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  1. A good folding knives

    There are tons of great folders on the market today. Chose your poison.
  2. All Things Archery

    That's why I like living where I do. Tons of room to do anything like this I want.............
  3. All Things Archery

    Ought to start it up again...................
  4. All Things Archery

    I've been seeing the trend around my area where many compound shooters have been 'taking off their training wheels' and picking up long and recurve bows and hitting the range. There are many custom bow makers around here that have been making quite a name for themselves, some of which cannot make bows fast enough to meet the demand. This trend has hit across the board and includes people of all ages, both male and female. One guy across town has set aside his golf clubs and has taken up archery. Now instead of taking in 18 holes, he's hitting 30 targets at 3D shoots. Says that's his new golf.
  5. All Things Archery

    I still like to go bang but it seems there's not alot challenge there anymore, well at least in the things I was doing. But a long bow or recurve brings all types of challenges. The wife and I have been doing alot of traveling, going around to different 3D shoots, and its been very challenging and loads of fun.
  6. All Things Archery

    I just redid my old Hoyt Spectra. I didn't try making any replacement parts. I instead I had to search out what I needed on the net. The bow has been out of production for quite some time now. But its old news now. Going to trade it........ However, my new addiction has been more for traditional archery. Don't plan on going back to compound any time soon..........
  7. All Things Archery

    I quit for a period of time and have only gotten back to it several months ago. And I'm loving it. You should give it another try......... maybe you'll get hooked like me.
  8. All Things Archery

    Yes it is. In fact there's 2 Samicks there.
  9. All Things Archery

    Looked at this many times already. It's cool and all, but thus far I've really developed no desire to buy any. These may be okay for emergency or occasional fun, but there is an uncertainty about the longentivity of these arrows. I shoot allot. Nothing like going thru a minimum of 120 arrows per session. These were originally made for the pocket hunting system, kind of like an emergancy/survival use system. Something you use in the interim, something to get you by. Not neccessarily for long term heavier use. Not that I won't in the future buy the system. I may just do that. Just don't have the interest now. But I do wonder how the system would work on a 4 course 3D shoot with 30 targets per course. Then go thru a block shoot...........
  10. All Things Archery

    We run an archery camp at my local game association. Its really great the youth turn out we've had over the past few years. What is even better yet is that many of the youth that have attended the camp are now participating in our 3D shoots also.
  11. All Things Archery

    And for many of us, setting up a small range in the back yard is effective, easy, and can help you keep your skills honed by getting you out more often.
  12. All Things Archery

    What's even greater about my new found love for archery is that Mare now loves it too. Especially now that she can have it customized to her likes with colored bow strings.
  13. All Things Archery

    I have been doing archery for many years now....... Decided to get a new bow a couple of months ago...... went back to traditional archery. And you know, after this purchase I rediscovered my love for it.
  14. All Things Archery

    Anybody out there participate?
  15. Picture a day thread!