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  1. didn't get any email or pm, sorry. the way you said it made it seem as if someone said that people carrying would be a cause, sorry if i misread, but that didn't seem too clear to me. Japan didn't really care about civilian weapons, the popular "behind every blade of grass" comment is fiction, and a country that is willing to strap pilots to suicide rocket bombs probably isn't too concerned with a bunch of hunters and plinkers. in any case, they couldn't launch a ground attack on the CONUS and support it. if anything dissuaded them on a conventional ground attack on the mainland US, it was that. we were more concerned with the Japanese fanaticism, not something i have the attention span to get into, but its an interesting topic to look into. in closing, i would also add that gun control isn't a singular concept, it could be as "loose" as the current US federal regulations, or as strict as it is in the UK or AUS. so, yeah, it is possible. will it work? depends on your definition of "work"...
  2. Ive got one of those too! Lord only knows how many rounds have been put through it
  3. Based off the Mossberg 500, the 590A1 has a number of features that were requested by the military, including a metal safety, and trigger group, heavy walled barrel, and bayonet lug. This isn't an upland game gun, with 9 shells of 00 buck (the gun has an 8 round tube, and can hold 1 in the chamber) the thing weighs around 10 pounds, or about 4.5 kilos. Various models exist, and can have different barrel lengths, different stocks and fore ends, different trigger and saftey packs, and different sights. This particular one has the standard polymer furniture, 8+1 capacity, 20" barrel, and ghost ring sights. Like most new pumps, the action is rather stiff, and will require working in, as will the mag tube, filling it up amd letting it sit for a day or two often fixes this. Whichever barrel you get, 20, 18.5, or 14, the barrel will have a cylinder choke, which is to say it is a perfect cylinder. Should you want to thread it for chokes, the barrel is more than thick enough to handle it. The stock is compatible with other Mossberg stocks, so if you don't like what you've got, it's easy to fix. The polymer on the stock is nice and thick, and has a really nice recoil pad, but the stock is LLLLOOOONNNNGGGG. a 14.25" length of pull can make the gun quite the pain to use, many replacement options exist. The shotgun has a 3 inch chamber, so you have a good variety of loads to pick from. It should be noted, depending on the shell length and crimp type, capacity will also be effected. The ghost ring sights are very nice, the rear is adjustable for elevation, and the front can be drifted for windage. You can get tritium front sight blades if you wish. The finish is a nice grey phosphate, the regular 500's and 590's are blued, recievers (aluminum) are anodized. I was only able to run 75 rounds of low brass #8, but aside from action stiffness, the gun ran perfect. As i continue to use this gun, i will update this thread.
  4. I dont particularly care about getting in the last word... But thats in the past. I don't know if you can self delete posts or not, are you sure you'd want ? Some good info got hashed out here...
  5. You may not have said it specifically, but you've made several comments that allude to this. They aren't easier to train on, requiring more work of a shooter. Same goes for pump guns. It really doesn't matter what you carry. And revolvers are not any more intuitive than any other firearm, reloads are where the semi excels over a revolver Please for the sake of this conversation, stop repeating the same arguments. Many people struggle with revolvers, the cylinder latch and ejector rod messes up tons of people, i addressed this several comments ago. Compare this with an auto loader, whick ejects empties automatically. Do you have any actual data saying revolvers are more intuitive? What is your sample size? 2, 10, 20 shooters? I didn't miss any points, and I'm not dissagreeing with the ones I'm disagreeing with out of spite, or to be a contrarian, but because they don't hold up to scrutiny or real world data. Ive said this before, not all guns are fit for all people, but to plainly say things like "hey look at Jim Cirillo, he didn't pump his shotgun" as proof that things like double barrels are just plain superior, is a logical fallacy. I'm breaking contact here. You are just repeating the same arguments posted earlier, and when i bite, you just run back to "hey i carry an auto loader" and "this thread is about a family pistol" Peace.
