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    Picture a day thread!

    Is it nap time yet?
  2. PappyHiker

    Picture a day thread!

    Finally bought one. No longer the need to borrow. It's 6 years old but works as new. Even got the original owners manual.
  3. I scoped the Blade HQ site. Was hoping to find the Bahco Laplander saw to suggest to you. Unfortunately they don't have it. But that in combination with the Mora Companion ( your choice of carbon or stainless steel ) is an ideal duo of cutting tools that won't break the bank and still give you excellent service. I also looked for Bear and Sons knives. They don't have them either. But they have a real nice carbon steel jack knife that is inexpensive. But between the three you have a solid set up and still be under $100 leaving you with enough money to grab a ferro rod.
  4. PappyHiker

    Winter Travel in your Car

    Vehicle condition........ Check fluid levels, lights, horn.......... tires and tire pressure. Look for anything broken, missing, loose, or leaking. Wipers and wiper blades. Make sure your vehicle is up for the trip. You don't want to get stranded and find yourself in an emergency survival situation because of a breakdown. Plan your trip and the roads you'll be driving on. No shortcuts! Stick with the well traveled main roads and highways, that way if you do became stranded your chance of being rescued is pretty damn good. Know what's along the way. Gas stations, rest stops etc. If the weather does start getting really bad, head for one of those places and shut her down for a while. Don't travel in packs....... Keep a safe following distance from others and leave yourself a space cushion. LEAVE YOURSELF AN OUT! If someone screws up, you'll be able to stop and avoid becoming a part of a 60 car pile up. Be well rested and take your time.
  5. Stow it away....... Cash on hand when bad times hit is always a good thing.
  6. PappyHiker

    Looking for something on You tube

    Bushcraft Bartons, David Canterbury are bushcrafter/survivalist with youtube channels.
  7. PappyHiker

    Black Canyon outfitters canvas backpack

    What's the volume? Curious. Any water repellency? Do you add or does it come with?
  8. PappyHiker

    Hi yall

    I come on eery once in a while, make a post or respond to a post on occasion. Not much happening here. Nobody wants to engage in conversation. So may threads started with little or no acknowledgement. Just the same few people......... But there are so many prepping and survival forums people can go on out there.... Its a topic that is getting beat on pretty heavily. If things aren't happening here they go elsewhere........
  9. What's your set up. and external 420 bulk tank? We have natural gas and love our furnace, water heater, and kitchen stove operating off of gas. But I also have a fireplace and a wood burner too. In reality there's no difference between operating home appliances off of propane or natural gas except that you have the propane bulk tank outside. Propane has the advantage of having the external tank because when others may suffer an interuption in service, you'll still be up and running. But the tank is kind of ugly hanging out in your back yard.............. maybe fence it in if you can. Natural gas is a continuous flowing energy source whereas propane must be checked and replenished which in itself can be a blessing or a curse. The company I work for provides millions of people and businesses propane. Our trucks run 24/7 filling bulk tanks. Actually I could be using propane instead of natural gas if I wanted. Just never bothered.
  10. PappyHiker


    Glock. You either like them or you don't. Very few of us straddle the fence. They are fine pistols for sure. Will never part with my 26 despite using it only a little. Had the 19 for a while. Funny, it is the only firearm I ever traded. Just wasn't my cup of tea. A fine shooter yes.......... but I never enjoyed it. The feel just wasn't right for me. I traded it in for a H&K VP9. Loving it, no regrets.............. Not saying the 19 isn't good though. I'd recommend it to anyone. And who knows? I may try it again someday.
  11. PappyHiker

    SURVIVAL necklace

    My survival necklace. Fully adjustable to fit anyone.
  12. PappyHiker

    Picture a day thread!

    Sun coming up. Looks to be a nice day starting. Got some weed whacking to do and about 8 cords of wood to split. Just feeling a little lazy today. Guess I'll just sit here for a while.
  13. PappyHiker

    Desert Monsoon Season

    SW.PA. Nothing ever nasty here, just regular weather...... Well there is some flooding in spots mainly near the city around the rivers, but nowhere near me. I live in the country where people have more sense than building next to the rivers. There is heavy snowfall and heavy rains at times, spells of single degree temperatures, but only for short periods and only represent a small temporary inconvenience. An seldom tornado may touch down, one or two a year but seldom goes more than a half mile......... No volcanic mountains, and knock on wood no earthquakes. So it's kind of boring around here as far as the weather is concerned. In fact most of the time our weather people call for rain it doesn't come. I can't even remember the last time we had dangerous storms come thru, been years. It's so boring they label anything as dangerous just to get attention. Maybe because I have never witnessed it I'd love to ride out a hurricane. It would be kind of a thrill for me seeing mother nature in such a powerful state. Right now I get excited over a small thinderstorm with 35 mph winds.
  14. PappyHiker

