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  1. Diabetes Preparedness

    I got glucose tabs by the crate, it will be no insulin when the SHTF I worry about.
  2. So I'm doing my quarterly check of all things emergency in my home, flashlights, spare batteries, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, radios, and very important the mighty fire extinguishers. I'm wondering do you all have one in your home? The break down for us is; 1 20lbs in the garage, 1 5lbs in the kitchen, 1 more 5lbs one in the mother-in-law suite, 1 2lbs one in each car so that's 2, and one 2lbs for the outdoor grill. So that's 6 all together. I need to replace the 1 20lbs as it's 5 years old. I always donate the old one's to the fire department so they can use them in training.
  3. technical skill questions

    @Gary_Gough You always bring up stuff I never think about, then you say something and now I'm thinking about it. That being said I got no idea how to even start.
  4. Second time I read about a root cellar tonight, I think I need to look into that.
  5. Now this is a post! What great information, thanks @zackmars
  6. Medications during a SHTF.

    As an insulin dependent diabetic this is something I think about all the time. Those handy electronic blood glucose monitors are great but they need batteries and test strips what happens when they run out. What about my other medications, and those of the rest of my family? Well I guess I'm what you call a medication hoarder. I always fill prescriptions way before they run out and as a result over the years I've created my own little pharmacy. I've broken all our medications into 30 day supplies and now have enough to keep the rotation going for 12 months. Now insulin that's another story as it must remain refrigerated and for that I have a small refrigerator (with 2 more in a box) that runs on solar and batteries that works great but even then I am at the mercy of the supply. What do yo do with your medications, have any good ideas?
  7. The Best Ways To Get 10 Times More Potatoes

    Great ideas, I will have to try. you never know what you can do till you try. We got spinach and a broccoli harvest this year. It of course took bringing in some good dirt the red sand would not have cut it.
  8. When we built our house last year the thing I wanted was storage, and we have it everywhere now, so happy about that. I'll have to post some pictures of how it's organized. Great post @preppersgab
  9. The Best Ways To Get 10 Times More Potatoes

    How much water do potatoes need? I love them (even though I not suppose to eat them, high carbs and all). I would like to try growing them in the high desert.
  10. SurvivalThreads, Community and its Unique Position

    Thanks @Thomas this is my favorite prepping/learning place on the intertubes, it's laid back friendly and the people here are just respectful. Rare thing to find these days. Sure it's a little slower than other places but it's worth it.
  11. Hi all new guy from GA.

    Greetings from New Mexico!
  12. Kimchi

    @Thomas good luck on your adventure!
  13. Hello from the Philippines

    Hello from New Mexico.
  14. Hi there!

    Glad to see you and Welcome from New Mexico!
  15. Lucky you I love mora knifes (and wine).