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  1. Shelter In Place Kit with pictures!

    On a separate note, I’m making a move out of the city (I’m in a suburb of Toronto) into the countryside...2.5 acres....can’t wait! I’ve slowed my preps a bit but also that (with the move) I’ll be focusing much more on shelter in place preps. Have to start again on gardens etc but will have way more room to grow (pun intended). Anyone worked on a permaculture or ‘food forest ‘ set up?
  2. Shelter In Place Kit with pictures!

    Looks good. How thick is the plastic sheeting? Is there a recommended thickness?
  3. Fantastic post Zackmars! Love the ‘A Team’ reference at the top. I haven’t looked that far into it but I think here in Canada, body armour is not legal.
  4. First Aid

    I've found it challenging here in Canada to find quality (and variety) of medical supplies available to general public. There's 1000's of products on Amazon that I'd be interested in but they don't 'ship' to Canada. Suggestions?
  5. Hi there!

    Welcome! I'm in Southern Ontario. If you have a question on anything (literally anything), forget Google and just ask Gary 😄.
  6. Made a few jars of pickles with the cucumbers I grew this summer...not bad but the cucumbers I grew had tough skins and lots of seeds. I'll be more careful as to what type of seeds I get for next year.
  7. What part of the world are you in Adjee?
  8. Make it yourself [DIYs & Modifications]

    Anyone else's head spinning? Gary, you are by far the closest thing to a human 'Google' I've ever (virtually) met!
  9. Harvey pictures

    Good on ya for lending a hand....pray for Florida now.
  10. Fitness levels

    Back in May I got the midlife health diagnosis of having a "fatty" liver. That pretty much made the mental 'click' I needed to take my health (weight) more seriously. Lost 15lbs so far and still want 10 more. I ride a bike now 3/4 times a week between 8 to 15km (4/8 miles) an outing. Keep a better diet as well. Less carbs, more veggies. Not fun but feel better...
  11. Harvey pictures

    Thanks for the updated posts Zackmars...good to know you're still ok (relatively speaking). I worry that the stress of the situation on people will start to really multiply over the next week(s). Stories of some looting (and general unrest) are starting to come out. Right now the stories of heroism and neighbours helping each other are great...hope things stay that way. Katrina's aftermath was similar but then turned ugly. Can only trust that FEMA learned some lessons and will be able to keep people's confidence in the system....losing your home is no small thing, but if they lose hope, faith in the system too...From what I see, most people aren't prepared (like those on this site)...desperation can work its way quickly into the mind.
  12. Harvey pictures

    Best of luck Zackmars and I hope there is high ground near you.
  13. All Things Archery

    Looks good! Nice property to practice too! Got my 8 year old daughter into archery this year. Did a week of archery camp. Probably shoots better than me already!
  14. Time to Transplant

    No snow thankfully but a bunch of rain last few days and cool (4/5 Celsius).