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  1. recently posted my first youtube video check it out
  2. The link to my youtube channel is down below I don't have any videos as of yet but as mentioned in another post i did just get a go pro for Christmas. Videos will be coming soon I don't know what my theme is going to be but in due time it will be directed to my wood working and possibly and etsy store i have been planning on opening. On another note my acctount is almost as old as you tube so i figured it's about time i put some videos up lol https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCs1BcvX5kjTGNmlUA_iIDFQ
  3. i live in a one bedroom apartment with a roommate i sleep on the couch i have my stuff hidden in all kinds of places i got one of those giant coolers people bring to football tailgate parties and i store a bunch of stuff in that i have stuff in a storage unit in another location under my bed behind "normal" stuff in the kitchen cabinets. i have my collection of tools all over the place too.
  4. I've always been one of those people that tends to carry extra stuff tools food what have you just in case stuff happens i didn't really get into the whole prepper thing until 9/11 when that happened the game changed for me. but going is slow and my preps ebb and flow as my finances allow. hurricane /super storm sandy (i was living in new york at the time) reminded me that i should keep preparing for worst case shtf senarios. my current situation is kinda a survival situation lol if it wasn't for my brother i would be homeless in fact and my only internet access is the library or my phone. and only part time work. things will get better though i am in night school for construction carpentry and i am learning other wood working skills on my own.
  5. Mrch1997

    Hunting, Fishing and Trapping

    I would like to learn hunting fishing and trapping, I have gutted blue fish before but i wasn't the one that caught them. getting a gun permit in Massachusetts is damn near impossible though where i live. so i am limited to what i can learn in books for now .
  6. Mrch1997

    Hi from new england

    I might gotta hit the gym and sharpen some chisels and various other errands first
  7. I Don't currently have a store but i am working on setting up and etsy.com store. (gotta set up separate bank account/email first) I will sell wood crafted items ( i am currently learning how to use the hand tools of the past as well as construction carpentry ) I"ll start out with small things like mixing spatulas and cutting boards and working my way from there. I also have a youtube channel that i plan on posting videos to soon https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCs1BcvX5kjTGNmlUA_iIDFQ it's not much but i just got a gopro for Christmas and videos will be coming soon in the mean tme check out some of the saved vids i have and channels that i subscribe to I like the logo too hillbillybones
  8. I saw a link in the article i was emailed this afternoon (why prepping is hard and how to make it easier ) so i joined
  9. hello I've been prepping for a number of years progress is slow but steady i have my b.o.b (which is in need of updating) and a lot of knowledge in the subject. I haven't had much occasion to practice may of the skills i am learning. This is my first preper//survival forum that i have joined i am a member of a meet up group in my area but events are sparse to say the least ( we butchered a scottish highland cow back at the begining of december and i got to take home 40 pounds of meat haven't had to buy meat for a long time. I hope to find a good community of like minded people here and look forward to chatting about things survival and prep related