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  1. I have 3 exit routes out of this area (one of the reasons I moved to this location), I am also a volunteer for our emergency radio service and in C.E.R.T. so I get information on fires pretty fast. We are prepared we have the go bags pack checked and up-to-date, important papers and the pets go kits loaded and ready to go. We do test runs before every fire season, We can get up, dressed and out the door in 15 minutes flat, worst time was 25 minutes. That's me the wife, our son, the mother in law, 1 dog, and 2 cats. The tank is never below 1/2 tank ever, and a fire fighters trick the truck is always backed into the garage, if you really got to get out fast keeps you from backing into all the other people bugging out. Also all the radios (each person in the family has a radio assigned) have the forest service pre programmed, and we have a designated communication plan as well.
  2. Well I spoke to soon, new fire broke out to my east, picture from the backyard about 30 miles to my east, no pine trees out there just brush and some juniper trees. No wind so the planes and the helicopters should be able to put it down fast. Season got off to a late start but it's making up for lost time.
  3. Not to worried about my house or any of the houses around me. We all have xeriscaping with irrigation, we do however sit along a nature preserve and there is very dry brush it hit 105 degrees Fahrenheit yesterday so it's crispy out there. The current fire closes to me has started to get contained. I check this web site all the time during fire season. T
  4. I inject enough stuff all ready, I'll stick to the pills, and all the Indian food I eat.
  5. I got a lot of over the counter pain killers and a few heavy duty ones, plus lots of vodka.
  6. @KCM I am indeed diabetic Type 1, I take anything with my feet or eyes very seriously. I'm starting to be a real believer in Tumeric.
  7. The good news is the fire crews have built containment lines and the winds are driving to areas where fuel reduction efforts have been made as well as it's moving towards areas of older burn scars (we had a huge fire 5 years ago in the same area). Tanker plans are flying over the house about once an hour. They didn't mess around with this one.
  8. Going over the go bags today, a fire broke out yesterday at 10:56am and by 3:00pm it was all ready at 700 acres, with 200 homes evacuated and only 25 miles from my house. When you see the smoke plumes at this time of year I never get any flack from the family about having my preps. So the truck is backed into the garage, the pet carriers are by the door and the go bags are loaded. Now to keep an ear to the radio. It's never boring in the high desert of New Mexico.
  9. Funny what you can take to heal you, I've had foot pain for a while so bad sometimes I could not walk. I got a new doctor that was real big into natural remedies. Tumeric, Calcium, Vitamin D foot pain completely gone I'd say about 3 weeks after starting. A good thing is here in New Mexico we get the good coke from Mexico with pure cain sugar....so much better.
  10. I'm a real fan of Mountain House, I really like their scrambled eggs and bacon.
  11. I obviously need to increase my skill level on this subject. I learn something new here everyday.
  12. @Gary_Gough you're a power guy, how come I never put 2 and 2 together? Very cool I get to sit at my desk in the transmission control center. They never let me go to the field, well every now and then I get to go to a substation but they stare at me during the tailboard and say don't touch anything.
  13. Good timely post, the tics have arrived in New Mexico too. Of course the big worry for us this year is rattle snakes. We've had a wet spring (very odd for us as most springs we get zero rain), but the means more critters tics, spiders, snakes.
  14. I love this guy's videos, he really makes some amazing stuff.