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  1. First Aid

    All the time. I think CAT tourniquets are the worst. Most, if not all fakes come from china This is the label on a real one
  2. Music

    It's that simple? Geez.
  3. First Aid

    Looks like a sof-t wide tourniquet. If it's legit, its a great choice, i prefer them over all the others I've tried I have close to ten of the things attaced to various plate carriers and other med kits
  4. Music

    I've been really getting into synthwave lately, esp. Gunship, and perturbator NSFW videos, especially perturbator. One day, i will figure out how to embed, but i still won't do it because I'm lazy
  5. Harvey pictures

    A few restaurants have closed permanently. Not much else. Of course a good number of people have also moved
  6. Mossberg 590A1

    Its not that bad. Not exactly the best source on this, i tend to carry long arms at low ready, with a few exceptions
  7. Mossberg 590A1

    So far the new safety is holding up Been trying out the magpul SGA stock, and its quite nice. I still think it looks terrible, and it's a PITA to loosen the bolt every time you want to remove the trigger pack, but the buttpad is nice and soft, and you can easily adjust the LOP and comb height
  8. Harvey pictures

    I have to add, you can't prepare for a storm like Harvey. You can try, but you'll run yourself ragged jumping at every storm coming your way, especially when 99.999999% of them either turn away at the last second, or just give some wind and rain It wasn't inching its way to us as a cat 4, it was just going to be a cat 1 at most. In a period less than a few hours, it kicked up to a 4, and hit land. Then it stayed there. It would be like if you drove into a parked car at 2 mph, and instead of a little shake, both cars blew up.
  9. Harvey pictures

    Thanks. This won't be like Katrina, the factors that made Katrina such a soup sandwich just simply aren't here, from city layout, culture, all the way down to LEO competence... All the stories about looting and murder are coming out of the areas they always do, for lack of a better term, the "bad parts" of town. Looters don't last long here anyways, people will ride out cat 5's just to protect their stuff from looters. As for FEMA, they didn't learn from Katrina or Ike, so I doubt they'll be any better this time around. But they aren't telling all the aid groups to shove it this time around (AFAIK), so who knows. The only people here who have faith in the system are the ones who haven't gone through this before.
  10. Harvey pictures

    These were the only cars i could get a good pic of, there were at least 6 other ones. No water or bread at krogers, very little lunch meat Some places the water level was at about 10 feet
  11. Harvey pictures

  12. Hurricane escape tips

    Kinda left this for awhile, but harvey has me in the hurricane mood, so the part 4 i never delivered Scenario, it's the last few hours before the weather turns, but in the frenzy, you forgot to get a loaf of bread, or milk. The big supermarkets will either be empty, or closed. Small, local convenience stores might have stuff. It won't be much, but it beats having nothing Have a large flashlight, like an old 6 D-cell mag-lite, with an LED conversion. It won't be super bright, but it will last forever, and is difficult to loose. Speaking of light, lanterns are awesome. I'm a big fan of the streamlight siege's, but most any quality lantern will work well. Again, stick to LED. Avoid any glass Have a lot of USB battery cores. Stash them all over the place, your purse, your car, bathroom, etc. Putting your phone/tablet in airplane mode will also help charge faster, and avoid wasting the charge. Information is critical, and here in the US, nothing beats NOAA, no matter how much you like your local weatherman. NOAA will get you critical info, and nothing else. No politics, no news anchors saying how aweful it all is. Have multiple back ups of sensitive documents, computer hard drives, SD cards, thumb drives, whatever, just have copies. Have a way to your roof, if its through the ceiling, keep some tools and signalling equipment in the attic, near the access point We have another band coming in, so I'll close this out. What advantages are there to staying? You have more space to store supplies, and aren't limited to what you can stuff in your trunk You can protect your home and possessions from looters You can begin cleaning up immediately, you don't have to wait for the water to come down to cut up your carpet and float it out Keep a level head, have some books, scale model kits, hell even legos, to keep you entertained. You can be there for days
  13. Harvey pictures

    Eh. I think the worst part is over, but we still have rain coming, at least untill friday Yup! And thanks! Thanks, and there are several areas that are decently high up around us, should it ever come to that Yup. I'm pretty much stuck here, unless i wanted to go kayaking in the ditches. Can't even drive to the nearby convenience store, much less a real supermarket. If i could, I'd be there yesterday, but the truck couldn't go through some of the water I'd have to go through to get there, plus the boat would probably float off it's trailer. I have all the respect in the world for the people who are pitching in. We have a few tools and some signalling equipment in our attic for this very reason
  14. Harvey pictures

  15. Harvey pictures