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  1. kiwitransient

    All Things Archery

    I'm in. Just replaced my 10 year old Martin Jaguar, with a Bear Effect. 3x year old model but brand new. Am surprised at just how much they have improved in 10 years. Even the trigger releases have much improved. There are a number of Club Members here who use Traditional Bows. Mainly Mature shooters. As I live on board Boat, the shorter length of Compound Bow suits better. Don't do the fishing thing much. If I get bored, I'll sometimes fling some arrows at something floating past and get in dinghy to collect the Alloy arrows.(ensure you seal field tip/inserts with grease) 3D shooting has made it much more interesting and jolly good fun. Also good exercise and Family fun.
  2. kiwitransient


    To Tan rabbit skin (or any other) Kerosene and baking soda work well. Ensure Skin has membrane removed, This is the fat/lower dermis that generally is attached after skinning. Remove with knife or ripping tool. (imagine small garden rake) Stake out (stretch) skin on plywood etc with staples or drawing pins. Apply damp mixture of kero/bs and rub in. leave layer on skin. Store horizontally in shade. Remove layer when dry (approx. 2x weeks. Apply another layer. Remove when dry. "Break" over rounded stick or metal stake for nice soft Pelt. Cheap and cheerful. I have Pelts that were treated this way 30 years ago.
  3. That sounds like the Homeopathic treatment of using a product that would cause the symptom to treat the syptom by using micro dosage. Rick, that sounds similar to a popular Bug salve here. Dettol (antiseptic) mixed with baby oil. Baby oil is of coarse Paraffin (kerosene) and Dettol is a cocktail of chemicals that will take paint off. Not for my delicate wee skin... Tea Tree Oil in coconut oil or bees wax is my choice now for the Cursed NZ Sand Fly, so thick at times they can cause coughing fit if a breathe is taken without mask ! Friend used to get bitten inside mouth while snorkelling in Fiordland. They now use Scuba when on surface. Pantyhose was tried over snorkel, but proved too difficult to clear water out.
  4. So that's how my Cousin got the clap..
  5. Hi Daimond25, thanks for the Wikipedia link. I understand now. I think I would prefer to drink the rice wine and chase away snakes as sprinkling a mineral that is both toxic and carcinogenic. The risk of snake bite seems like a safer option.
  6. Hi, unable to work out what Regelar is.. can you clarify please?
  7. kiwitransient

    Check those Batteries!

    I remember my Father telling me in N.Z, as a kid, about how bloody cold they got Soldiering in the Desert in North Africa. Couldn't get my head around that.. Until I was serving in the desert of Australia. Damn near got emasculated. So hot during daylight, we had to wear leather gloves so as not to burn our hands when touching metal. Soon learnt not to lay tools down on sand. Opposite at night. No cloud cover to hold heat in, so was freezing without the snow to play in.. sometimes with wind just to add to our misery..
  8. kiwitransient

    Cash is under scrutiny.

    Interesting graph. Asian peoples have always been more inclined to trust tangible assets (metals, precious stones etc) than Banks through History. For very good reasons. They have learnt they are not to be trusted. No paranoia, simply experience. Very easy for ANY Govt. to say, "hey, that money you have stashed away is no longer Legal Tender, sorry.." Don't believe me? look at what happened in India recently. Exact scenario. OVERNIGHT. With cheaper printing on Plastic now available, Govts. can and will, start changing, stopping and re-valuing cash whenever it suits them (overnight). I can't even keep track of the variety of Bank Notes we have had in recent years. NO exaggeration. It has got to the stage now, when pulling out cash, I say, wow, that's a cool new $10 dollar note. How long has that one been out? Someone will say "I saw that one last week" NOTHING in the news, radio, t.v. etc. just happens.. regularly. People not only don't notice, THEY DON"T REACT when they do.. Is newer Currency micro chipped? I don't know, but it would be surprised if it wasn't ! So easy and cheap to do so. We have had Law Enforcement Agencies micro threading product (drugs, meat , fish etc) here for proof that it has been used in illegal transactions and Courts allow it as proof. If they can "Ping" (tell it to signal) your phone on demand, can they "detect" a RFID chip on your Visa card? Easy to kill it by nuking in micro wave, but not too practical with use of chipped EFTPOS readers almost exclusive here.
  9. kiwitransient

