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  1. Improved First Aid Kit (IFAK) List

    Also would manufactures please cut the cost of Celox gosh is it expensive.
  2. Cold weather vegetables

    @Critter got in pictures of your contraption?
  3. Improved First Aid Kit (IFAK) List

    @zackmars Nice breakdown.
  4. Shelter In Place Kit with pictures!

    I have some 2 mil stuff for things like vents and I use 6 mil for doors and windows. Good ideas all, so much knowledge in this place.
  5. My shelter in place kit for the house is really taking shape, right now I have it all gathered in a really good heavy duty cardboard box but will be transferring it into a good plastic container soon. Look a picture of my mix tapes: The outside of the box has a small instruction graphic to show how to seal off the windows, vents, and doors. I used this check list to gather my supplies, it's in word format if you need another format let me know I'll be happy to convert it. Shelter-in-Place Supplies Checklist.docx While I have extensive prepping items including a medial dispensary I decided to include a first aid kit centered around nuclear, chemical, and biological events in the kit. Inside of the kit starting to take shape. Next I pre-cut to size of the windows, doors, and vents plastic sheeting and place them in bags and label them. This was very time consuming and for me I think a must, in an emergency I sure will be glad I spent an afternoon doing this. I still have a long way to go to have every thing I need and want in our kit but it's a good start, you got any ideas that your doing? And I just keeping adding things, if you look close you will see a gas and water shut off tool, go get you one of those right now. More to come.
  6. Music

    @Gary_Gough man that was odd!
  7. Where do I start

    That's a good idea I bet a box of that stuff would last a while, if you can keep the ants out!
  8. Self Reliance - Self Sufficiency - Self Self Self

    Spot on, cause you just never know.
  9. Cold weather vegetables

    I'm looking out my window and the apricot trees have the first pink petals showing , no you're about 2 weeks early, crossing my fingers that we don't get a hard freeze.
  10. Where do I start

    I have a storage locker cabinet dedicated to storing water stores about 55 gallons. However I have a 155 gallon hot water tank with a quick shut off valve. I have plans to install 2 100 gallon tanks in the near future. I live in the high desert you can never have to much water storage. Good for you for planning ahead.
  11. Where do I start

    This is a pretty laid back group, lots of good people on this thread, so welcome and I can't wait to see your questions.

    Politics a bad idea on this forum.
  13. My wife was about to through out some old sheets a few holes here and there but good heavy threaded cotton sheets. I was like hold on this is a prepping house hold, I got an idea for those. We can make are own triangular bandages. A triangular bandage is a large triangle of cloth, usually a loose-weave cotton cloth, used in first aid. It is also called a 'cravat' (French for necktie) because it is sometimes folded to the shape of a long narrow band, for certain uses. 1. Measure out a 3 foot by 3 foot section: 2. Fold corner to corner and cut down the middle: 3. Fold nice and neat add some safety pins place in a zip lock bag: 4. Ready for the med kit, go bag, or any place you may need a sling or bandage. 5. A set of queen sheets made me about 8 of these triangular bandages. What ideas would you have?
  14. Well planted the spinach and broccoli and I told myself might be a bit early and sure enough a couple of late winter storms (at least late winter for us in the high desert) blew through and I'm pretty sure the broccoli is not going to make it, but I think the spinach will. The Apricot tree has some big buds and I hope it's not blooming to early. First year for the Cherry tree too, it's going to be a year of trial and error. How's your early season gardens doing?
  15. AWS molle day pack

    Very nice review, I'm always on the lookout for the perfect back to go on hikes, this looks like a great contender.