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  1. dthomasdigital

    Saws ?

    This tread just reminds me that I don't have near the inventory of tools that I should have, and saws are high on the list of things I need to look into.
  2. I kinda was watching for a while, I guess I should start back up so I know how it ends.
  3. Farm fresh eggs are the best sorry for the bad luck @zackmars
  4. You can say that again, can anyone tell me why my zucchini plants produced nothing but male flowers, I got like 4 zucchini's this year, so disappointing. Tomatoes, grapes, and apple tress got beat down during a massive hell storm we had (not to mention how odd such a storm in New Mexico is) had some nice roof damage too. The apricots got frozen on the tree due to the oddest flash freeze I've ever seen. So yes crappy in New Mexico too. Things like tomatoes are bouncing back so hope to get some to harvest soon, but we will be getting into cold weather soon out here in the High Desert so we will not have long. On a side note went to visit some friends in Minnesota over the summer and their huge garden was going crazy, they where giving bucket loads of food away, and their pickles where out of this world good! Us not even enough to can anything.
  5. dthomasdigital

    SURVIVAL necklace

    Very nice, idea indeed.
  6. dthomasdigital

    Blossom end rot fix (?) For tomatoes

    Nice tip, thanks.
  7. dthomasdigital

    SURVIVAL necklace

    I like that idea!
  8. dthomasdigital

    SURVIVAL necklace

    Any pictures?
  9. dthomasdigital

    History Channels new show "Alone"

    I could of done without the mice head on a knife, well all the mice eating in general. Hard to get the wife to watch the show with all that.
  10. Last night the sky's opened up over the New Mexico High Desert. A storm formed over the Jemez Mountains rolled down their majestic canyons and mesas right over my little part of New mexico. It did so with 80 mile per hour winds and golf ball size hail stones. It was ferocious and at times a bit scary, the roar of the wind , the hail tearing though the fruit trees, grape vines, and even beating my lavender bushes to the ground, I mean lavender, nothing hurts that stuff. I knew for sure we would loose some windows and might even loose some roof tiles. That is why being prepared pays off in the long run. You see I was prepared I had tarps, tape, all the tools ready to cover up any holes, even sheets of plywood ready to go when I needed it to. I have plenty of flash lights that get tested for operations on a regular basis, generator, and an emergency plan if thing got anymore out of hand. When you have those things on hand and ready to use it sure makes things a bit less scary. The good news is no windows broke, slight roof damage, and the garage door is dented up pretty good but that's all. The bad news is my grape harvest will be a complete loss this year. If any one has any ideas on promoting growth for trees I'd sure like to hear it. As all my fruit trees and ornamental trees have almost been stripped bare. The forecast calls for more monsoons the rest of the week, fingers crossed that the hail stays out of the picture.
  11. dthomasdigital

    Desert Monsoon Season

    Had a hail storm last night two days in a row now, but this one was bad decimated my grape vines. Beat every leaf and most of the grapes right off the vine. So much for a good harvest this year. First my apricots froze now this, sad day indeed. I was there last year it was like 126° I felt actual pain when I'd go outside.
  12. dthomasdigital

    Desert Monsoon Season

    Volcanoes we go t those too, for the time being they are dormant.
  13. dthomasdigital

    History Channels new show "Alone"

    @Illini Warrior thanks for the checklist link, I forgot they had that. You're right about infection that sets in and game over.
  14. dthomasdigital

    Keyport MOCA 10-In-1 Key Tool

    good point.
  15. dthomasdigital

    History Channels new show "Alone"

    I agree, I mean folks taping out because they didn't bring a multi-tool to pull a fish hook out, I know I've had a push a fish hook or two out of my hand and just kept fishing.