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    2k report Hit 2k today. Gun runs. And runs, and runs. Not a single instance of BTF or eratic ejection. The gun passes the test where you shoot a round with no mag in the gun Finish holds up well, though i haven't done that many draws with it yet. Its not as slick as the gen 4 finish, which is nice.the barrel has lost a bit more of its finish compared to my gen 4 G19, but it isn't going to rust due to the type of finish it has. Zero complaints. The trigger isn't as nice as the PPQ, but the glock is much simpler, and more consistent over high round counts without cleaning. Plus i can make stupid things like this now
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    Put 920 rounds though it today I mixed up a few hundred rounds of speer frangible, winchester forged, Wolf wpa, 124gr hst and it ate everthing Target was 25 yards out, shot with 147gr speer gold dot
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    Its worth trying the 19x, its a G17 frame on a G19 slide, so the gun handles better thanks to the shorter barrel and longer grip. No finger grooves, aggressive texture on the grip, and a really nice barrel help a lot. Size wise, this is in the same relm as the VP9/P30/PPQ, but you get 17 rounds in a standard mag. This is IMHO the pinnacle of glocks. I'm normally not a fan of commander style guns, but the x might just convince me
  4. The walther PPQ is a polymer framed, striker fired handgun chambered in 9mm, .40s&w, and .45acp. The one i have is chambered in 9mm The handgun is pretty standard fare, a 4" bbl, polygonal rifling, 15 round capacity, and weighs 23oz unloaded. You have a picatinny rail on the dust cover so you can mount pretty much whatever you want On the m2 models, you have a standard push button magazine release, this can be reversed if you are left handed. The slide release is fuly ambidextrous. The slide has forward slide serrations, and the serrations in general work very well. The sights are plastic white 3 dot sights, fortunately replacing them couldn't be simpler. Instead of being dovetailed in, the rear sight sits in a channel, and is secured by a grooved detent that interfaces with a flat sided screw. This means you can remove the rear sight in seconds, and adjusting windage is super easy. The front sight is wedged in by a small set screw, most aftermarket sights use a glock style screw and post Shooting this gun i find is a treat. The trigger is amazing, and its what sold me on this gun after shooting only 4 rounds. It's nice and crisp, much like a high end 2 stage trigger. The reset is extremely short, and if you aren't careful, you might be able to bump fire the gun. Some people find the PPQ to have more felt recoil than say, a Glock 19, but in my case, I've found the opposite to be true. The gun comes with 2 backstraps to aid in fit Accuracy is very good, unfortunately i cant find any of my targets, so the test one will have to suffice for now. It's extremely easy to get these types of groups Reliability has been good, I've put 3,000 rounds through the gun, and have only had 1 malfunction. I had shot about 250 rounds of speer lawman 147gr, and was partially through a magazine when i had a failure to feed. The fired round ejected fine, but the next round in the mag was not picked up. Running the action remedied the failure, and have not had it happen again, despite going so far as to mix various brands of brass and steel case together. I lean towards an ammo issue. The finish is very tough, and has held up well to the heat, humidity, sweat, and holster wear I've put it through Overall, the PPQ is a very good gun, while it lacks the pure simplicity of say, a glock, it makes up for it IMHO with some much appreciated creature comforts. Aftermarket isn't huge, but holsters are no problem, and walther is in my experience more than willing tosend you replacement parts. It's not a gun I'd reccomend to someone with no experience, but if you can handle it, the gun won't be the limiting factor. Cost is around 500-600 USD, depending on where you buy.
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    Mossberg 590A1

    Got the gun back today. The part is still the parkerized version, and they replaced all the same stuff they did last time, and test fired it 6 times. The repair list has different nomenclature than the list from the last repair, probably the same parts though. Safety feels like it did before it broke. Hopefully it holds up.
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    Mossberg 590A1

    i found a tamper proof bit set on amazon, we'll see how that works out before i do anything i might regret. If that doesn't pan out, I'll just dremel the safety button off, back out the screw with some pliers and get a bunch of replacement parts off numrich.
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    Mossberg 590A1

    Haven't gotten my gun back yet, but i took a look at my shockwave and 835,. The part that is breaking on the 590a1 is phosphated, while the same part on the other guns are silver-y. They haven't broken yet, so that specific part might be the way to go as far as replacing it myself.
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    Large survival knife, or smaller knife and axe?

