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  1. You sir have my admiration. Not for what you've done as I might disagree with that but for having the gumption to do it. When playing a game you can not win where you suffer and be in servitude, change the game so everyone loses. That I respect, even if you have nothing at least you have not bowed as a slave. Welcome.
  2. Probably longer than that and were just in denial or didn't know what you call yourself. What were you before you wanted to survive? I think you were a survivalist from the word go.
  3. I am not sure they will implement martial law the way most people think. More like eating a elephant, one small bite at a time. Whether you have a gun won't matter. All they need to do is inhibit freedom, one little change at a time. Restrict and change what you see as rights to be more of a privilege really. Require licences and registration for just about everything. That's what licencing really is, permission to perform an act that is unlawful. Stop handing out licences and pooie everyone who performs that deed without a licence is a criminal. Most people want to be law abiding citizens. Most people will probably comply even if not at first but over time if there is enough stigma attached or the consequences of getting caught are severe enough and enforced enough.
  4. My first goal is to save money. That's my foremost reason I prep. I stockpile enough of the things I use when I find it on sale to keep me supplied well beyond the time when I may find the next sale. I try never to pay full price for anything. Where I am a can of Maxwell house coffee at regular price is $13 bucks or so. I find it on sale for around $7 and stock 20. I can usually find it again on sale long before I hit the three left mark. I have always seen prepping as being ready for hard times but always look for it to be apart of my daily life. That's why I don't stock buckets of beans I may never eat or MRE's either. I try to keep all my staples full up to where I know that if SHTF happens then I won't be in bad shape and can survive decently for a decent time. Plan A, Plan B and Plan C are subject to change depending on the situation always. Only so much you can fit in a wheelbarrow so with hope by the time I need the wheelbarrow that's about all that will be left anyways.
  5. Sausage done on the camp fire after hiking is just so darn tasty. Add a cup of chicken noodle rice and coffee to go with it. Some strawberry vodka later and life is good after a day on the trail.
  6. Pretty much covers it for me too. Especially the improvising part. You might have to break out the old ingenuity and MacGyver yourself something to make things better for you. Like a wheelbarrow.
  7. Nice spot @Dan Seven, Wow living your dream is what it's all about. I be green with envy. This couple in Quebec are making a living off theirs.
  8. Prepper be like, " everybody knows"
  9. Thinking is good. It doesn't matter about religion or about natural law. It is just my opinion but we each have a right to live. A right to determine for ourselves how we live and what we believe. We hold some validity to the concept of personal property and our right to enjoy it freely. Where does these rights end, in my opinion where they cause harm to another. I consider myself to have the right to prevent someone from harming me if they are attacking me or to limit the harm they are doing or going to do to me by using what ever appropriate force is necessary and at my disposal. A person holds no more right to harm me than I hold to stop it. A belief in necro-determinism isn't relevant to a persons rights. All persons hold the same rights to life and liberty until they forfeit those rights by harming others.
  10. A pic from my last trip. It's morning and I need coffee
  11. That's why you need to practice good opsec cause if something goes wrong they weren't "into it" but will be "into yours."
  12. First overnight backpack of the season. Crossing a beaver dam.
  13. I put a in line fuse on each solar panel sized to the max output of the panel. Even when connecting panels in parallel I use in line fuses just in case and a larger inline for the combined current. Fuses are cheap compared to panels and controllers.
  14. If you search on amazon for "sling bag" then you should be able to find something maybe.
  15. Just an observation but you be a south paw?