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  1. dthomasdigital

    Stop The Bleed

    I started my stop the bleed Instructor class last night hope to start teaching soon, meeting with my local CERT (community emergency response team) tomorrow night to talk about that among other things. Has anyone on survival threads taken any Stop the bleed courses? If you have what did you like, what could gave been done better.
  2. I really like that Opinel saw, I have a couple similar ones and they get a work out on my property. Any good ideas on how to sharpen them?
  3. This is the truest statement I've ever read on this board. 😀I'd go with the 10 Moras, just cause I've always wanted to do that.
  4. dthomasdigital

    IFAK - My new Load out

    Here is a handy checklist with links to find the stuff you need for a family of 4 with pets, in word format. Let me know if you need it in another format. Added a pen light and a link to the SWAT-T Tourniquets for your pets. IFAK Inventory Full Inventory.docx
  5. dthomasdigital

    IFAK - My new Load out

    @adjee that's some good advice.
  6. dthomasdigital

    Colt pocket positive

    A few of years ago I got to go to the FBI qualifying range and they had two circa 1920 Tommy guns I got to shoot. Talk about feeling like Al Capone. Those things just throw the lead out and hard as hell to hit a target going full auto. So much fun though.
  7. dthomasdigital

    Colt pocket positive

    Someone took good care of that gun, it looks brand new.
  8. dthomasdigital

    Henry - U.S. Survival AR-7

    I love these old ads!
  9. dthomasdigital

    IFAK - My new Load out

    On the eye protection, the guys teaching the class had a few military field medics teaching, they made it pretty clear that good eye protection served them very well, I figured they knew what they were talking about so I added it to my kits.
  10. dthomasdigital

    New Opinel #6

    Nice I have a few wood handle knifes and I've always liked how it feels in my hand.
  11. Oh how I wish I had a volcano.
  12. dthomasdigital

    Henry - U.S. Survival AR-7

    Every time I see your posts I realize how little I know about fire arms. Thanks for the information.
  13. I'd like to relocate to my own little island, fat chance but oh would it be nice.
  14. dthomasdigital

    IFAK - My new Load out

    @Wyzyrd that is a good catch, I would never use Latex gloves so not sure at all why I have that, editing the list.
  15. dthomasdigital

    IFAK - My new Load out

    This weekend I took a very detailed oriented class on stopping catastrophic hemorrhaging, you know gun shot wounds, stab wounds, crushing wounds all the stuff you never every want to have to deal with. I learned a lot and the training was top notch. The instructors included combat field medics, fire department paramedics, and law enforcement. Folks that have been in the field and used these tested techniques. Like I said I learned a lot, like how painful a tourniquet is and unless it hurts you did it wrong, what it feels like to have a tourniquet on long enough for your hand to turn white and get no pulse, and what it feels like to have a 250 lbs man plant his knee in your groin and stop all blood flow to your leg (pro tip it hurts like hell). I also realized my IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) really looked more like a normal first aid kit, it had to much filler band aids, antibacterial ointment, aspirin, and just lots of stuff I all ready had in my normal first aid kit, the purpose of the IFAK is completely different the military definition says "the Individual First Aid Kit increases individual war-fighter capabilities to provide Self-Aid/Buddy-Aid and provides interventions for two leading causes of death on the battlefield, severe hemorrhage and inadequate airway". Now for us civilians you never know when you may come up on a car crash, industrial accident, or God forbid a shooting or other terrorist attack, with that in mind and with my new training I revised what I carry in my IFAK. Below is what I consider the best load out for a IFAK and even this might be a bit much. As you can see a few items in here require advanced training and I urge you to find it and go get it and then practice it. My poor wife and son can attest to how many times I've placed a tourniquet on them. Got questions, got ideas let me know. IFAK LOAD OUT Small MOLLIE Pouch (1): Z-Pak Dressing (2) 4 ½ x 4.1 yards: Rolled Gauze 3” (1): 5X9 Surgical Pads (1): Sharpie Pen (1): Nitrile Gloves (2): Face Mask (2): Eye Protection (1): Anti-Bacterial Wipes (4): Medical Shears (1): 6” Israeli Combat Bandage (1): 4”x4” IDF bandage Combat Action Tourniquet Gen 7 (1): Nasopharyngeal Airway 28fr (1): Surgical Lubricant 5 grams (2): Hyfin Chest seals vented (2): Celox Rapid Ribbon 1” x 5ft (2): Space Blanket 52" x 84 (1):