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  1. Elise

    New but not new

    Welcome! Glad to have you! Looking forward to your posts
  2. Wow it looks amazing, you did such a great job! Makes me really wish we had a garden right about now
  3. Elise

    Gardening Anyone?

    I think the Homesteading & Self Sufficiency sub-forum is a good place - https://survivalthreads.com/forum/28-homesteading-self-sufficiency/ Will move this there.
  4. Elise

    Gardening Anyone?

    Yes 'course Gardening is a huge part of homesteading imo, which is a huge part of prepping. Way too many "general" things relevant to survival - don't want to cross any of the list of conversation. They all belong, way I see it.
  5. Ok now I'm watching reruns.. *sigh nostalgia
  6. Me too. I used to watch Red Green as a kid and my mom would walk in and be like, "You like this show? It's so stupid!" Not stupid. Hilarious. And awesome I've never known a single person "in person" who's seen/watched Red Green, though. Definitely under-appreciated ! So glad to have enough Canuks on here to have seen it be mentioned I don't think anyone outside of Canada's got a chance at knowing what it is.
  7. Elise

    Sign Up Issues With Survival Threads

    Welcome! Glad you're in
  8. Welcome from Twitter! Hope you find what you're looking for here
  9. For the past little while, if you tried to sign up to the forum, you'd often get a message that If you're getting a message that read, "You are not permitted to register a user account with this site" citing "Error Code: 2S129/1." We believe we have fixed this issue and you will be able to create a new account with your regular email address now, but if you have any issues, please contact us directly using the contact page here.
  10. Elise


    Didn't think this because I thought the general attitude would be more like it is in Canada. Maybe because we can't conceal carry - no one cares about men wearing bags, no matter the size, really. You won't get looks at all, especially if you're wearing a leather satchel or something masculine yet completely non-tactical. And yes, camo draws attention, and you should always try to keep attention away from you. But yup, I figured you'd be able to get away with one "tactical" looking thing with jeans and a plain tshirt. I guess not though. So interesting cause I really wouldn't have thought this was the case. Obviously now that you pointed it out and explained, makes sense why you do things the way you do. Yeah it's an awesome thing to have around. And do let us know if you switch things up! Lol! About pockets.. wish more women's clothes had them.. or well, had usable ones. Though that's another story that I think has already been talked to death. It's cargo pants or gtfo for us. I can't even fit my phone in my jean pockets...
  11. Elise

    Large and small Case Sodbusters

    Always thought that was a cool kind of collection to have. Pictures of that too please . If there isn't we need to coin one.
  12. Elise

    December 2016 pocket dump

    Time for you to start writing a book of proverbs . First entry.
  13. Elise


    Welcome! Nice to have you
  14. Elise


    Hey Nate! Welcome & I hope you find someone to network with in your neck of the woods on here!