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  1. I can't help but feel that I was a prepper long before I even knew what the world of "prepping" was about. As a kid in elementary school, I was often the one who would run to my backpack to quickly grab a Bandaid whenever I noticed someone had gotten a cut. I'd keep extra pens, pencils, erasers, and other stationery, tissue paper, money, etc. just in case I or anyone else around me needed anything during the day. I would always be sure I had more than enough of whatever I might need on me - extra for others, and never forgot to "restock" at home if my supply was getting low. I do feel as though this attitude made my segue into being a "true" prepper easier. Without such a "try to be ready for anything that'll happen during the day" attitude, there's a chance I may have missed seeing the good that prepping can do for a person - whether that's through a personal hard time, a natural disaster, or even a full-fledged economic crisis or other such emergency. When I fist got involved in prepping, my new plans were a seamless addition to my "well I'm just trying to get even more prepared for the day" attitude. I already had a food stockpile going, I already did my best to carry everything on me I might need, transitioning over to being a prepper just meant that I learned about more things I could do and have to be more prepared. It really wasn't a huge moment for me, or any particular event that swung me one way or another - just happened naturally I guess you could say. What about you guys? What were your first days as a "true" prepper like? What made you get into it in the first place? Was it an event, or did you, like me, "transition" into being a prepper from just wanting to be well-prepared for the day?
  2. I'm wondering - if a person who just recently became interested in wilderness survival and bushcraft asked you what you believed the first 5 skills they should start off learning were - what would you suggest? It's a tough call I feel because the 5 skills have to be ones that would be quick and easy to learn - simple enough to master relatively quickly so they wouldn't get discouraged and give up off the bat. That being said, the skills also have to be useful enough that they will come in extremely handy if they end up being some of the only survival skills they know. What would you guys suggest?
  3. Just wanted to get a tally going of everyone's favourite pocket knives. Now I know that tastes change over time, and sometimes your favourite knife for the week is not the knife you'd consider to be your all time favourite, so I'd like you to list: Your favourite pocket knife this weekFavourite for the monthFavourite pocket knife of the year, andYour all time favourite pocket knife (if you had to choose just one!)As always, pictures of your shinies heavily encouraged. Can't wait to see which knives get listed!
  4. It's been brought to my attention that some of you are excellent photographers who - plainly put - like me, love to photograph knives. Realistically, the way I see it, what photographer wouldn't love photographing knives? They're damn photogenic! And what knife doesn't make the perfect subject Either way - this thread is my way of encouraging you who have taken some gorgeous shots of knives to share those images with us. Share your knife porn! The world can never have too much! Please note: this thread is for knife pictures you've taken yourself. Visit this thread to share knife porn that you didn't take!
  5. Since we've been getting a good number of new members trickling in each day now, I thought it might be interesting to start up a thread to see how you all found out about us! Did you originally find Survival Threads through a Google search, through social media? If via social media, was it through Twitter, Google+, etc.? Did you find out about us through word of mouth? Which member referred you? Did you learn about us via Tapatalk? And to those of you who found out about Survival Threads from More Than Just Surviving - how did you originally find out about MTJS?
  6. I'm sure I'm not the only one who's tired of finding out about great product discounts long after sales have passed. I'm thinking in particular about some of the awesome deals from Massdrop especially, but I've missed a good chunk from Blade HQ, GP Knives, and other retailers as well. So if you spot a good deal - do us all a favour and post it here so we can take advantage of the sale before it gets taken down. I've recruited JoeyCarrillo from Google plus to help us out with this, since he's been kind enough to share a bunch of sales on our G+ Knife Community already!
  7. So it looks to me we've got a number of Threaders with their own YouTube channels, blogs, and other websites running - in my opinion, these pages need some shameless plugs & self-promotion . Please share your links with us here, as well as a little (or big!) blurb about the kinds of topics you talk about on your blog, site, and/or YouTube channel. In case you weren't aware, you can syndicate your YouTube channel, blog, or website's full or partial RSS feed so that whenever you update your page, Threaders will be notified of the update in our Blogs section. This should hopefully get you some extra eyeballs to your content, especially if you're just starting out. Not sure how to do this? Visit here for instructions. And I know it doesn't really need to be said, but if you've got a second, please try browsing through this thread and taking a look at some of these fine folks' pages! Maybe leave a comment saying where you found out about their page even . Alright, 'nuff said, now get posting !
  8. What would it be? I guess that makes this a two pronged question: What do you think is the best skill to have? What is the hardest skill to acquire (thus making it the best to attain overnight)? If you've got two answers (one for each question) let me know, then let me know which probably outweighs the other..
  9. So we've been getting a number of people who have online stores joining us on Survival Threads, and while we're not huge on the overt advertising front, I do want people to feel comfortable advertising so long as it's done in the right place! And thus we begin the thread of shameless plugs to your online stores! Please let us know a bit about the stores you run, the kinds of products and/or services you provide, if you sell products - whether the items you sell are handmade or whether you are a reseller, etc. Any and all info you think would be helpful for us to know! Aaannndd.. go!
  10. I'd like to know just how much land (minimum) you think would be appropriate for the ideal bug out location. Please try to list the value in both acres and square meters (for reference, you can use the converter found here). Also, please note that since this is the questions section you can vote for what you think are good (or bad!) answers by clicking the arrow up (or down!) on the left side of the individual responses. That will make the most popular/most highly rated answer rise to the top - just under the question itself. So back to the question - how much land do you think you'd need minimum to have the ideal bug out location?
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    Welcome! Glad to have you! Looking forward to your posts
  12. Wow it looks amazing, you did such a great job! Makes me really wish we had a garden right about now
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    Gardening Anyone?

