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  1. dthomasdigital

    Shelter In Place Kit with pictures!

    What a great idea on the UV resistant sheeting @Illini Warrior, I have to go check now to see if that is what I have. If not looks like I will be making a few changes. I live in the high desert and the sun is brutal. I mean if it's not made of cider block the sun just tears it up.
  2. dthomasdigital

    Hunting 2018

    @PappyHiker So I had to go take a look for out of state licenses for New Mexico oh dear lord I sure hope you didn't want to go Ibex hunting here. On top of the game hunting licenses (only $65.00 out of state) the Ibex and Oryx will run you $1610.00 ouch, resident is only $153.00. Out of state Elk for a quality Mature Bull is $782.00. However Barbary Sheep, Javelina, Cougar, Bear run around $250.00 out of state. Turkey is $100.00. We got Big Horn sheep to but I'm pretty sure those are on special hunts only.
  3. I live about halfway between Sandia National labs and Los Alamos National labs, both have plenty of experimental reactors and god knows what else. Lets just say my shelter in place kit has plenty of radiation preps.
  4. dthomasdigital

    Hey Trad Shooters

    Where to you get a pretty bow like that?
  5. I like the reflector in that picture, a good reflector makes a big difference.
  6. dthomasdigital

    BOB -oddball items

    Good topic, trying to think what I have, most odd ball 30 gauge green paddle wire. Can be used for all kinds of stuff even snares.
  7. dthomasdigital

    Hunting 2018

    @PappyHiker You would love us out here Elk everywhere, antelope, and big horn sheep too. Well up in Northern New Mexico that is.
  8. dthomasdigital

    Hunting 2018

    Back home in Oklahoma, loved to duck and turkey hunt (sometimes right off the back porch). Now I'm in New Mexico and Elk is the big thing here.
  9. dthomasdigital

    Buy a Homestead

    I got my dream land purchased, now to win the lottery so I can build on it.
  10. dthomasdigital

    Medications during a SHTF.

    Nope not yet, at least you can keep the new pen injectors out for 28 days, but that is it and you still have to watch the temperature.
  11. dthomasdigital

    Medications during a SHTF.

    @zackmars funny you say root cellar, I've been looking at locations on my land for just such an thing. Once I find the perfect location I'm going to start getting the supplies together to build one.
  12. What a good question. Economic collapse is always a worry, maybe not in America as much as other places but I don't want to kid myself it could happen. We live in an almost cash free society now and I never did think it was a good idea to but all your eggs in one basket. So where would you go if the economy took a dump I'm not sure and it's something I've talked about but never really planned for. In the mean time I diversify, I keep cash on hand, and have plenty of items stocked to barter with, but lets face it, that will only go so far before if things get real bad the violence starts. I keep our passports up to date, just in case.
  13. dthomasdigital

    Large survival knife, or smaller knife and axe?

    Zombie apocalypse I'd use a pike.
  14. dthomasdigital

    howdy from east texas..

    Lived in Golden Triangle for a while loved to go up to the Taylor area and camp, East Texas is sure pretty, welcome aboard.
  15. I have roughly 250 gallons of water stored in 5 gallon and 1.5 gallon containers, and while I think I store it well, every year I like to replace that water. What we do is use the water stored in the containers to water the garden. It takes a few days but in the long run the garden gets watered and we waste nothing. I also use this time to look at my long term food storage and make sure what ever we need to rotate out we move to the pantry for cooking and replace that with fresh for storage. What did we rotate 3 lbs of oatmeal, 2 lbs of rice, 1 lbs of corn meal, 1 lbs bread crumbs. So what strategies do you use to rotate your supplies.