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  1. dthomasdigital

    survival related humour

    Living in New Mexico I see road runners running from coyotes all the time it's surreal.
  2. dthomasdigital

    Picture a day thread!

    Placing flags yesterday for Memorial Day services Monday, my family's been doing this for a while now, just feels my heart with pride, I read every name on every grave I place a flag on.
  3. dthomasdigital

    Tips and tricks for the beginning skeet shooter

    I've never done skeet shooting, looks fun and not as near as frustrating as dove hunting.
  4. dthomasdigital

    Picture a day thread!

    I do like those Mora knifes, you need something to get the job done you just can't beat a Mora for the price.
  5. This weekend is Memorial Day Weekend with people doing all kinds of activities, and like many others I have one busy weekend scheduled. Friday my family traditionally places American Flags at the National Veterans Cemetery in Santa Fe, New Mexico, something that we are very honored to do, it’s such a beautiful and peaceful place. Then on Saturday I’m working the First Aid Station with my local CERT group on the Rio Grande River as the “Float the Rio Grande” event takes place. I’m really hoping people stay safe and wear those life jackets, as the River is flowing at a rate I’ve not seen in 20 years, a good snow pack this year has really pumped the water into the River. I created a good First Aid Station supplies check list for my self to make sure I bring all we may need as a supplement to our official supplies. I’ve included it here in word format in case you might have a use for it. Also I've started a new website The Citizen Medic it's not much right now but when I'm done I hope to have all my checklist and guides listed in one organized location. supplies first aid station.docx
  6. dthomasdigital


    Great write up and review.
  7. dthomasdigital

    Things I learned in my first training class

    Training is everything.
  8. dthomasdigital

    Stop The Bleed

    I started my stop the bleed Instructor class last night hope to start teaching soon, meeting with my local CERT (community emergency response team) tomorrow night to talk about that among other things. Has anyone on survival threads taken any Stop the bleed courses? If you have what did you like, what could gave been done better.
  9. I really like that Opinel saw, I have a couple similar ones and they get a work out on my property. Any good ideas on how to sharpen them?
  10. This is the truest statement I've ever read on this board. 😀I'd go with the 10 Moras, just cause I've always wanted to do that.
  11. dthomasdigital

    IFAK - My new Load out

    Here is a handy checklist with links to find the stuff you need for a family of 4 with pets, in word format. Let me know if you need it in another format. Added a pen light and a link to the SWAT-T Tourniquets for your pets. IFAK Inventory Full Inventory.docx
  12. dthomasdigital

    IFAK - My new Load out

    @adjee that's some good advice.
  13. dthomasdigital

    Colt pocket positive

    A few of years ago I got to go to the FBI qualifying range and they had two circa 1920 Tommy guns I got to shoot. Talk about feeling like Al Capone. Those things just throw the lead out and hard as hell to hit a target going full auto. So much fun though.
  14. dthomasdigital

    Colt pocket positive

    Someone took good care of that gun, it looks brand new.
  15. dthomasdigital

    Henry - U.S. Survival AR-7

    I love these old ads!