  6. Semis are far more reliable than you make them out to be, if they were even half as bad as you make them out to be, nobody'd use them. Are we going to keep going around in circles on this? You can keep it simple as you want, but that simplicity comes with a price, and that price is how much manipulation you have to perform, often during reloads. And if you need to do a reload under stress, a simple mag instert beats the ever loving piss out of a speed loader, or loose cartridges. It might be more mechanically complex, but the human element is far more likely to fail, vs the mechanical. I've been charged by hogs, I've been armed with pump guns and auto loaders, it still doesn't make the argument you seem to think it does. A "simple" firearm is never a replacement for training. Never in a million years. Period.
  7. Hunting is not the same as shooting a guy. You can say how fine auto loaders and double barrels are just because all you need to do is pull the trigger, but that doesn't do you any good when you are shocked to the point you can't move. Yes, i have had loaded guns pointed at me, once a guy did it in anger. I've also pointed guns at people. Not sure what this has to do with anything. Hunting doesn't have anything to do with this either So tell me, if you are shocked to the point you are unable to do anything? Are you really going to know "oh boy, better pull that trigger again!"? Extremely doubtful.
  8. Sounds like he would have forgotten to pull that second trigger, or the trigger again as well. That doesn't make a case for a particular firearm, what it does make a case for, however, is training. Bullets hardly ever do what we want them to, so you train and practice, so that when that 00 buck, 9mm, 5.56, .50BMG doesn't stop the threat, you don't act all shocked and surprised.
  9. I resemble that remark! Cutting out soda was hard for me, now I'm addicted to Gatorade.
  10. Black powder is best powder, unless you are the one cleaning the gun...
  11. Nobody's really concerned about topic creep. It happens, and it can lead to learning. Of course, you ARE the OP... The question wasn't about teaching, them. Instead it was about the absence of teaching Which experts are you referring to? Police carry snubbies because you can get them really small, yet still have most of your ammo, and aren't stuck with something like .32 acp or .380 As for pistol variations, you also have lots of bad revolvers, like Taurus. If you can't make an informed decision on autos, chances are you can't do it with a revolver. Having a cylinder doesn't ward off crappy manufacturers. The people who go to the range, or the gun store, are regular people. You can try and joke all you want about tacticool mall ninjas, but they aren't even a precentage of the people who walk in our doors I never said you did say that. But a firearm that requires more of the shooter (this is undebateable) is not good for them. I'm not just commenting only to be right, just giving you the facts I've seen that have been shot down, built, and reinforced by hundreds of new, and experienced shooters, from all walks of life. Not sure where this hostility is coming from, but if you want, i will happily exit this thread.
  12. I have seen that exact scenario happen. Once they were shown how to best rack a handgun slide, they did far better with the semis. Stop dismissing semis outright. How do you open a revolver cylinder? By pushing a button How to you kick the rounds out? By shoving a small rod backwards several times How do you load new rounds? By fumbling with 6 or so loose cartridges OR getting a speedloader, and inserting it, then pulling the plug out while keeping the loader in place Then you close the cylinder. Did you not read the part where i told you how to rack a slide? Why don't they have an UPLULA? Every gun store I've ever been in has them, or knock offs that work just as well. In addition, you only need to load a mag once, and you can have multiples, and almost every hangun ever comes with at least two. What is with you and bad primers? They happen nowhere near as often as you seem to think. Our rental range will comp a mag if there is a malfunction, and thats because it almost never happens. If you get a click instead if a bang, you should clear the gun, what if it's empty? Are you juat going to keep dry firing your gun? You don't need to use a saftey on a handgun, and you cant get handguns that have true double strike capability. Cost? Police trade ins, or something like a canik. Done. Just stop. This is getting really old, and you are now just repeating tired old arguments that I've already addressed. Eta, every auto handgun ive had pass trough my hands (that were new) came with a simple mag loader
  13. Gun control is a topic thats been in fashion here recently. Martial law is not some singular idea, as in, whoever "declares" it is able to pick and choose whichever rights they want. Firearms are almost guaranteed to be restricted, especially since freedom of speech/press, freedom of assembly (among others) tend to be restricted. Nobody said martial law will be declared because of a downward trend in crime due to increase in concealed carry. That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. The topic just happened to creep to gun control
  14. My logic is, pick a pistol, and take how ever many items you want!