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  1. Sounds good, 1stmeridian. Looks promising, so I signed up for the kickstarter this afternoon. If those other stones materialize, I'll likely be game for those also. Always looking for better (and easier) ways to keep stuff sharp!
  2. Pretty nice looking system, at a reasonable price point. Will you have more options available for sharpening stones? The limited ones included it the only real drawback I see off the bat.
  3. bRIBEGuy

    Spyderco Dodo

    Well, this one is a bit of a blast from the past, but I figured it was worth tossing up anyways. I managed to pick up a (NOS) Spyderco Dodo a couple months ago, and almost instantly fell in love with it's sheer wackiness. After owning it a mere 30 minutes, I dropped it onto a glass counter, and chipped the tip. GAH!!! I contacted Spyderco, and sent it in to be fixed. $18 in shipping, $5usd for the fix, and something like 7 weeks later, and I have my ugly orange buddy back. I've been using and carrying it for a week or so now, and have some initial thoughts: - Ugly as sin. Which I love, but pretty much everyone that see's it comments on it's form. - Big handle + little blade = WIN. Great combo for control in hand. - Wacky blade shape works well for EDC stuff. It just does. - Not deep carry. Normally I have a strong preference for deep carry clips, but the regular (and great) Spyderco wire clip plus the extended "tail" section makes the knife really easy to grab onto and pull out, ever with gloves on. - BB Lock. Looks cool, and seems very secure. A bit of a PITA to release when compared to a framelock/linerlock/etc. - Fit & finish is typical Spyderco, that is to say, somewhere between very good and great. Definitely a wacky knife, and if you can find a good deal (and stand to look at it...lol) it's something I'd certainly recommend.
  4. No real store or website for me. In fact, pretty much just getting going with actual orders and sales. bymjsdesign will be the branding moniker on the instagram site where I'm now starting to feature my handmade/custom knives: https://www.instagram.com/bymjsdesign/ Everything thus far is fully handmade (no cnc, waterjet, etc), including the handle materials. Each knife, as such, is a little bit unique. Currently working on a batch of 8 fixed blades, with 4 more likely starting next week. A friction folder is currently being prototyped, and teaser pics should be up soon.
  5. Not a blog in a "things I write" form of the term, but more in a "things I make and am working on" sort of fashion. I mean, each image is worth 1000 words right? https://www.instagram.com/bymjsdesign/
  6. bRIBEGuy

    Unboxing the Boker War Toad

    I've eyed those little guys a few times, but never pulled the trigger on one. I'll be curious to hear your thoughts. Love the zip tie......gotta get it into Canada somehow, right? LOL...
  7. Techno is an awesome beefy little spyderco, and certainly one of the favorites in my rotation.
  8. bRIBEGuy

    Drink of choice?

    That's a GREAT whiskey, imo, and my current "go to" as well. Also a big fan of the Knob Creek bourbons...
  9. bRIBEGuy

    SHOT 2016 | Opinions, News & Rumors

    Ha ha, well said! I'm lucky enough to have been able to pick up a Monte Carlo folder directly from him. Jens is a REALLY nice guy, and the knife was much more reasonably priced (albeit still ridiculously expensive) straight from him, then for what they go for on the secondary market. I'd LOVE to pick up more of his customs (especially his older stuff), but sadly it's not really in the cards for me either at this point. As such.......yay for collaborations! The Spyderco Zulu is still one of my favorite EDC blades (once I removed the clip), and I use a Boker Albatross as a back yard beater (it's great with gloves on). The new ZT0220 has me pretty stoked though.
  10. Headed into town for a while today, so the pocket dump is a little bit shinier then usual. - Cobra de Calibre DLC CuSn8 watch - TAD Edition Chuck Gedritis Mongoose - Kingdom Armory TiNapple tool/opener.
  11. bRIBEGuy

    EDC Pouch

    I've had fairly good luck with some of the Triple Aught Design pouches. The newer style GPP1 is nice for a bunch of smaller items, but doesn't unzip to open book-like. The old style OP1 pouch is fantastic, though a bit on the larger size.
  12. This seems to be a bigger and bigger issue with getting knives into Canada, where blades that are 100% legal, are being "seized" by border services, with no course of action to appeal or attempt to get your blade back. It's hit or miss too, since I know people who have successfully shipped in full auto's, and others who have had small Spyderco's get seized. Now some of the larger USA retailers won't even ship "one handed opening" knives to Canada at all. I've recently purchased a custom knife that is fully legal here in Alberta, and when it hit the border it was "Sent for further processing". That was now 2+ weeks ago, and I feel like any day I'm going to get the dreaded "seized" notification you posted above.
  13. bRIBEGuy

    First Knives and Rambling Stories...

    A few more quick shots showing how the oddball blade shape actually works out to be quite functional in hand as you change your grip and/or choke up.
  14. bRIBEGuy

    First Knives and Rambling Stories...

    Picture time! The next three blades got finished up, and I finally had a few spare moments to snap & upload some quick pics. I tried out a slightly different shape for the finger choil and a bit of a shorter handle length on the larger knife.........and decided I'm not as big of a fan. I'll change that back on the next ones. Profiled the handles a bit differently on the smaller two, and I think it's an improvement. The died black & red micarta is cool, but I think I have a pretty strong preference for the natural.