    Hunting 2018

    With hunting season rapidly approaching us, what are you doing to prepare? I got out this morning to check the lands surrounding my hunt shack right in the middle of Deer and Turkey Central. Beautiful. Crops up everywhere insuring a well fed population. Shack in great shape. Swept it and got all the cobwebs out. Ready to go. Can hardly wait. Yes, I know. It's kind of a give me unlike a survival situation where you need to stalk game or wait it out in some unknown place. But hey, at least I'll get the shooting practice, both archery and rifle/shotgun. And stock my freezer/fridge with freah game.
  15. PappyHiker

    Hunting 2018

    Figured that much. 10 years ago Wyoming cost me a fortune. 15 years ago Idaho cost me a fortune too. Haven't looked into other states since.
  16. PappyHiker

    Picture a day thread!

    My firewood stash................. gotta get to splitting.
  17. I know, it's an old post. But I'm posting anyway................. One item? For me it would be a knife, a fixed blade. It may not always be the best thing to have, just one helluvatool to have for a ton of reasons. Makes life easier when it comes to most aspects of survival. A good camp axe would be a close second. Add to that a rugged backpack, a wool blanket, a container for obtaining and storing water, and a length of paracord and you can hang in there longer. A 9'X7' square of canvas with a double sewn hems and 3 grommets on each side will buy you additional time. All items listed are part of my base kit. Definitely a firearm would make the list but not my biggest priority. You need ammo and ammo gets heavy, without ammo a firearm is useless. Also being mechanical, things can go wrong with a firearm, tools close by are essential. Not much you can do with a broken firearm.
  18. PappyHiker

    Hey Trad Shooters

    What are you using? This past weekend I was using my Bodnick 'Slick Stick' and Carbon Express 'Heritage' arrows. Quiet and smooth shooting. Love this bow allot.
  19. PappyHiker

    Hey Trad Shooters

    That's actually kind of plain compared to many other bows I've seen out there. But thanks for the compliment. I got this bow from 'Kustom King'. The arrows I fletched them myself on the Carbon Express Heritage arrow shafts. Those are real turkey feathers in case you wondered. Got the arrow shafts from either 3 Rivers Archery or Lancaster Archery, don't remember there. But they are available from both.
  20. PappyHiker

    Hey Trad Shooters

    Thank you. I think so too. And I just spent the last 4 days with her shooting in 3D, Block, and Turkey shoots. And let me say she is not only beautiful, this bow is also outstanding in performance too. I plan on taking a Whitetail with her this fall. Quiet and fast shooting. She's a fine bow. And if you are in a survival situation where you don't want to have your shots heard, this is definitely a way to go.
  21. I don't know if I would consider nail clippers as an oddball item. Its more like an essential for personal hygiene in ones kit. However I pondered the question a bit while thinking whats in my bag. The only thing I can think of are the 4 clothes pins ( the spring activated ones ) I keep in my bag. I'm sure there are others that may carry them too, so maybe they're not oddball items. But being able to hang wet clothes when away is nice, and since most preppers carry an amount of paracord with them anyway it works even better. And I have used them already. I also have a mascara brush kit. No I don't dress in drag. But I seen the kit on a clearance table in a pharmacy one day and figured it could come in handy for something. Stuck it in my bag and have used a couple of the brushes on several occasions for detailed cleaning of some gear. I also carry a couple of Kotex Maxi Pads in a freezer bag. Again. not sure if you'd consider oddball items, there are others who may also carry a couple. However, they are an essential part of my trauma kit for stopping blood flow in an injury. Quick and easy to get to and apply as well as sterile too.
  22. PappyHiker

    Hunting 2018

    What mountains would an out of stater have to climb to get a license and tag?
  23. PappyHiker

    Hunting 2018

    YES! Elk. Here in Pa. the Elk population is so low that you have to win a lottery to get an Elk tag. Only around 100 people are selected each year. They're trying to manage the herd in a way that it grows each year so that in the future more may be able to hunt in this state. That most likely won't happen in my lifetime here. The only way I get to hunt Elk is to go out of state, way out of state. Even then opportunities are limited. Just wish those who came before us where more thoughtful about conservation and held to higher standards. Right now at least I can pretend to hunt Elk.
  24. PappyHiker

    Hunting 2018

    You don't have a particular place you return to every year???? Do you have any places in mind? Have you scouted them yet?
  25. PappyHiker

    A brief review of the walther PPQ m2 9mm

    Outstanding pistol for sure. I've not pulled the trigger on buying one yet, but have shot one on several occasions. It especially performed well on a few run and gun drills I took part in and I was competing with a couple of guys who'd dumped a couple of grand building their 'race guns'. And you don't have to put much miney into this to make it compete against the best. Impressive for sure.