    I'd go with a machete plus a smaller fixed blade. And a small folder. But I'd totally rock my BMF
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    Medications during a SHTF.

    Have a small fridge set up with batteries and solar for my insulin as well. Door is locked, the fridge and batteries are kept off the ground, but are still secured to the floor to try and prevent floodwater or wind from destroying it It'd be nice to have a root cellar or well thats got cold water, but neither is a good option for me down here.
  10. Y'all lived in Canada for awhile, correct? If so, do you still know any friends and family over there? If thats the case, I'd move there. As for what it would take to get me to move... Dramatic rise in crime (violent crime in particular), extreme inflation, extreme taxes, less and less job opportunities. The standard stuff. It's also real nice to be able to own and do things without having to deal with the gov't treating me worse than actual criminals.
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    Mossberg 590A1

    Not my picture, but its good enough. It breaks again I'm going full bubba with my dremel
  12. zackmars

    Mossberg 590A1

    True. Numrich has the parts... I'll give it one more go. The safety has held up well on my shockwave, so maybe it was a bad batch. Have any good suggestions on what tools to use on these screws? These are way to soft to use a regular screwdriver
  13. zackmars

    Mossberg 590A1

    The screw that holds all the safety compinents together is a one way screw, or whatever it's called. So they aren't sending out anything other than RMA's The safety on my shockwave has held up well, so maybe they had a bad batch. We'll see.
  14. zackmars

    Mossberg 590A1

    Deja vu. I'm really not happy about this. Maybe 50 rounds, all low recoil.
  15. Just got done talking to a relative who lives down in Corpus Christi, where Ecoli bacteria was found in the water system, and as a result, they have to boil water or use bottled. I thought that this would make a neat thread, where we can talk about small "localized" emergencies, how to get through them, what we've learned, and what we could have done better So lessons learned from Corpus Christi *stock up on bottled water *have multiple ways to purify water *try to avoid having to buy supplies at the zero hour
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    Highrise rescue backpack

    Not sure i want a breaking system on climbing equipment😬
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    Picture a day thread!

    Evenin' time
  18. Since this is pretty much an ad hoc Texas history thread, how about this surprise find? In Texas, we have 2 "huge" flea markets, Canton, and Round Top. Canton is considered, or at least was, to be the biggest, but the recent trip I went on kinda proved the opposite. Anyways, since Canton was kind of a bust, we went on a little bit of sight seeing on our way back. This took us to Crocket Texas, where we saw this old building. Its the Mary Allen seminary, and was the first Texas school for African American women. A (slightly) more detailed history can be found here. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mary_Allen_Seminary There was writing on all the steps, most seemed to be class markings (ie, class of 59) unfortunately all my pics were crappy, and I couldn't make out the dates even looking right at the steps. It's in rough shape, but apparently whoever owns it is planing on restoring it, so hopefully that happens. As a history nut, it makes me both really happy and sad that these places exist. Happy that I can just catch this this piece of history out of the corner of my eye, and learn something i had never known about, but also sad that it's in its current condition, and will likely never get any better. I really wish I had gotten a better picture.
  19. When I was maybe 6 or 7, I went on a ferry ride as part of a late night roadtrip. The ferry takes riders from Galveston island, to the end of the Bolivar peninsula, and on it's way, it passes by the end of pelican island, where you can see seawolf park, and the AUWC (American Undersea Warfare Center) pavilion. On that night, we went on the ferry, and went up to the observation deck. As we got closer to seawolf park, i saw this oddly shaped building, just barely illuminated by its own light. I couldn't see the submarine or the destroyer escort, but i could see the building. I remember it had a really odd shape, to the point I thought someone went through the trouble of designing a building to look like a B-2 stealth bomber. I never really asked about it, because I had no clue what it was. Even when went to Seawolf park and toured both ships, I STILL had no idea that the building was there. Then Ike hit, then Harvey. Throw in 10 years of neglect, and what you see is what is left. There really is no saving this place. The walls, ceilings, roofs, foundation, all shot. It was a puzzle and a half to get in to begin with. They had a fence surrounding the pavilion, but we found a hole in the back we could get through. Then they had fences blocking off the ground entrances, but we managed to scale the angled wall supports that got us through the open second floor, which let us get anywhere we wanted. The ground floor was easily the worst, broken glass, random metal scraps, old chairs, other nonsense. I could have put these pics in other threads, but this place has been burning a hole in my head for over 10 years. I honestly can't say what my deal with this place is.
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    Mossberg shockwave

