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  1. Thank to you both for your words. First Manchester and now London @dthomasdigital @West Virginia Ridge Walker
  2. https://www.alpkit.com/products/skyehigh-900
  3. David S

    Happy New Year

    Happy new year to everyone on here. I hope 2017 bring you everything you wish for.
  4. David S

    Terava Skrama Knife

    I had no issues at all. Was looking up knife laws in the UK especially when ordering from abroad. I've ordered knives from Finland and the USA with no issues at all. You can order Machetes or fixed blade knives. But strangely no folding knives.
  5. David S

    Terava Skrama Knife

    I got mine from this site in Finland. https://www.varusteleka.com/en/product/terava-skrama-bush-knife-carbon-steel/28025
  6. David S

    Terava Skrama Knife

    Here's the latest knife I've bought in my collection. Comes from Finland. Very impressed with how sharp it was out of the box. Here's a review of this same knife.
  7. David S

    Non-locking (UK legal) blades

    This knife is legal in the UK. Yes the law are a little draconian when it comes to knives in this country.
  8. David S

    Why Thomas and I have been MIA

    Welcome to the UK, Thomas and Elise. You're staying in a very nice part of the UK.
  9. Saw a video that asked several preparedness YouTubers about female perspective on SHTF Thoughts and comments please
  10. The law when it comes to knives In the UK are very draconian to say the least. You are only allowed to carry a knife up to 3 1/2 inches long and also be non locking. If I got stopped with most of the knives I possess I would be breaking the law. You can however carry knives that are longer if it relates to a job that you're doing e.g. Chef etc
  11. David S

    No Pressure..

    Found that trick on the internet.
  12. David S

    Pocket / Field Sharpeners

    I have one of these which are very light indeed.
  13. David S

    No Pressure..

    I do have a Prestige pressure cooker as well. Does come in handy when you want to cook things in a hurry. Use it to cook Basmati rice in 10 minutes. Comes out perfect every time.
  14. David S


    Welcome aboard from London
  15. Looks like I didn't finished my previous post. When it comes to bugging out, I do have family members who live just outside London where my family can relocate. I do have several backpacks, ranging from a small 30 litre bag right up to a monster 120 litre Berghaus Vulcan 2 backpack