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  1. Mike Ash

    Favourite knife handle materials?

    I love wood and leather. Gives me a weird ancient warrior vibe. Like the blade imbibes me an innate raw power. Nerdy I know, but it does bring on those feels and always have. But to be honest just about every kind of knife brings on those feelings for me. So primal. Every piece seems to have an internal power of its own just waiting to be unleashed. I really love a knife. Ok, done being a weirdo.
  2. Mike Ash

    What's Your Favorite Fire Starter?

    Obviously i'm going with wax impregnated jute twine. Waterproof and long burn time. Many uses.
  3. Mike Ash


    Not to be a fear monger, but I wanted to start a thread about Zika. I'm not going to get into much at this point; just wanted a central place for links, news updates, and thoughts. This virus has just arrived on the scene and has already hit epidemic status in some countries. Labs around the world are scrambling to learn and cure it. Select countries have already advised their citizens to abstain from having babies for the next couple of years while a cure is found. Never have i heard governments suggest such drastic measures. The mosquitoe transmitted virus has devastating effects on development of unborn babies. Scary shit. US has 20 something cases already but it is not communicable and they all received it from outside the US due to traveling. But mosquitoes enter the US from all points south via produce and goods. This could be a means of contaminating US mosquitoe population. Or could mosquitoes contract illness from Zika infected people? Just thought with no scientific proof. I'm afraid(correct me if I'm wrong ) these women can or should no longer have children until there is a cure or their newborns will be mentally and physically affected. Does this mean that infected men could also pass this virus/disease at conception? Is a man's sperm affected? Again this post is not to instill fear but to start a dialog and information flow to protect us all. I'm not real scared, just can envision the negative what ifs. What are your thoughts.
  4. I was contacted by the BBC about a new show with the working title "stranded with signal. " Where participants are survival novices surviving stranded with their cell phones but apparently can't call for help. So to make it they have to watch YouTube videos for info on how to survive in the wilderness. Filmed in Norway. They asked for permission to maybe use one of my vids. I had to email back their permission form. Which I did. I'm pretty happy about the prospect of helping them out. Can't wait to see the show and maybe my video.
  5. Mike Ash

    Quick Survey?

    If I was rich I would have a supply for sure. But i would have a lot of cool shit if money was no issue. As is I mostly buy what we eat in bulk. I always find a way to sneek a little something into the cart every time we go. It all adds up over time and I get an odd sense of accomplishment.
  6. Mike Ash

    The X Files

    I'm hoping the miniseries is a teaser for an ongoing series and not an end all. Time will tell. Maybe with enough ratings they will give it a shot. Netflix has the whole original series from the 90's. Just have to get used to watching people using phones with cords and computer monitors the size of a safe.
  7. Mike Ash

    Quick Survey?

    Great idea Kiwi. Why chance it. I'm on it. I rotate all but the drygoods. Home canned items upstairs. Mostly pickled stuff. No I haven't got into the long term storage stuff. I usually wait for specific canned goods to go on sale, buy in bulk, and rotate.
  8. Mike Ash

    The X Files

    Are you saying that it is just a miniseries and not a new regular series?
  9. Mike Ash

    Fire starter challenge with the family.

    If you get any resistance about doing the contest maybe you could try positive reinforcement. Most competitions don't have negative prizes/consequences except maybe drinking games. Most of the time a prize for the winner and sheer competitive nature in itself is enough to get most people to try their hardest. Maybe give the winner a small knife or their own firesteel. That would happily bring most people back. Adding negative consequences just adds undue stress and usually hurts performance and that doesnt always lend to a positive, fun experience for all. Just a thought. I do love your idea of a survival skill competition.
  10. Mike Ash


    Welcome. Looking forward to some knife pics!
  11. Mike Ash

    The X Files

    It's so iconic, I think they had too. I remember wanting to scream at Skully to stop being a damned skeptic and just look at the evidence. How much weird shit does one need to witness to finally believe there's something out there. i was really into the show back in the day. Can you tell.
  12. I agree that it is less about a particular climate and more about what you're familiar with. That is where your skillset lies. You know your plants and game and weather patterns. For me where I'm at, winters would be tough, but on the bright side the game trails would look like highways. So maybe we are personalizing the question to suit our skillsets too much. Maybe what is asked is about climate in general and not about our knowledge of our areas or our person preferences based on that knowledge.
  13. Mike Ash

    Quick Survey?

    We'll put. There are some core ideas but no real steadfast rules. Love it. People should remember this caveat when peddling one-fits-all BOB's.
  14. Mike Ash

    geomagnetic reversal

    With a weakened magnetic field to protect us from the sun it is possible that a major coronal mass ejection could feasibly strip away our atmosphere and end all life on earth. Just saying. Mar originally had a full atmosphere but it was stripped away. Scientists aren't sure how. But maybe mars was going though a similar reversal and during this short window was hit by a CME and near defenseless, lost its atmosphere. Just my theory anyway.
  15. Mike Ash

    The X Files

    I plan to watch it tonight. I was a big fan of the original.