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  1. New Major Update

    Awesome! Thanks @Thomas
  2. I learn something new everyday, but dang burnt hair sure does stink.
  3. It's pretty predictable we do have some swings up and down but for the most part we know what we are getting.
  4. Power company

    As they guy that keeps the lights on in this part of the would I agree a transformer and a line down should not be a 9 hour outage. Then again I work transmission and not distribution but that sure sounds sloppy to me.
  5. New here

    Hello from New Mexico!
  6. Don't forget the Pets they need a Bug out Bag too.

    Fantastic post.
  7. Oh and just what is our total average annual rain/snow fall in my part of New Mexico just 11 inches, that's it. Now up in the northern mountains they can get 100's of inches of snow, and that is how we survive, the snow pack.
  8. @Thomas Yesterday 2.2 inches of rain in less than an hour at my house. It's monsoon season out here we get 90% of our total annual rain between the last part of July and the first part of August. Do not play in the dry creek beds (we call them arroyos in New Mexico) and streams this time of year it could be raining up in the mountains and with no warning a wall of water can come your way. It's an awesome site but deadly.
  9. Quarterly Check time: How often do you check your preps?

    Now thats funny.
  10. Freeze dried, canned, or ?

    On my son and I's last fishing trip we tried out these flameless heaters on some MREs they worked pretty darn good.
  11. Quarterly Check time: How often do you check your preps?

    Why do you think I have a check list. It does however cover 2 cars, 2 houses, tool boxes, 5 bug out bags, work locations, and a radio shack.
  12. Quarterly Check time: How often do you check your preps?

    You vapers and your batteries, my son can burn through them, and dang the wattage on some of those contraptions.
  13. Quarterly Check time: How often do you check your preps? I try to stay on target and check my flashlights, spare batteries, fire extinguishers, radios, smoke/carbon monoxide detectors at least once per quarter. Of the the 32 flash lights I checked in the cars, bug out bags, every day carry, and just all about the place I had to replace 10 batteries (I don't like to go below 1.2 volts and one flash light was completely dead (that one has done that before might be time to replace the flash light and toss the old one). The inventory of my spare batteries tell me it's time to order some more AAAs. All my radios are in working order and fully charged; 4 mobile units in their charging stations and one base station all working fine, plus my mobile in the car. 5 fire extinguishers from 2lbs to 20lbs (the 20 lbs is a bit old and I think I will replace it, and use the old one to train the family). The Smoke/Carbon Monoxide detectors are all only about 7 months old but it never hurts to test and make sure all is well, anyone have a smoke detector in the garage? All this is tracked on a handy check list with all the notes of my findings, like I realized that we have no flashlights in the nightstands, pistols yes but no lights, might be time to get that light attachment I've been wanting. Don't forget to check those preps.
  14. ESEE Serrations?

    Look forward to the full review.
  15. Fire Season in the High Desert

    I know I would move, the back country out here, and some of the Indianan pueblo's are so remote I don't even want to hike in those areas.There is a reason we have the area called the BadLands.