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    I have my hands tied behind my back every saterday evening. But that's a different story Wouldn't that ring be too bulky to have anything useful hidden in it?
  2. Only 20 meters of 550 Type 3 which is enough for me as I am of the bugging-in "type".
  3. Make sure you have a High Definition (HD) camera, they are the only usable ones to be able to recognize faces. Also check how well they perform in darker environments.
  4. No comment, just read it yourself
  5. I have taped a copy of my paycheck to the window next to my front door. From there potential burglars can read I don't have money to spare on any expensive items
  6. I work for a very large IT company and all I see is moving the jobs from the western countries to the low-wages countries like India and China. And even India is being considered as getting expensive so the go to even lower wages countries like Vietnam. And they don't care about quality, it is all about short-term cost cuts as higher management is getting quartely bonuses when they achieve that cost-cut goal. They don't think about the next quarter, it is ll here and now. Long-term vison is out of fashion I guess. And what will that do for the future as mass unemployement will go into social unrest.
  7. Flip

    Power Outage

    I got myself an eletronic load from ebay which measures the amount of energy in Ah and Wh it takes from a battery before it goes flat. You can set the load current and the switch-off voltage so you don't discharge the battery too deep. First results are mixed with 8 12v/7Ah batteries I got which were from an UPS. While half of them go up to 5,5 Ah others quit at only 2,5 Ah. All in all a very usefull "toy" to check the health of batteries. What I am going to do is put the bad batteries through some charge/discharge cycles to see if they improve. I think everyone with a battery backup should regulary check the state of their batteries because you don't want them to run flat way before you expect it in an emergency.
  8. Flip

    survival related humour

    Nothing wrong with that but make sure you clean the knife inbetween "jobs" to rule out contamination with bacteria
  9. Right, they even don't prepare for a power outage of a couple of hours or watersupply stopping for a day. I am not a hardcore prepper with months of supplies but I can manage at least a couple of days or a week without problems. Food, water and power (electric and gas) are all taken care of. And really everybody should do that. And having those small amount of supplies and tools just make you more confident and at ease.
  10. Here nobody knows. First reason is that they already think I am strange enough, secondly I like it to be a secret because when everybody knows and SHTF they would all run to me and I would have to disappoint them.
  11. Flip

    Gold - What's it worth to you?

    The value of gold or for anything else is how much of it is around and how much it is needed in the place you are. That is why water is expensive in the desert but almost for free for people living next to a river. For myself I think gold is relatively well spread among people, at least every woman sure must have some laying around One reason is you stock on it now because you think it is better than saving money in the bank or under your bed. Interest rates on savings are almost none, taxes on capital are high and you hope that in the end when you sell the gold because you need money the price has risen so you make a profit. This is how many people think now without being a prepper, it is just for the expected profit in the future. Then you come to its use when SHTF. For day-to-day living it is useless so that won't be a reason for people wanting it. But they might want it if they think it can be profitable again in the future, for example when society has restored itself and there is some kind of "normal" economy and trading back in place. This scenario can be in a (local) natural disaster when it is expected that after a relatively short time of weeks or a month society will be restored. In that case people already know gold will still have its value after that so they will barter you for it when they think they get a good deal. On the other hand why not stock on all goods you need for that expected short time yourself so you don't need to barter? It would be cheaper and easier. Last scenario is a long-term SHTF. And what happens then can be anybody's guess.
  12. That is a nice one, hiding in plain sight. I have some old paint cans which are nearly empty. Good idea to not throw them away but hide some cash and othersmall valuables in it. Also a trick I use is when going in a not-so-secure area at night is to have some small cash in an old wallet and hide the "real" money directly on my body. So if I get robbed I just give them the wallet and they will not look any further and go away. Saves me my money and also not getting my ass kicked if I refused to give them something.
  13. Security of your home depends greatly on how your neighbours have secured their homes. Burglars will take the easiest way when they can choose which home to "visit". So if your home is slightly more protected they will turn to other homes instead or they must be after something specific only you have. So my home has more visible security measures than my neighbours have without turning it into a fortress, also I don't show any expensive gear which can be seen from the outside. Just blend in with the rest and make your house just a little bit less inviting then those around you.
  14. Another disaster on the island of Java Indonesia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sidoarjo_mud_flow I have been there and seen it and it is unbelievable. For years now mud is flowing unstopable from underground and keeps filling up large areas of ground and many villages are gone. Imagine an area many meters high and you can't see the edges even on a clear day so big.
  15. I am just watching season 5 now when I read this. Makes me watch the show differently from now on ... And I have been in a war zone too over the last 24 years, also not in uniform. But I am told by other people that is just a normal marriage