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  1. I've been needing to refill some supplies from food to first aid, I'd start with that.
  2. @zackmars those need to be stuffed with cheese, wrapped in bacon and deep fried......yum!
  3. Had a growth spurt on the pepper plants and even managed some tomatoes, but all is over it's suppose to hit 32 in the next couple of days at least I got one more zucchini too. I'll be roasting those chiles and making some mini rellenos.
  4. I pay through the nose for water here in New Mexico, I've been thinking about a water cistern system, at least during the monsoon season I'd not have to pay so much for water. I got the gutters all ready so I could funnel the water to underground storage.
  5. dthomasdigital

    Cooler with no Electricity

    Anyone see this, I wonder?
  6. dthomasdigital

    Hi yall

    Hey, but look what happens when somebody just says hi, we all come out of the wood work.
  7. We harvested the last of the zucchini yesterday, it was sad just 2 and we only got about 8 the whole growing season, I figure we have about 3 weeks before we have the first freeze so not sure but it will be soon I start getting all my green tomatoes off the vine. It was not a very productive year at the garden for sure. Better luck next year I hope.
  8. Gosh another move for you two, hope it's a good place for you. I have propane at the cabin and it works great, funny thing is we've been kicking around the idea of an electric water heater when the day comes we go to Solar.
  9. dthomasdigital

    Saws ?

    This tread just reminds me that I don't have near the inventory of tools that I should have, and saws are high on the list of things I need to look into.
  10. I kinda was watching for a while, I guess I should start back up so I know how it ends.
  11. Farm fresh eggs are the best sorry for the bad luck @zackmars
  12. You can say that again, can anyone tell me why my zucchini plants produced nothing but male flowers, I got like 4 zucchini's this year, so disappointing. Tomatoes, grapes, and apple tress got beat down during a massive hell storm we had (not to mention how odd such a storm in New Mexico is) had some nice roof damage too. The apricots got frozen on the tree due to the oddest flash freeze I've ever seen. So yes crappy in New Mexico too. Things like tomatoes are bouncing back so hope to get some to harvest soon, but we will be getting into cold weather soon out here in the High Desert so we will not have long. On a side note went to visit some friends in Minnesota over the summer and their huge garden was going crazy, they where giving bucket loads of food away, and their pickles where out of this world good! Us not even enough to can anything.
  13. dthomasdigital

    SURVIVAL necklace

    Very nice, idea indeed.
  14. dthomasdigital

    Blossom end rot fix (?) For tomatoes

    Nice tip, thanks.
  15. dthomasdigital

    SURVIVAL necklace

    I like that idea!