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  1. Hello from the Philippines

    Hello from New Mexico.
  2. Hi there!

    Glad to see you and Welcome from New Mexico!
  3. Lucky you I love mora knifes (and wine).
  4. Fruit Trees planted now I need recipes.

    I like the @Rick thinks!
  5. Fruit Trees planted now I need recipes.

    Thanks these are great ideas!
  6. So the apple (honey crisp), cherry, and apricot tress are in, the cherry tree is a grafted variety (it grows 4 kinds of cherries). Now I need recipes. I know how to can a little bit but what else can you do. How long to jams and jellies keep?
  7. Fitness levels

    Oh this is my weakest link, I so need to be in better shape.
  8. Harvey pictures

    If anyone ever ask why you prep show them @zackmars pictures, scary stuff.
  9. Harvey pictures

    Be safe @zackmars hope you have an escape plan, keep that boat handy.
  10. local emergencies near you?

    Stay safe all you gulf coaster's!
  11. Improved First Aid Kit (IFAK) List

    Well at least in NM we have excellent good Samaritan laws, however it's best to only do up to your training.
  12. New Major Update

    Awesome! Thanks @Thomas
  13. I learn something new everyday, but dang burnt hair sure does stink.
  14. It's pretty predictable we do have some swings up and down but for the most part we know what we are getting.
  15. Power company

    As they guy that keeps the lights on in this part of the would I agree a transformer and a line down should not be a 9 hour outage. Then again I work transmission and not distribution but that sure sounds sloppy to me.