flashlight for around 4 months now. Not as my dedicated EDC light, but as an occasional carry for testing purposes. I picked it up as a special buy at my local hardware store for the price of $24.95. Here are my thoughts: At first I hesitated to purchase this flashlight. It's awkward shape and lack of carry options ( no pocket clip or sheath ) almost turned me away. Now it does have a lanyard attached on the back so that did help my decision to buy it somewhat. This is not an extremely powerful flashlight, 240 lumens max, but I've never believed I had the need for daily carry of any more than this flashlight puts out. There are three lighting modes: Spot @ 240 lumens, spot/flood @ 200 lumens, and flood @ 60 lumens. This lends to the awkward shape of the flashlight, a larger bell shaped head that houses a deep reflector for beam distance at 240 lumens, and a soft wide spread beam for the wider angle spot/flood and flood modes. I really like the 60 lumen flood for night walks as it lights the immediate area around you really well without calling much attention to you as you walk down the street/trail. I like the smooth diffused illumination of the flood beam. However, should I need a stronger beam it's only a click away. The on/off switch is located on the barrel of the flashlight, no tail switch. The entire operation of the flashlight is through this switch. First click is high, the second click if done within 3 seconds is medium, the third click if done within 3 seconds is low, and the fourth click will turn the light off. However, if you are in one of the modes for more than 3 seconds the next click will be off. This is a very easily operated flashlight with a straight forward operation, no double clicks or hold downs are needed. Now Streamlight claims the beam from the 240 lumen mode will illuminate to a distance of 121 meters ( 396 feet or 132 yards ). I really didn't test to see if this is the reality, however in playing around with it it gives a solid bright beam on my backyard fence which is 75 yards from the front of my house. The spot/flood also reaches it with a wider beam. I'm happy with this because for all practical purposes that's more than what I ever really need. The body is aluminum with a knurled grip with the solid construction you expect from Streamlight. It runs off of one CR123 battery. I am happy with this flashlight to the point that I bought two more, one just to have a second, and one as a gift. If you are looking for a good general purpose EDC flashlight you'd not go wrong with this one.
  6. PappyHiker

    Picture a day thread!

    MMMMMMM! Mr. Mike's Pizza.
  7. PappyHiker

    Picture a day thread!

    Can't get enough........
  8. PappyHiker

    Picture a day thread!

    Just love breakfast.
  9. PappyHiker

    DAK canned ham disappointment

    I like Spam.
  10. PappyHiker

    Pastrami, a bit of a rant...

    MMMMMM! Pastrami......... One of my true weaknesses. Gotta have it at least once a week. I like Baby Swiss on mine with a hint of Deli Style Honey Mustard. Pictured with home made chips and homemade ketchup as a chip dip. Boy is that tasty. Of course a Kosher Dill Pickle on the side.
  11. PappyHiker

    Is it overkill, I'd like to think not!

    The 3 B's of survival. Beans, Batteries, and Bullets.
  12. $11.93 each during REI's Cyber Sales week.
  13. PappyHiker

    Truck Camper for a bug out?

    I owned a Coachman Knight truck camper for 13 years ( 1976-1989 ). Loved it allot. It was my escape. All the hunting and fishing trips I went on in it. I miss those days. But as a bug out vehicle..... It certainly would get you out of town without a worry. That is until it's time to fuel up. Gotta hope you can get gas somewhere, somehow, and at what cost or you'll be stuck where you are. Hopefully it's not at too bad a place. But you certainly can live out of it for a while. And I don't care what the manufacturers say, it's made for a maximum of only 2 people. They advertised mine as being able to sleep 4. I don't think I'd have handled it for very long with 4 people in it. They are really not made to live in for long periods of time. Their durability isn't all that great for long term living. Sure, for trips of a couple of weeks up to several times a years doesn't propose much of a problem. But 365 days a year of everyday living??? And for maybe a couple of years. They weren't made for that. Things will wear out and break much faster than a permanant residence would. Not so sure about todays models though which may be better. At least I had a local Coachman dealer that had all the repair items I needed. Some of your bug out provisions should include parts that most likely will wear out while you're living in it because most likely there may not be any dealers to provide parts to you. But to get you out of town and off to a hopefully better place. It would be excellent.
  14. PappyHiker

    A good folding knives

    There are tons of great folders on the market today. Chose your poison.
  15. PappyHiker

    All Things Archery

    That's why I like living where I do. Tons of room to do anything like this I want.............