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  1. West Virginia Ridge Walker

    Picture a day thread!

    Had some time today so I made a sheath for one of my handmade ferrocerium rods. #god #family #westvirginia #leather #leathercraft #ferroceriumrod #handcrafted #striker #fire #firestarter
  2. West Virginia Ridge Walker

    22 caliber Fire arms

    Greetings all, Thoughts on the Rossi RS22 Rifle.
  3. West Virginia Ridge Walker

    Looking for something on You tube

    Thanks my friend, I already sub them!
  4. West Virginia Ridge Walker

    Looking for something on You tube

    Actually, I'm looking for suggestions for outdoor, camping, hiking,bushcraft style youtube channels any suggestions?
  5. West Virginia Ridge Walker

    Black Canyon outfitters canvas backpack

    Naw it doesn't repel water, I had to spray it myself as for the capacity I have had it packed with 50lbs of gear and it held up well, BUT, it doesn't have a chest strap ( which I added later). Click here for full details...
  6. West Virginia Ridge Walker

    Hi yall

    Well I'm glad to see an old face here..
  7. West Virginia Ridge Walker

    Black Canyon outfitters canvas backpack

    First off I want to say the price point on this pack should NOT reflect what this pack offers or the quality of it. To start off, I want to say that this low budget pack comes with a whole bunch of premium features that you would want and or need in a canvas backpack. Inside the BlackCanyon outfitters canvas backpack as you can see the space is huge and would work very well as a day pack or short hike pack. Inside you will also find a heavy duty zipper pocket to store items such as a wallet cell phone etc. With draw style cord to secure items stored in the main compartment as well as your typical straps on the outside. BLACKCANYON OUTFITTERS Canvas Backpack has Heavy Cotton Canvas Fabric, Synthetic Leather Trim Accents and Heavy-Duty Hardware Multiple Exterior Pockets with Adjustable Padded Shoulder Straps. All though I have made some minor adjustments to this pack I think all in all it will serve me well. Believe it or not I picked up this pack for a mere $26! So Far I haven’t found any other reviews on this pack and have only found it being sold at two places but I am sure if you contact Black Canyon outfitters they can give you proper information on where to find this pack.
  8. West Virginia Ridge Walker

    Hi yall

    It's been a while since I last posted, was kinda wondering how everyone has been. What happened to the forums they seem a bit slow? Did everyone up and hide?
  9. West Virginia Ridge Walker

    Thinking of the UK right now

    Our Thoughts are with those families who lost loved ones. Not to sound like a jerk but didn't the folks in the UK vote to let these worriers of Allah in?
  10. West Virginia Ridge Walker

    How to Prepare for Increasing Lawlessness

    It's really simple, We lived on a reservation, we felt safe except from the government, Now My wife and Live in the country very few neighbors. As a matter of fact they are in there 60-70 age range. I really do fear for them, but to be honest I protect my family first before friends and neighbors. As for lawlessness, once the ammo runs out and the reloads as well we have other means of protection and my wife and I are very well trained to use those methods. We both keep prepping for the worst but as anyone knows you cannot prep for everything and I think thats why we are all here to learn from each other.
  11. West Virginia Ridge Walker

    Gardening Lessons Learned

    I have seen my uncles do this when I was a child, thanks for reminding me about it. Neat way to save food.
  12. West Virginia Ridge Walker

    Save to Re-purpose and Learn to Repair

    LOL Then I should have tons of it
  13. West Virginia Ridge Walker

    Picture a day thread!

    Rhododendron from our back yard
  14. West Virginia Ridge Walker

    Save to Re-purpose and Learn to Repair

    Growing up in the small community that I did we didn't have a lot of "Replacement parts" available so as the elders used to do we had to make due with what we had. I personally think it's a good thing to have knowledge on how to and common since. Good thread thanks for starting it.
  15. West Virginia Ridge Walker

    Gardening Anyone?

    I feel for ya brother, I sure hope yall can get back into it before it gets to late in the season. sorry to hear about that.