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  1. RYJA

    Ultra tough tiny bag.

    I bought one of these a few years ago at a camping store and never used it, it stays in my car glovebox. When i read this i gave it a go when out and about last week. Was impressed ill have to grab a couple more to stow away in packs and the car. seatosummit have been here for a few years as well. Good call Kiwitransient thanks, have you tried any of their other gear particularly their tarps and ponchos? R
  2. Adding to this living in a housing estate and youre the only house in the suburb with a thick brick fence attracts attention, but on a brighter note we have the window film you can see out but not in due to the absence of lights at night the local kids think the house may be haunted. R
  3. RYJA

    Early Spring ???

    Well if you're getting an early spring we must be heading for a late Autumn its still fairly hot from Summer. In the last few weeks it has ranged between 30 and 40°C (86 to 104°F [thankyou google]) We usually have a breeze and a bit cooler weather starting. I wouldnt mind some rain at the moment . Snow would be nice too, but the closest to where i live we get snow (if lucky) is about an hour& half drive and 6 months away. I think ive seen snow Only 3 or maybe 4 times in my life (and two of those were overseas) R
  4. RYJA

    Drink of choice?

    Another plus one for the non drinkers - i stick With tea, (good) coffee, water and the occaisional standard soft drinks..
  5. Yep that guy is from a pretty severely affected bushfire area in Victoria. The law was that without council permission (aka paying them money), you are not allowed to clear trees unless they are within 6 meters of your house (where i live is 10m). And he cleared a 100m firebreak around his house. He still lost vehicles and had to fight fires to keep his home despite this. Sometimes conservation laws are great other times they just need to look at individual situations with a bit more leniency. R
  6. RYJA


    Funnily enough Quest for Fire Australia release was 10th June 1982 the day before i was born. I like my zombie movies, Dracula Untold was good too many favorites to name Dog Soldiers would be up there as one though.
  7. I dont know how helpful this will be but when we built originally (as in my parents 25-30 years ago) we had an electrician put a second set of wiring throughout the house in case of a blackout we could plug a generator into an outlet in the garage and still have power through various outlets mainly to run things like fridge and freezers and for cooking, hotwater and a few lights. Well these days i have done the same to my house built a few years ago. it does not take a full set of wiring rather a switch to go from mains to an auxiliary source which can be a generator a solar setup or a battery bank with inverter. We had a few big storms last year and the worst of which our area was without power for up to 2 weeks in some places. Well we had a small generator running for a few hours for power when needed and switched over to gas for cooking. And my parents who kept the idea as well switched to solar.No Worries Just an idea that has come in handy a few times R
  8. RYJA


    I will say it now. Im really liking this place too and ive only been here a couple days Alongside gumption and a sense of adventure, dont panic, a bit of a positive outlook (and thinking), never goes astray, what am i trying to achieve? and how do i go about it safely and minimal energy wasted? I do a lot of 4wding and recoveries and agree the thing that arises the most in sticky situations is as mentioned above dont panic. Take a breather, have a cuppa and assess where to go and what to do next in the safest possible way (which in some cases is hard as every option has danger). And as for having gear and not knowing how to use it, to quote Pratchett "A weapon you held and didnt know how to use belonged to your enemy", whether this be a physical enemy or simply the environment You are in. I am pretty guilty of not knowing (And guiltier still of not taking the time and effort), to appraise myself of how to use some of my gear correctly. which i hope to rectify.(Particularly Knife sharpeners .......i suck, and being from such a dry climate most of the time my ferro rod skills are quite funny to watch as well). Cheers R
  9. RYJA

    Hello from Australia

    Thankyou for the warm (and faraway) welcome , I started reading through some of the threads last night and there are a LOT of things i have to learn, and some things that when mentioned really surprised me as they are little things that i already do subconsciously even from School and earlier. (And some things that were upsetting such as i have never even heard of the show Alone, and i can literally only get up to season 3 Dual Survival as Amazon will not let me buy them, something to do with a Non US issued credit card). But if this is all i have to worry about im doing well. I am really looking forward to becoming a regular and learning from you all and as i mentioned i hope i can contribute somewhere. cheers R
  10. G'day all, i first stumbled upon this site for the knife reviews, i found them to be excellent and thorough. I'm 33YO male with a wife and daughter living in NSW Australia. I am a Sales Account Manager with a machinery operations and quarrying background. By our laws we arent encouraged to carry knives publicly (without legitimate reasons), it makes things a little difficult with nice and exotic EDCs but i manage nicely always having at least one to hand at all times. I enjoy knives,and bows, and the outdoors using any excuse to go bush usually just with a swag and esky, although I am relatively new to the survival and prepping side of things. Im not a huge forum fan, but seeing the wealth of info and helpfulness of this community as well as excellent reviews on equipment and knives i felt compelled to join and be a part and hopefully add something along the way as well. Cheers R