    I suppose you could, especially if you got it threaded for chokes. Soon as i get my brace, its off to the trap range to horrify the guys with perrazis and krieghoffs
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    Mossberg shockwave

    Shotguns are fun, and I'm pretty decent with them. Living in a rural area, working jobs that had me cover many acres of land, and not being too far from a trap range, I'm pretty familiar with what they are capable of, and how to use them. So why on gods green earth did I buy a shockwave? Hell if I know... The shockwave, made by Mossberg, is a "firearm" with a 14 inch (35.56 cm) barrel, a 5+1 capacity, 5.25 lb (2.381 kilo) weight, and an overall length of 26.5 inches (67.31 cm). For those who don't know, most shotguns look like these. This is my M590A1 with a 20" barrel. US federal law mandates that they have at least an 18.5" barrel, and have an overall length of 26". If the barrel is shorter than 18.5 inches with a full stock, it is a "short barrel shotgun", which legally requires you to wait almost 2 years (500~ days as of now), and pay 200 dollars to the fed for a NFA tax stamp. If the gun is under 26", and was not manufactured with a buttstock, it is an "AOW" (Any Other Weapon). AOW is a catch all, and typically refers to things like a gun that looks like a pack of cigarettes, or a cellphone, or things like super tiny shotguns that have never had full stocks, like the serbu super shorty This is where the shockwave skates through. It has a 14" barrel, was not made with a buttstock, and is over 26" long. To explain a bit, if something that isn't a pistol is under 26", it is considered a "concealable weapon"(AOW). The buttstock bit matters (in the eye of the ATF) because, well, that makes it a shotgun, or rifle. Note that handguns are exempt from being NFA items, unless it has a buttstock w/ sub 16" barrel, integrally suppressed, has a foregrip, or is select fire. Basically, it has to have a full stock to be considered a shotgun. Thanks to our maze of firearms laws, the shockwave is not a shotgun. Nor is it a rifle. Not even a pistol. It is a "firearm", a weird, majestic creature that somehow manages to defy categorization, only to land into some catch-all meant for this type of thing. For those concerned, the mossberg comes with a letter from the ATF stating the firearm is not a SBS, shotgun, etc, so PLEASE DO NOT HARASS THE ATF ASKING IF THIS IS AN SBS. It isn't. The letter that comes with your gun applies to you. So with all that said, I can finally say the most important part; you can own this thing without any extra hassle. When you go and buy it, it's the exact same thing as buying a stripped AR reciever, so you'll have to be 21 years old at least. The shockwave is a Mossberg 590, through and through. If you ever need replacement parts, there's plenty to pick from. Its worth noting is that the barrel is the same thickness as the 590A1, which is a nice touch. The barrel is cylinder bore, and is not threaded for chokes. You have a typical bead sight, which is ok for most uses. You have a polymer ambi saftey, and a polymer trigger housing. Furniture, you have a polymer birdshead grip, and a "proprietary" forend, also polymer. I put "proprietary" in quotes because its shorter than any other mossberg forend, and has a handstrap to keep you from blowing you hand off. If you aren't a fan of the standard forend, replacing it can be a bit of a journey. Some forends can be modified, like Magpuls and factory wood sets, Surefire makes a model of their DSF that fits right out of the box. GGG sells a modified magpul SGA forend that will work, if you want to go the easy route. The grip can be replaced as you would expect (though this can possibly change the NFA status of the gun). The hand strap is pretty uncomfortable in its stock state, fortunately you can reverse it so it doesn't eat your hand. Just undo a few screws, flip the strap ends, re-tighten, and you're gold. Some people straight up remove it, but if you are shooting fast, your mind can outrun your brain, and fire the gun without your hand on the pump. Should that happen, you run the risk of your hand getting caught in front of the muzzle when you shoot. Don't believe me? Look up "bullpup shotgun hand injury" warning, it's graphic NSFW. I also shortend mine, so the loop is about 2 inches smaller. Just heat up a nail, poke through the nylon using the original holes as a guide, then cut off the excess, and melt the end with a lighter. Whatever you end up doing, just have some way to physically stop your hand from going too far forward. Don't use some airsoft mystery grip. Buy something strong and foolproof. Magpul is a great place to start. Capacity is the same as an 18.5" 500/older 590 at 5 rounds in the tube plus one in the chamber, for most 2 3/4 12 guage shells. Obviously