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  1. lol thanks. It really isn't that bad, maybe every 10 years you'll get anything over a category 3, storms like ike, katrina, and sandy are really rare
  2. There was a site run by a guy who lived through the yugoslavian civil war, but for the life of me i can't find it Ah, here it is http://www.shtfplan.com/emergency-preparedness/a-survival-q-a-living-through-shtf-in-the-middle-of-a-war-zone_10252011 I bring this up alot to people with shtf fantasies
  3. zackmars

    Wishlist Wants

    Wishlist? Hmm, a nice waterproof storage bag, 25" long I do a lot of kayaking, so a good bag is incredibly useful Gore-tex clothing/boots
  4. Kinda comes with the territory, living in a natural disaster prone area. Otherwise, it's just common sense to me, I have no crystal ball, I can't tell the future, so to make up for that, I prepare for as many situations as possible.
  5. It would be nice to have a section where we could post about survival/shtf situations, rather than putting it in with general discussion
  6. we evacuated for katrina, we had sort of a caravan, 6 cars and trucks in total, heading towards an indian reservation/campground in Livingston, over 100 miles away, (and it was still hit hard) We decided that we would al leave a different times (i cant remember why) Anyway, we left when everyone else was evacuating, and we were stuck in traffic for over 5 hours (normally a 1 1/2 hour drive) If we had to stop and get gas, we would have been stuck there all day
  7. On, and chainsaws, cutting down trees by hand sucks
  8. keep track of the weather, and have somewhere to go, and either leave early, or at the last minute While "wait till the last minute" sounds like HORRIBLE advice, it actually isn't, and allows you to avoid lots of traffic Keep a good amount of supples in your bug out location, as you may not have anything to come back to Keep a few generators ready to go, they can be a lifesaver if you need to evacuate, take everything of value, family photos, passports, heirlooms, cash, valuable metals, guns, ammo, etc, because if your area gets hit hard, there will be looters Emergency radios are worth their weight in gold. have lots of gas, for cars and generators Plywood, a month before ike hit, not a single place had plywood, people were buying corregated tin, because there was no plywood. Tarps, and garbage bags, for clean up and keeping things dry stay out of puddles, ive had friends bitten by water moccasins hiding in puddles Do not expect FEMA to help you
  9. zackmars

    Whats Your Favorite Knife Sharpening System

    Lansky is my go to, but if i need quick and dirty (usually for a cheap knife) i have a cheap wuesthoff manual sharpener I dont use it much, as my knives tend to hold their edge
  10. zackmars

    anyone else have a small recon pack?

    what do you use for food? I have a downloaded mre, but it takes up a good bit of room
  11. Swiss army knife, sportsman, to be exact. don't need much when you are chilling at the house
  12. we ended up replacing the entire stairway, and parts of the deck
  13. upstairs was untouched, aside from some small roof leaks, but that was fixed easily enough. the bottom story actually held together better than it was supposed to, durring hurricanes and floods, all the walls are supposed to break away as to not stress the supports, but it held together fine
  14. we just cleaned it up, we didn't bother fixng the down stairs, as that would have been WAY too much work. It took a few days to get it all picked up, snce we had the whole family help.
  15. zackmars

    Hello from Texas!

    Thanks all!
  16. Hey everyone! Just joined up, and am excited to learn all sorts of new things!
  17. huh, the glock knife is probably one of the lightest fixed blades i own The m9 is a frggin tank
  18. zackmars

    To go or stay put ?

    i havw a bunch moe pics of my grandparents house somewhere I can post the here or IM you of you want
  19. the softer the steel of the blade, the better it works. It will also scratch up the finish something fierce
  20. zackmars

    To go or stay put ?

    This was just our back yard
  21. zackmars

    To go or stay put ?

    the wind and rain will calm down, you then have maybe an hour, the wind and rain will pick up by that time. Ill get more pics in a second
  22. zackmars

    To go or stay put ?

    it takes probably a day Usually about halfway through, when we are in the "eye" we can clean up a little, but we have to hunker down for part two The last big one we had was Ike, and it looked like Hiroshima, entire blocks were gone. Galveston island was under 13' of water alone. We got off lucky, and only had a few inches, and only needed new carpet. other places bore the brunt of it. Things like this are still a common sight
  23. More knowledge is never a bad thing. Its suprising how many "preppers" refuse to take basic forst aid courses. I don't have much myself (basic first aid course, and some general knowledge picked up from living with 4 nurses), however compared to some people I am a brain surgeon!
  24. zackmars

    To go or stay put ?

    Depends on what constitutes SHTF? The most likely SHTF scenario for me is a hurricane. We have a very nice BOL, but its a ways away, even by car. While that is a disadvantage during say, a nuclear war, it is perfect for hurricanes, where you want to be inland. as long as it's not a hurricane, I will stay where I am