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  1. dthomasdigital

    Rabbits Suck!

    Saw a coyote this weekend in the nature preserve behind my house with a rabbit in it's mouth. What a good boy.
  2. dthomasdigital

    Rabbits Suck!

    That's just a sad thing to read, Hatch grows the good stuff.
  3. dthomasdigital

    Hi from Australia

    Glad to have you and Welcome from New Mexico!
  4. Thanks @Gary_Gough all things to look into.
  5. Thanks @Wyzyrd very much appreciate the well wishes. @Brad as you can tell this is a good topic being able to see in a survival situation is a big deal.
  6. I have 4 pair, one in my EDC bag, one in my BOB bag, one in my medical bag, and just a spare. I also have that many contact lenses in the same locations with spare cleaning fluid. This topic is hitting me hard as 3 week s ago my wife developed myopic degeneration almost it seems over night, we new with her high myopic diagnosis this would be a risk but now we have to think about what we will do, anyone out there know what options we may have. I have heard of low vision optical devices but I have no experience. Scary as she is really having a hard time seeing.
  7. dthomasdigital


    Hi, lots of good stuff here.
  8. A big welcome, glad to have ya!
  9. dthomasdigital

    Rabbits Suck!

    We roast a bunch of Chile's peppers here in New Mexico, I'll wear my Chile Roasting outfit which includes a face mask and goggles. That stuff gets in your eyes and game over.
  10. dthomasdigital

    Rabbits Suck!

    @Wyzyrd I like the idea of going organic, I'll give this a try, and you bet I'll have the PPE at the ready.
  11. dthomasdigital

    Rabbits Suck!

    So I've got lots of new plants ornamental and functional and the rabbits love them all. I've got fences and traps but I'm still having and issue. Squirrels and Kangaroo rats are and issue too, but the rabbits are the real bad guys. I figure there are some smart gardeners on the threads, any one have any sage advice?
  12. I never thought about it, time to carry a pry-bar with me in the front seat.
  13. dthomasdigital


    Welcome aboard, great to see so many folks from all over the world.
  14. dthomasdigital

    Shelter In Place Kit with pictures!

    @Thomas yep that financial thing is a killer, we are trying very hard to have at least 6 months of expenses that we have on hand just in case, it's not been easy but it can be done you put a little back here and there and before you know it you have it. I looked at what happened in Greece and now in Venezuela and it got me thinking what good is money if you can't get at it. Of course I always got booze and toilet paper to barter with.
  15. dthomasdigital

    Have you done homesteading? What is it like?

    I have a sad little orchard, but we have lots of big gardens throughout the neighborhood so I provide apples, cherries, apricots. They provide me with corn, tomatoes, peppers, and other goodies. It works out pretty good, but nothing like a real Homestead however.