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  1. Survival Showcase

    Water shortages coming in 2040, your thoughts?

    This year I have not and will not water my yard! Can't stand the thought of wasting water when so many are in need of it.
  2. Survival Showcase

    Water shortages coming in 2040, your thoughts?

    Here in North America I think our biggest problem with water will be the regulation of it. With our biggest resource being the great lakes that for the most part is straddle by the Canadian and US boarder, who and how will the water be controlled? When other countries come knocking offering to pay for the resource who owns it?
  3. Thomas, I have the K.E.R.T. by CRKT great little tool for emergencies, hangs right on your key chain and is not much longer than a standard key! http://www.amazon.ca/K-E-R-T-Key-Ring-Emergency-Tool/dp/B00BA9HJ68/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1440258254&sr=8-2-fkmr0&keywords=crkt+key+fob
  4. Survival Showcase

    Boy/Girl Scouts + Outdoor Skills?

    I joined the local air cadet program and attended 3 summer camps. The first year was basic camp, the second year was air crew survival. This is where my love for survival began! The third year I attended a six week survival instructors course, where we did group and 3 day solo survival situations, and many other fun exercises. Very fun times! I would like to hear how they are doing these courses now as they were very exciting 20 years ago!
  5. Survival Showcase

    Picture a day thread!

    Here is a neat picture that I took a couple years back while out on a hike at our local conservation area! Winter Mushroom / Velvet Foot
  6. Survival Showcase

    Books for Homesteading

    About two years ago I came across a book titled Back to Basics 3rd edition, that would be great for anyone interested in homesteading. The book is set up as a collection of 450 pages of how to's. It has been edited by Arigail R Gehring, and has every thing from buying land, generating power, growing food, preserving food, skills for homesteading, and lots more. Never fails every time I read a section out of it, I just want to go out and build something! Back to Basics The same author also has a new book titled Homesteading that goes more in depth on growing / raising food and preserving it. If anyone else here has read these or similar titles please share your thoughts!
  7. Survival Showcase

    Picture a day thread!

    That is amazing!
  8. Survival Showcase

    How often to you practice your skills?

    I try to get out two or three times a month to the farm. ( the rain here in Ontario has made it a little more difficult this past month) Nice and quiet, time to just sit by my self and practice different skills.
  9. Survival Showcase

    Picture a day thread!

    That is awesome!
  10. Survival Showcase

    Picture a day thread!

    An old tractor I just had to take a picture of! McCormick Standard
  11. The Puma Sergeant is my favorite folder to date, I love the look of the clip point blade and the feel of the knife in my hand. Having ABS handles helps keep the price down for a Puma Knife. ($150.00 CDN) Just wish I had a sheath for this one as it is kinda big in my pocket on its own. A nice sheath and it would be with me every day!!!
  12. Survival Showcase

    Anyone else partake in Pipe Smoking?

    Thomas - Islay Malts are very nice, also Speyside & Highlands are among my favourites! Highland Park 15 year Cardhu 12 year
  13. Survival Showcase

    Anyone else partake in Pipe Smoking?

    No cigars or pipes for me, I am a scotch kind of guy. Love the smell of fresh tobacco just not the taste in my mouth!
  14. I read through several reviews on the Hoodlum that found issues where the notch on the spine weakened the integrity of the knife causing it to break. (If you baton with your knife) For collectability I would love to have one, for practical use the Thug was a better fit for me. There was also a smaller knife in this serries called the Punk that looks interesting too.
  15. Survival Showcase

    Whats Your Favorite Knife Sharpening System

    I agree, different systems are a great idea. Kinda hard to keep your whole guided rod setup with you at all times, this is why I keep a pocket stone with me at all times. Very small, fits into the pocket on my knife sheath. Great for touch up jobs!