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  1. Love that wonderful stuff! I have missed talking to you guys. Work has just been killer the past few months. If I could figure something like that as a reliable feed mechanism for my offset smoker I would be set.
  2. William

    All I want for Christmas.....

    Offset smoker..... for food preservation of course!
  3. William


    It has been low to mid 60s in Eastern Nebraska the past week, but the forecast has us back in the 70s for next week. If I was not stuck working this weekend I would probably start some winter prep work like firing up the snow blower and cleaning the furnace.
  4. William

    The Future of Shaving?

    Shave????? PPSH!!! Okay, I do shave my head. I am having issues with the power source for it being an AAA battery. Could one shave their head with just 1?
  5. William

    What's your perfect weather?

    I will move to The Imperial Valley the next time I want to spend my nights counting the explosions from meth labs as I drift off to sleep. It will make me the only person in the area who does sleep.
  6. William

    What's your perfect weather?

    Perfect weather for me is partially dependent on where I am, but mostly I would go with daytime highs in the 55-80 F range. With that being said, there is something about how beautiful freezing fog in the Pacific Northwest can be that makes me love it. I just have to be not driving and able to tune out the sounds of car crashes from people who think they can drive on ice. The same sort of holds true for watching a blizzard in the Midwest (as long as I am inside with plenty of warmth and booze). I have watched a snownado dance along my lawn several times which is kind of cool. Chasing after trash cans on trash day, not so much. Heck I have full on lost trash cans that way even. When I get to hating the cold so much that I think about moving back to Southern California, I just remind myself that I like clean air more than I hate the cold.
  7. US Military has a 4 piece sleeping bag system that is supposed to be pretty good, not Canada good but still. Price is a bit less and with it being for the US Military, I would guess it is probably a bit more accessible by the general populace of the planet. http://www.midwayusa.com/product/1918261064/military-surplus-mss-30-degree-4-part-sleeping-bag-system
  8. William

    Sending a knife over the pond

    Actually if it is to the USA then it could be impacted depending on the state or ZIP code that it is going to. Most of the problem areas are in New York state though. An internet search for knife laws in that city/state/ZIP code should get you an idea as to what is legal there. With that being said, plain packaging can cause all sorts of things to get let through. Shipping providers for Europe to the USA, I agree that Royal Mail is awesome. I have not had any issues with DHL either, but have not had much sent from Europe to the USA via them in the last couple of years either.
  9. This is just a part the 21st century version of colonialism to my mind. It is essentially colonialism, but with a bottom line that has to make sense in the capitalism sense. Or maybe I should have said cents. Russia is not even really a country any longer. It is a nationalist business venture that has a raw power obsessed CEO.
  10. William


    But once the iPod runs out of juice...... I do wonder how my solar charger (a 12 or 15 watt portable one) would be impacted in an EMP situation. I have never looked into it. With vinyl one can also hand spin it or work reduction gears into the scenario in order to play it like a ye olde timey phonograph.
  11. I will just have to bite the bullet and go with wine if I decided to go this route. I do not touch coffee EVER. I am not just a tea drinker, but a tea snob!
  12. William


    Music post SHTF etc is one of my top worries (even though it should not be). If EMP took out my iPod and I was having to bug in, I would not freak too bad as I still have my vinyl. But if I had to bug out I may lose my mind.
  13. I would like to direct most of them to the "Old South". They would screw up the way of living there, but that part of the continent needs some screwing with their way of living. I was also hoping that the Republic/Confederacy of Cascadia would already exist by that point, but I know I know secession is not legal.
  14. With family living in SoCal, and my heart living in Portland, I am absolutely against moving a drop from Astoria (or anywhere else on the Columbia) to California. And hell to the no with regards to it going to the Imperial Valley. There never should have been any farming in that area in the first place. Farming in a damn desert is a fools errand and the owners down there should just be laughed at because their damned greedy bubble burst. No sympathy at all for them, all sympathy for the workers.
  15. North America as a whole may be unaffected, but certain places have been having issues for decades and will continue to do so. From a climate perspective, Southern California is ideal for most people, however from a water availability it is horrid. I fail to recall the actual number, but I remember reading something about a decade ago saying the actual carrying capacity of Southern California from the northern edge of the Los Angeles basin south to the Mexican border is sub 500,000. The estimate of the population in 2010 in Southern California was over 22 million. Nevada is another example of water absurdity as are Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and parts of Colorado.