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  1. 1stmeridian

    ViperSharp precision knife sharpener

    Just wanted to update this thread. Vipersharp has gone through some significant upgrades including angle markings, better base and a new stone attachment. Diamond abrasives are coming soon and a heavier base will soon be available. Here is a more recent video showing quite a bit of detail.
  2. With over 600 units sold in the first year of business I'm now taking pre orders for 50 sets of diamond abrasives for the ViperSharp system. It has gone through a lot of upgrades this year including a new base, updates to the base and finally diamond hones and a heavy quartz base. I have ordered 50 diamond sets that will be available to ship be the end of November. Get your Christmas gifts now! I'll have more info coming out on my Facebook page and my email newsletter on Saturday so you guys are the first to hear of it. (image used here is not the quartz base) http://ViperSharp.com http://Facebook.com/vipersharp
  3. I have a couple. I've been working with the wild edibles scene for a few years with http://WildUtahEdibles.com and just launched #Vipersharp on Kickstarter (http://vipersharp.com) for my guided knife sharpener I created. I know there are many out there but I feel that I created something unique that adds to the market and improves upon so many issues that existed. that was my goal and it's made in the USA and if nothing else it will do what the best do at a lower price for the complete system! I"ll have more Youtube videos coming for the ViperSharp channel to review knives as well as feature the details of teh ViperSharp. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCchl3Mc7W7nEcglBa1lwXXw
  4. ViperSharp is available on Kickstarter now. It's been a long road with lots of challenges but the end result is a precision sharpening system that kicks butt and won't break the bank. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mikewood/vipersharp-the-best-precision-knife-sharpener-0 Want to know how it's different? http://vipersharp.com/vipersharp-gear/why-vipersharp/ (Video coming soon!) Get yours while they are cheap! Retail will be $150-$160 for the basic system with none of the extras.
  5. 1stmeridian

    ViperSharp precision knife sharpener

    Thanks for the questions. I updated the FAQ on the kickstarter page with these as well. Does the spherical bearing have a teflon or metal bushing? The bearing is all metal to allow consistent smooth operation. It is self lubing and should never wear out. Are there angle markings on the Post? There will be a sticker on the post for a general guide to angles but keep in mind that with any system like this the angle will change based on your blade and blade placement. For exact angles the ViperSharp will accommodate a magnetic digital angle finder.
  6. 1stmeridian

    ViperSharp precision knife sharpener

    The ViperSharp was created because of problems with other systems such as one of those you mentioned. There are several reasons ViperSharp works better than other systems. Some of them are listed here. There is also a video as well as a page on www.ViperSharp.com that details this. No slop in the guide rod movement No limit to angles with this fully adjustable system Quick and easy change of stones for different grits No damage to the blade from the clamp or stones This is another video that helps show the issues I set out to address with this system.
  7. Thanks! Yes, I will have a whole array of stones available. Basically anything you want. I' planning to add a set of real coarse stones as well as a set of fine polishing stones before the kickstarter ends. I'm also working hard to source a manufacturer for diamond stones. Just need to nail that down good.
  8. ViperSharp is just coming available today through kickstarter! Seriously a great sharpening system. I know I'm biased but just check the reviews and YouTube. Http://ViperSharp.com
  9. This does a pretty good job explaining. Just a great option for sharpening.