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  1. the last season of The Last Ship premieres tonite at 8PM (CST) on the TNT channel - re-run follows immediately ....
  2. Illini Warrior

    History Channels new show "Alone"

    that's one of the more legit contestants that made the call - they are limited by what they can bring as tools - doubt that anyone wastes a tool choice on a small knife or multi-tool - even if she got the hook out the whole infection question comes into play - the health & welfare gurus have the final say about stuff like that ... http://prepperhandbook.blogspot.com/2018/06/alone-season-5-pack-list.html checked the list - 4 of the contestants choose a multi-tool ....
  3. Illini Warrior

    History Channels new show "Alone"

    I wish the show's producers would toss the Survivor show contestant format and actually choose people that have a chance of actually winning >>>> seems like they have a selection process that they know will eliminate contestants down to a few rock solid types ....
  4. Illini Warrior

    Emergency Personal First Aid Kit

    where are you seeing pharm grade available? - I only see "non sterile" available and it wouldn't get close to any injection I'd use or even topical spread .... https://www.travmed.com/collections/top-sellers/products/suture-syringe-medic
  5. Farmlands - 2018 documentary on the South African white farmer murders .. 1 1/2 hour long - coverage is everything the South African gooberment doesn't want the world to know & see ...
  6. Selco blogs on the subject that's often talked about on the prepper sites - Some relative says "I'm coming to your house" >>>> and then they actually show up .... https://www.theorganicprepper.com/ if you read it carefully - Selco tells it like it is - and probably will hear about it ....
  7. two things - can and will be considered a "burglary tool" if the coppers are looking for reasons .... secondly - don't have anything in the vehicle for a weapon that shouldn't be there for an everyday event in your life >>>> if there's questions about why a confrontation occurred - having a weapon weapon at arms reach can be considered premeditated .... in regard to a pry bar - I keep a modified 18" Stanley flat bar with my GHB - will be carrying that in hand until the situation dictates for more lethal influence ... overall handy for multi purposes and shouldn't really bring "anxiety"to anyone seeing it being carried ... what they always recommend - if you have a baseball bat in the car - make sure there's a mitt & ball to go with it ....
  8. Illini Warrior

    Shelter In Place Kit with pictures!

    up north in the frozen climes we have the additional effect of colder cold temps on the poly sheeting - the cheaper stuff manufactured for drop clothes and temp jobs basically "shatters" into small pieces >>>> for long term window/home openings check that temp rating for the poly you are using - they have good stuff rated down to -20 to -30 degreesF below 0 degreesF ....
  9. Illini Warrior

    Shelter In Place Kit with pictures!

    good deal guy on that 6 mil - more importantly is that it's actual window covering sheeting that is UV resistant >>>> always a good chance that we'll have busted windows in alot of the various SHTFs - could go long term with no glass manufacture and/or delivery - what goes up up could be up there for awhile .... not a bad idea to have a roll or two of the better reinforced window replacement sheetings - comes with a lattice of impregnated webbing >>>>> http://www.warpbros.com/category.asp?section=windows
  10. Illini Warrior

    New List of Long Term Storage Items

    the same business advice today - know your clientele - will still prevail in a SHTF barter/trade dealings >>>> as a well prepared prepper - what exactly would you be trading FOR & IN EXCHANGE with the sheeple? - they'll be looking for everything & virtually anything - trouble is again what's there for you? no trouble laying in extra low key items that'll always be useful - but what you'll need to get premium items & services a prepper might need to acquire will be "like in kind" premium goods >>> stockpiled items you might have for your own purposes - but enough for trading and still handle your needs? .... instead of a $100 worth of $1 items - 4 or 5 bottles of mid range $$ booze might be a wiser choice ....
  11. #29 >>> shut the hell up period - not only to the coppers but on the scene to bystanders - and even more importantly POST SHOOTING - no freaking newspaper interviews or dumbazz Twittering or Facebook postings .... if you followed the Zimmerman Case down in Florida - watch your call into 911 - no matter what the 911 operator tells you - cut the 911 recording call immediately >>>> don't be giving the hanging DA any ammo he doesn't need or deserve ....
  12. most of the preps for a nuke/rad SHTF have double duty usages >>>> many going toward a pandemic situation ... unless you're a confirmed 72 Hour FEMA prepper - might as well read up on prepping for a possible radiation/fallout protection event and bite the bullet ... if your literature cache is shy on the subject the prepper world has a guru that has compiled it ALL >>>> https://www.survivalring.org/
  13. Illini Warrior

    BOB -oddball items

    binder clips - you know the spring loaded deally for holding a wad of paper together - clip a few to the edge of your pack - keep a couple clipped to the inside pocket of your coat >>>> besides closing a folded over bag securely - with a piece of plastic you have a quiky improvised shelter ....
  14. here's an article that's probably one of the better that I've seen in a year or two - 100% on target - and it just happens to preach my mantra .... your preps are just a stop gap - a hedge - until your self sufficiency plan can kick in and then help fill gaps on those lean months .... when a SHTF hits - no matter how minor or serious - don't take it at face value - it can and most likely will get worse by other SHTFs adjoining and compounding together ... an initial 1 month predicted longevity suddenly is more like 6 months or longer ... https://www.theorganicprepper.com/when- ... nt-enough/
  15. Illini Warrior

    Fire Extinguishers - Do you have one in your home?

    best way for a permanent roof soaking sprinkler system would be run the piping in the attic - drainable thru a ground based stand pipe that would also be the water supply from a pressure booster pump ... only the sprinkler heads would be visible from the outside .... world best would be have water barrels catching the guttered water and have a looped re-cycling of the pumped water - just in case the municipal supplied water is unavailable .... roof soaking system not only good for natural disasters such as a forest fire - but also intentional arson from domestic disturbances/riots ....