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  1. crazyman

    Hello from the Philippines

    Welcome. Prepping is always dependent on your individual circumstances. It can be a enjoyable hobby. If you plan your prepping and prep your plan you can even do it on the cheap, save more of your money every month and get the things you might need without shrinking your bank account. Make a plan, set some goals and keep good lists of what you got, what you want and what you need. Build your house of preps by driving one nail at a time and stay practical. Wish I was prepping for your location. I hate the cold. Once again welcome.
  2. crazyman

    Art for the end of the world

    Those look like pictures.
  3. crazyman

    Picture a day thread!

    Pretty much seclusion. The location is Victoria lake in the QE2 wild lands. There is a fly in lodge farther down the lake. I saw two other hikers that weekend that far in. For me it's a 5 hr hike and rough terrain.
  4. crazyman

    Picture a day thread!

    A weekend hike to a new lake. Mornings are my favorite time when the sun is just rising and I know it's going to be a nice day
  5. crazyman

    Edible Plants for Survival in the Wilderness

    What type of fungi is this and would you eat it.?
  6. crazyman

    Fruit Trees planted now I need recipes.

    I haven't had any problems with my jams keeping for more than a year. They never get beyond that since I have jam monsters. I have done pie fillings as well that have kept extremely well. Those I pressure can and limit the sugar. When I am ready to use them I simmer them for about 30 minutes and add what sugar I want to get the flavor/thickness I'm looking for. The net is full of recipes for jams and such. Dried fruit is so good as well especially as a pocket snack where you might have once used candy. Make your own fruit leather for snacks as well should use up some of your bounty. Don't forget to gift the neighbors and family.
  7. crazyman

    Fitness levels

    They kind of work your doing should keep you in fairly decent shape. The running will sure build your endurance which is what you want. Toughness is far better than just strength. Strength is picking up 100 pounds 20 times and toughness is picking up 50 and carrying it 10 km. A balance of both is what I aim for but I'm lazy and a procrastinator.
  8. crazyman


    Only knots I use on a regular basis is the bowline, half hitch and overhand (square) knot or some combination of these.
  9. crazyman

    Freeze dried, canned, or ?

    I've eaten quite of bit of mystery meat in my time as well. Have you tried doing your own canning to see if you can brings your stores up with things you might enjoy a bit more when the stress level goes through the roof.
  10. crazyman

    Freeze dried, canned, or ?

    I take it your posting for general consumption and not for some old gypsy with a backpack. LOL For some reason I get deja vu when I read your posts.
  11. crazyman

    All Things Archery

    Used to do quite a bit when I was a kid. Great way to spend a couple hours after school. Was thinking about getting back into it again even if just for a Saturday morning thing during the winters. There are a couple of great places fairly close to me too but I just got to get up the gumption and do it this winter. Great pics of a great skill to practise.
  12. Frost on the inside but ice on the inside from sleeping in it in winter is something I hope never to experience. Yup that second option is much more appealing. I know it won't be long before I have to break out the scrapper again, What a horrible flashback. I'm turning off the air conditioning right now.
  13. crazyman

    Freeze dried, canned, or ?

    Just fugal is all. My missus said fugal is just another word for cheapskate, sais I probably still have the first dime I every made but that's not true, it was a nickel.
  14. Or the 1/4 inch of ice on every window of the car at 5 am makes such a great start to the day with that fine blowing snow coming of the roof and always in your face no matter which way you turn.