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  1. All Things Archery

    Looks good! Nice property to practice too! Got my 8 year old daughter into archery this year. Did a week of archery camp. Probably shoots better than me already!
  2. Time to Transplant

    No snow thankfully but a bunch of rain last few days and cool (4/5 Celsius).
  3. Time to Transplant

    Just waiting for some consistent warmer weather here in S.W Ontario to transplant my basement peas....
  4. Looks great, but only gave it a quick look. Going to download and print. Thanks!
  5. Stupid? cupid (archery)

    Definitely a viable option. I don't have any yet but are on the list. Never fired a crossbow before but would get one first over a bow. Just guessing but I would assume accuracy would be better for a newbie on a crossbow than a bow?
  6. New Here

  7. Intro - from Australia

    Welcome from Southern Ontario Canada!
  8. How to make Fire from ICE

    I think that too, but pretty cool all the same.
  9. Deeper/better medical knowledge with practical (home/natural) remedies ability. I'm certainly not an expert in all other facets of preservation, but I think this type of specialized training/knowledge is invaluable especially in desperate times.
  10. Happy New Year

    Great wishes for all in 2017!
  11. What happened?

    I've become more of a weekly 'check-in' member and don't always have a comment or question to add. I like the organic nature of this site and greatly appreciate the depth of knowledge of the core contributors. I'm in Southern Ontario Canada, so back to shovelling snow for me...then maybe a nap ?
  12. Canning Water

    I refill 4ltr distilled water jugs (need for cpap machine) with tap water and then store. A) Should I add something to prolong shelf life? B) What are the concerns/issues and/or how long can I store this water? thx
  13. Just curious Thomas, what's the general comments from people on the US election?
  14. Too bad we're all so spread out around the globe ?