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  1. GROUPON has a deal on the Szabohawk! Less than 200 bucks! https://www.groupon.com/deals/gg-cm-spyderco-szabohawk-hand-axe?deal_option=f312831c-b513-476b-aa57-a375506606f8 The Spyderco Szabohawk Hand Axe is a highly evolved hand axe featuring an arcing full-tang, smooth G-10 scales, and a chisel-ground D2 tool steel blade that's coated in a durable titanium carbonitride. Includes a molded Boltaron sheath for easy carry, easy wear.
  2. CRKT Eros Large by Ken Onion Specs CRKT K456XXP Blade: Satin finish AUS8 stainless steel Blade type: Modified spear-point Handle: 420J2 IKBS pivot system and flipper Right-handed, tip-down carry Open Overall Length: 6.94 in (17.6 cm) Blade length: 2.84 in (7.2 cm) Closed length: 4 in (10.2 cm) Weight: 2.8 oz (79 g) https://www.massdrop.com/buy/crkt-eros-large-by-ken-onion
  3. https://www.massdrop.com/buy/schrade-small-liner-lock-knife-black Just bought this knife. $10.99, WITH shipping. Cute knife. Good price, and you have 7 days before it closes up.
  4. spyderco Para Military 2 99 bucks on Massdrop! They only have 99 available, so jump on it! https://www.massdrop.com/buy/spyderco-para-military-2
  5. http://www.hoffners.com/ is having a VETERANS DAY SALE. You can get the BEAST The BEAST is sold out, but they have other stuff. 20 percent off!
  6. https://www.massdrop.com/buy/al-mar-eagle-heavy-duty-zdp189 Anybody ever wanted a Al Mar Eagle HEAVY DUTY? so nice, and WITH a steel liner! Wot's not to like?
  7. This guy makes limited runs of all his products. He just let loose this latest tool, the Duo Deuce, for 90 bucks and FREE shipping! From the site: This pocket tool / keychain is made of 1/4" titanium or stainless steel and has been waterjet cut , stone tumbled and wire wheeled. It serves as a a bottle opener at the opening of the loop, it can be hooked on a belt loop or anywhere else convenient. This piece also comes with a double end bit to be used as a screwdriver in the 1/4" hex hole. The bottom of the Deuce has a small prybar for any uses you may find. I hope you find this tool handy and even find more uses for it ! http://www.kochtools.us/product/the-duo-deuce
  8. Tomahawks, anyone? I LOVE em! I was keeping track of the SzaboHawk that Spyderco was going to release, but when I saw that the retail price was $350, I almost broke down and cried! However, as these things usually go, they are a little cheaper on websites! Bladeops.com is selling the Szabohaw for 210 bucks, plus shipping, of course. Amazon is selling it for $205, with FREE shipping.
  9. BladeOps.com has a Deal of the Day today; the Spyderco Ambitious Folding Knife! If the Tenacious is too big of a blade for you, the Ambitious will fit the bill. Usually running for 60 bucks, you can get it today at $40!
  10. The price on Amazon for the Cold Steel Code Four knife las lowered to below 50 bucks! This bad boy usually goes for a LOT more on the official cold steel website. Of course, there are some caveats; this is the older model, which is NOT made with the fancy-dancy new steel that the new models have. Secondly, this price is ONLY for the spear point. BUT.. Hey! 50 bucks? You can't beat that!
  11. Last one today. I PROMISE! Amazon has the Cold Steel Chaos Tanto Knife on sale for $50! Cheaper than buying it from the Cold Steel Website!
  12. JoeyCarrillo

    A guy doing what he can

    Sweet. if texas wasn't so big, i'd say I'll see you around.
  13. Woot.com has a couple of good deals on knives that are still available until tomorrow. The first one is the Ken Onion Ripple two models to be exact. There are two colors, and two different blade styles. Check em out to see what you like. The second deal is on a CRKT Liong Mah Design. It doesn't look bad for a 15 dollar knife. Enjoy.
  14. JoeyCarrillo

    A guy doing what he can

    Alamo City! Whereabouts are you from?
  15. Good beginning of the week! My name is Joey, and I call Texas my home. (No, i don't ride a horse, don't have a 10 gallon hat, nor do I carry a pair of six shooters. Too low capacity) I was invited to come here to post some deals and things that I find about the internet. I will see what I can see, and do my best to share as much info I can find.