    I think the Homesteading & Self Sufficiency sub-forum is a good place - https://survivalthreads.com/forum/28-homesteading-self-sufficiency/ Will move this there.
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    Gardening Anyone?

    Yes 'course Gardening is a huge part of homesteading imo, which is a huge part of prepping. Way too many "general" things relevant to survival - don't want to cross any of the list of conversation. They all belong, way I see it.
  15. Ok now I'm watching reruns.. *sigh nostalgia
  16. Me too. I used to watch Red Green as a kid and my mom would walk in and be like, "You like this show? It's so stupid!" Not stupid. Hilarious. And awesome I've never known a single person "in person" who's seen/watched Red Green, though. Definitely under-appreciated ! So glad to have enough Canuks on here to have seen it be mentioned I don't think anyone outside of Canada's got a chance at knowing what it is.
  17. For the past little while, if you tried to sign up to the forum, you'd often get a message that If you're getting a message that read, "You are not permitted to register a user account with this site" citing "Error Code: 2S129/1." We believe we have fixed this issue and you will be able to create a new account with your regular email address now, but if you have any issues, please contact us directly using the contact page here.
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    Welcome! Glad you're in
  19. Welcome from Twitter! Hope you find what you're looking for here
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    Didn't think this because I thought the general attitude would be more like it is in Canada. Maybe because we can't conceal carry - no one cares about men wearing bags, no matter the size, really. You won't get looks at all, especially if you're wearing a leather satchel or something masculine yet completely non-tactical. And yes, camo draws attention, and you should always try to keep attention away from you. But yup, I figured you'd be able to get away with one "tactical" looking thing with jeans and a plain tshirt. I guess not though. So interesting cause I really wouldn't have thought this was the case. Obviously now that you pointed it out and explained, makes sense why you do things the way you do. Yeah it's an awesome thing to have around. And do let us know if you switch things up! Lol! About pockets.. wish more women's clothes had them.. or well, had usable ones. Though that's another story that I think has already been talked to death. It's cargo pants or gtfo for us. I can't even fit my phone in my jean pockets...
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    Large and small Case Sodbusters

    Always thought that was a cool kind of collection to have. Pictures of that too please . If there isn't we need to coin one.
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    December 2016 pocket dump

    Time for you to start writing a book of proverbs . First entry.
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    Welcome! Nice to have you
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    Hey Nate! Welcome & I hope you find someone to network with in your neck of the woods on here!