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  1. ngjakedog

    Fenix lights for edc

    Good info, thanks. So no clip/pocketable recommendations then? Just to have more options. Hard to tell sizes based on some fenix website pics.
  2. ngjakedog

    Fenix lights for edc

    hi, i see u mentioned fenix light on Twitter and i see them in lots of edc pics. Can u shed some insight into their bewilderingly large product line? Looking for edc w clip
  3. No one seems to mention guns in these threads.. Is that bad manners?
  4. In Pa here. Normal edc is kershaw shallot or ancient Spyderco delica (until my Inkosi comes in oct.. So excited.. Anyways) , lg g3, streamlite nano (weak i know), generic torch lighter, cigar cutter, and ancient Leatherman n 4 d cell Mag. Light(both stay in car). Glock 43 n extra mag or kimber Ultra cdpII. 45 when not going to work. Yes we have guns in usa. Lol