    Let there be light

    Interesting comment about leaking Alkaline cells Gary. I've had that issue. I tend to have Torches stashed around and even with good intentions, forget to check them every 6x months. Result is ruined torches. I now suck up the expense and insert Lithium in stuff not used / checked often. e.g. Man over board light, Buoyancy Aid torch etc. I'm still a fan of NiMh rechargeables where practical for environmental reasons though..
  10. kiwitransient


    Well, for that price, how bad can it be? Would have to be real crap, not to be a good buy for tossing in even as a beater. Like your little Easel knife stand. Very cool. Getting quite a collection of knives there Pappy.
  11. New Regulations introduced here in New Zealand. The Banks now have to notify Police, if someone electronically transfers over $1000 in out / of the Country. ALSO same, if someone withdraws over $10,000 Cash. Supposedly to prevent terribilism.. The end of Cash is coming..
  12. kiwitransient

    Stupid? cupid (archery)

    Interesting and thought provoking comments. Thanks. Rick, you have got me thing about the #8 shotshell pellets .Maybe a Cup with shot inside, instead of the normal leather sling would work ? I would be more inclined to experiment with a bolo type ammo. i.e.3x .30 calibre balls joined together by a string through hole drilled in pellets. This could be quite long to create a wide spread and make a larger diameter triangle to entrap wings/neck. There have been Bird Arrows used for centuries with the Head being a "Y" or "U" shape with string or wire between. If accurately shot, the line will take down a bird in flight. A blade instead of wire was used for slicing Rigging on boats to bring mast down. Yes, Bows and Arrows are to a certain extent, retro. tech. however, they are so versatile. (and quiet) With modern sight systems, also very accurate at 50 metres or more. I certainly wouldn't want to be standing in front of someone who I annoyed at 100 meters and saying "pluck yew" ( old archery joke).. Giggle it for meaning..
  13. kiwitransient

    Stupid? cupid (archery)

    Zack, just watched that Utube- Uni (versity) video. VERY funny. Don't usually watch them as expensive Data time here. But that was so funny, I darn near wet the sofa. Great way to start the day. Thanks.
  14. kiwitransient

    Stupid? cupid (archery)

    Zackmars, I agree that my skills have degraded faster than wet cardboard However, after a couple of hours on Range, I was grouping tight(ish) again. Was more fault of the arrows stored in tube, not case, that caused Vanes to warp. I feel the Major Pros for Archery are 1- exercise. Had quite a eye opener doing Club open day on W/E, where I was shocked to note that many Able Bodied Adults, could not even draw a 35 lb Bow. Just lack of muscle and flexibility. 2- Many Countries now have severe restrictions on Firearms and even knife possession. Bows are a way of getting around this as they are so quiet and often passed over as a serious option. 3- Reusable ammo. 4- Cheap fun for all the Family. 5- Great for teaching People about ballistics and energy curves. Much easier to see arrow being affected by wind and gravity than a bullet going down range.
  15. kiwitransient

    Stupid? cupid (archery)

    Rspreps, yes, a crossbow is easier to get instant,,consistent results with. If you can shoot a rifle, you can be successful with a cross bow. Downside is they are more likely to be legislated against (& are) + VERY expensive for a good one. Also, most Archery ranges will tell you to " have sex and travel" if you turn up with one. My suggestion is you start of learning the Basics correctly from a qualified Archery instructor if practical, as " Bad" habits are hard to remove once Muscle Memory activates. Instruction is cheap and will last a lifetime. Great fun to build your own custom arrows and cheaper. The "Set Up" of Compound Bow if done correctly, can make the difference between sticking it in the Bull at 50 meters or sticking it in your foot. Literally.. Carbon shafts are the way to go now.. actually, generally cheaper and parts more available. Downside is they are likely to explode if shot into a tree. HINT, don't shoot at trees, the arrows don't like it and neither do the trees.. Big change in arrow composition in past 5x years. Having a hassle getting tip inserts for my alloy shafts now. Lots of cheap second hand Compound bows on market with a height of approx. 31 inches. Price of average bow has come down a lot recently. Much shorter than Long bow or Recurve. Club Members are always selling off bows to "upgrade" read, spend more $. The big attraction of Compounds is the "Let Off" when Bow is fully drawn. The strain of draw, will drop off any where from 50% to 80% ! A 30 lb Bow (won't wreck your body) is a good weight to start with and work up to what you perceive to be required. Some of the BIG boys will spit a arrow out at 340 Feet per second with enough penetration to come out the other side of large game including Deer. ALWAYS wear a Arm guard. A couple of string strikes to forearm will cause "flinch" for a long time. Good fun for all the Family. Kids love it.