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  1. Also ordered 3 apple, 2 pear, 3 black walnut and a beech nut tree. Suppose to get them this week if our mail strike doesn’t delay it...
  2. I’ve been awol for awhile...made the move to the country side from Toronto this past spring. I’m now a little over an 1hr NW of the city (unfortunately still commuting there for work). Almost 3 acres but about 2 serviceable (1 acre is pretty much a hill). Hoping to get raised beds somewhat together before winter sets in but if not that will be first project in the Spring. I’m thinking about some chickens. Zackmars (et all) ~ I’d like to hear more about your setup? How many? How long have you had them? Worth it, etc? Thanks! RS
  3. Rspreps

    Mossberg 590A1

    Good video!
  4. Rspreps

    Mossberg 590A1

    What’s the ‘kick back’ on the little brother?
  5. Rspreps

    Mossberg 590A1

  6. Rspreps

    Shelter In Place Kit with pictures!

    I agree Gary...spread it around as best you can to cover all options. I’ve said before - you can’t eat gold/silver and doesn’t make for a good hat in the rain...that said I’ve got some should that become what’s needed.
  7. The roof rack option and cover add to its overall usefulness. I guess it largely depends on where you’re starting from and where/how far you are going. Seeing pictures of people displaced by war/weather etc...carrying everything they can to a better/safe place...this would be worth it.
  8. Rspreps


    Welcome from Southern Ontario, Canada!
  9. Rspreps


    Welcome from Southern Ontario, Canada!
  10. Rspreps

    Shelter In Place Kit with pictures!

    On a separate note, I’m making a move out of the city (I’m in a suburb of Toronto) into the countryside...2.5 acres....can’t wait! I’ve slowed my preps a bit but also that (with the move) I’ll be focusing much more on shelter in place preps. Have to start again on gardens etc but will have way more room to grow (pun intended). Anyone worked on a permaculture or ‘food forest ‘ set up?
  11. Rspreps

    Shelter In Place Kit with pictures!

    Looks good. How thick is the plastic sheeting? Is there a recommended thickness?
  12. Fantastic post Zackmars! Love the ‘A Team’ reference at the top. I haven’t looked that far into it but I think here in Canada, body armour is not legal.
  13. Rspreps

    First Aid

    I've found it challenging here in Canada to find quality (and variety) of medical supplies available to general public. There's 1000's of products on Amazon that I'd be interested in but they don't 'ship' to Canada. Suggestions?
  14. Rspreps

    Hi there!

    Welcome! I'm in Southern Ontario. If you have a question on anything (literally anything), forget Google and just ask Gary 😄.
  15. Made a few jars of pickles with the cucumbers I grew this summer...not bad but the cucumbers I grew had tough skins and lots of seeds. I'll be more careful as to what type of seeds I get for next year.