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  1. Fire Extinguishers - Do you have one in your home?

    https://www.neilgunton.com/doc/?o=1mr&doc_id=19364 off the wall in some places - but plenty of good advice and suggested links for setting up your own firefighting home system ....
  2. This guy says stay away from Master Lock

    https://unitedlocksmith.net/blog/10-best-padlocks-of-all-time some are totally BS considering the $$$$$ - but the cheaper ones are doable for uber valuable lockups - also gives you an idea of what lock features to be zeroing in on ....
  3. Is it overkill, I'd like to think not!

    super cheap that makes your battery stockpile more versatile are battery adapters - https://www.amazon.com/WAYLLSHINE-Battery-Converter-Batteries-included/dp/B01508425K/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1515373653&sr=8-2&keywords=battery+adapters
  4. Diabetes Preparedness

    in regard to diabetes - good resource is a ''sticky'' on the topic that goes back 8 years now and hundreds of postings - great info on all kinds of aspects of the disease .... http://www.survivalistboards.com/showthread.php?t=33479
  5. What do you store for barter?

    Whenever I encounter these "barter" postings I have to ask "What do you intend to barter for????" .... if you're a properly prepared prepper - which you should be before delving off into barter prepping - what do you expect of SHTF value in exchange for low grade barter items???? .... if these sheeple need to barter for very basic basics they most likely only have pre-SHTF useless "old world" property .... Do you intend to go "pawn shop"? ... barter for high price luxury goods? .... jewelry, antiques, precious metals, vehicles, ect ect - take a gambler's plunge that it return to value ... you think your barter goods are up to that barter level??? .... a top shelf scotch drinker won't be bartering that Rolex for backyard hootch .... are you prepped to evaluate high priced goods? Nothing wrong with having something to barter - even the best prepared prepper will eventually will need services or goods outside their normal coverage - but again it's barter value will need to be high enough to cover the situation .... think more along the lines of adding to your critical prepper goods - something to spare for bartering - rather than a whole special inventory of lower grade barter items ....
  6. In regard to the canned mackerel - can't handle the taste either - but it's super cheap fish source for the large can .... it makes excellent bait for trapping the 4 footed varmites ..... not into roadkill but a SHTF trapped raccoon would be a feast ....
  7. Nonfat Powdered Milk.

    stock some vanilla extract - helps the taste out with almost any of the various brands of powdered milk ....
  8. Diabetes and Surviving

    if you haven't read thru this "sticky" on the SurvivalBoards it's worth the time & effort .... good compilation of info and replies on the diabetes subject during a SHTF ..... http://www.survivalistboards.com/showthread.php?t=33479