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  1. Every Day Carry Active Shooter First Aid Kit

    Please do not advertise like this, here, see rule 10 https://survivalthreads.com/rules/ We have a thread that is more appropriate for promoting your business, here. Thanks.
  2. Please cut out this condescending attitude.
  3. Pistol or Revolver for Concealed Carry?

    Except 9mm 147gr out of short barrels DOES expand Skin is different, bone structure is different, CNS is different, reactions are different. Ever seen a deer shoot back, or wear body armor? I haven't Again, you show your ignorance of modern ammo. Modern JHP's dont get clogged. Look at any test of gold dot or HST I don't know hoelw to get close enough to an animal to hit it with my ccw piece? You make a lot of assumptions. I hope you stop it, because it's already wearing thin. Hunting out of your car, spotlighting animals is illegal in a great many states. If it was legal here in texas, i still wouldn't do it. Shooting animals from my car using a concealed handgun is ridiculous, and I'm not sure how that is supposed to prove your point. As far as how many animals you've shot, if I'm going to buy into anecdotal data, I'd look at the FBI's compilation and inspection of OIS's, where details like gun, caliber, shot placement, etc. Oddly enough, the best performers there are the rounds that do the best in ballistics gelatin Again, most modern JHP's do not get smashed shut on bone hits. It's not the 70's. Outclassed? By you? Who thinks its still 1973, and shooting animals is better than data like ballistics testing, backed by hundreds upon hundreds of actual shootings? I'm not going to keep this going, no sense in arguing with someone who can't even entertain the thought of being wrong
  4. Pistol or Revolver for Concealed Carry?

    Yes, ballistics gelatin is better, animals aren't exactly humans, and are different in many many ways. Ballistics gelatin gives you a consistent result that can be compared to other ballistics gel tests As for 147 gr performance out of short barrels, I've seen hogs dropped with ranger t, hst, and gold dots, and they expanded perfectly out of a G26. We have a shooting timer. Out of a fullsize cz75b, glock 17, g26, walther ppq and pps, vp9sk. her split with the cz75b was 1.5 seconds faster, but she greatly preferred the sig's size and ergonomics. Limited are strength doesn't mean someone can't shoot. So please stop making assumptions. I'm know what I'm talking about. I'm not the one MMQB'ing an event i have no clue about.
  5. Pistol or Revolver for Concealed Carry?

    Yeah, she was really bluffing when she shot the guns, all with 147 gr lawman It's not the 1970's if you think the 9mm sucks out of short barrels and animal testing is where its at, your info is seriously out of date. By close to 4 decades Energy doesn't mean much, a love tap from a bus that knocks you over imparts more energy than some calibers She doesn't need some light for caliber projectile. In very few situations is that ever an appropriate answer. I love how you can judge the abilities of my customers better than i can, despite you having ZERO first hand knowledge of the event.
  6. Pistol or Revolver for Concealed Carry?

    She shot several guns before buying, including kahrs. She liked the sig, and could use it fine
  7. Power company

    I'm glad i bought a nintendo switch. Being able to plop it down and be able to destroy people in Mario kart 8 is awesome, power outage be damned
  8. Power company

    Powers been on for maybe 30 minutes, thunder, rain and lightning going outside, mad dash to recharge everything, and check on the gennys. Yay
  9. Mossberg 590A1

    Yup. This gun is kept "cruiser ready" (mag tube full, empty chamber) so tbe saftey isn't a big deal. I hardly ever use it anyway, but i dislike having broken parts on my guns.
  10. Power company

    15 hours so far. Saw work trucks drive by, so hopefully its over soon. Some more details. Calling the provider, we were given a serious run around, one CS rep refused to even give us her name. After a few minutes, se said "janet". Most likely not her actual name. She told us to contact an "engineer or supervisor" but did not tell us how to do that Quoted times to get the power back on ranged from 8 last night, to 10 am today. This is also like the 3rd outage we've had this month On the bright side, i have a nice collections of streamlight and surefire flashlights since implementing "buy one off amazin after every outage"
  11. Mossberg 590A1

    The gun could still fire, it could also fire when placed on safe. I also could not bring the slide all the way to the rear, and could not load another round due to the little metal piece floating around the reciver. Not sure what could have caused it, most likely poor QC slipped through the cracks
  12. Power company

    Not going to drop names, not yet anyhow. A power outage is no big deal to me, I'm plenty capable of being self reliant. Extra food, water, generators, you name it. But when i pay good money for a service you provide, i expect you to deliver. I can understand interruptions for various acts of god, but a simple blown transfomer and downed line should not translate into 9 hours without power, or running water (we have well water) and to lie to my face and say 3000 people in my area code are without power (a quck drve disproves this) I'm tired, I'll try to get some sleep and come back to add more detail
  13. Mossberg 590A1

    Got it back today, entire saftey assembly was replaced, gun was testfired 6 times, 3 rounds of 2 3/4 inch field loads, and 3 rounds of 3 inch field loads. If it wasn't raining id hit the range, but they're flooded out
  14. Mossberg 590A1

    Looks like its going back to mossberg. I hadn't shot the gun in awhile, but the saftey was pretty stiff, so i was cycling it on and off. After a bit, it suddenly became really easy to use, and i heard a rattling noise in the reciever. Put the gun on safe, and dry fired it. The rear leg of the saftey broke off, and the gun could fire on safe. Emailed mossberg, they sent me a pre-paid label to send it back.
  15. Pistol or Revolver for Concealed Carry?

    If it's not about insulting people, why did you use an insult? Calling someone a tool, is an insult. Period, full stop. Yes, i am protecting my self with guns. I also protect myself with clothes, saftey glasses, masks, fire extinguishers, etc I'd be much more willing to debate, but you seem to have little to no intrest in that, instead preferring to insult members and other mods, and troll the forum, and then run away when you elicit a reaction.