shell length will affect capacity. The gun has a 3" chamber, but I'd be extremely hesitant to shoot those, mainly due to recoil, but also due to my experience with 3" shells not doing anything better than 2 3/4". The gun works very well with low recoil loads. Combined with federal/hornady flite control wads, I was able to get pretty decent results, but thanks to the bead sight, it shoots low, as most defensive shoguns with bead sights will. Note that other 835 and maybe 590 barrels will not directly drop on, the support ring on the barrel will be too far forward to install the mag cap. I'm not certain if the older 590 18.5 barrels will fit, newer ones use longer mag tubes that fit more ammo, so I can't say for sure. If you must have the highest capacity possible, you can throw on a magazine extension, and/or use aguila mini shells, though you will need something like an Opsol mini clip. The shockwave ran quite well with the mini shells, though I only shot about 30 of them, which was all I had left. There are 1 or 2 other companies making mini shells that are a bit longer than the aguilas, starting at 2". I can't comment on their recoil or reliability, unfortunately. Some people are looking at this and thinking "man, this thing would rock as a HD gun", and while it can be used in a home defense role, I wouldn't reccomend it, since non stocked shotguns require a good deal more training to use proficiently. Hold it the wrong way, and you can kiss your teeth goodbye. When you wake up all grogy, or have a truckload of adrenalin shooting through you, you might not place the gun far enough away. Hell, I don't even trust myself to put it in the right place before touching it off in a stressful situation. And since groups are still going to be tight, having 2 more points of contact will help insure that you place the hits where they need to go. This isn't a gun for new gun owners, or people with little to no experience with shotguns. Even for me (as if I'm some Tom Knapp) it took a good bit of time and practice to feel like I could use this scattergun for more than a random pest or a day at the range. As far as recoil goes, it's not that bad with run of the mill buck and slug. Birdshot is a bit too much fun, but the gun is jumpy, even with light bird loads. I haven't messed with magnums, and I really don't plan to. Since the raptor grip has no weird angles or beavertails, theres nothing to direct the recoil into the web of your hand. On the downside, it's also pretty slick, but you can fix this a few ways. You can always stipple it, or just add a bit of bicycle innertube. At least one company makes pre-cut grip tape. Now, at least here in my state (Texas) you can add a pistol brace, at least until the ATF changes its mind YET again. Black aces tactical, and remington have sold/are selling "firearms" like the shockwave that come out of the box with these braces installed, so there is precedent there. Be sure to read up on your state laws. If its legal in your state, I'd look into it. My gun is obviously the matte version, but you can get them in marinecoat or FDE. For whatever reason, the marinecoat only covers the aluminum reciever. Otherwise I would have gotten that one. As I've said earlier the gun really shines with low-recoil loads. Despite the short barrel, even low grade buck doesn't spread much, so you'll still have to actually aim. So far, with 100 rounds down the pipe, I've had no issues. I do wish it had a metal trigger guard. Yes the polymer one works fine, but the size and weight of this thing lends itself quite well to a hard use gun, so it would have been nice to have that. On the upside, it does drop the cost a bit. You can get replacement polymer trigger packs, stripped, for about 40$. I don't know if anyone sells stripped metal packs, but complete ones are around 170$ at brownells, and are backordered. While I prefer the mossberg safety location to all others, it can skin you pretty good since the grip is so slick, so having some form of texture would be nice. But that's more on shockwave than mossberg. Can we just drop these sling swivel studs? QD is everywhere, and you can easily find high quality swivels, unlike these, where most are made in China, and break like they are made out of cardboard. BFG and mossy oak make some nice ones, so those work well enough, I guess. I had a BFG VCAS on it for awhile, but it just ended up getting in the way, since it can't be used like a sling on a rifle or a shotgun would. I'm currently messing aroumd with some crappy condor scabbard to see how i like it. It has a bead sight, so it will shoot high. Either add a red dot, or an XS dot, which epoxies on the regular bead, like I've done on mine. You will need to swap out the bead for the one XS gives you, but thats pretty simple. No bayonet lug. Nuff said. Mossberg and Remington are both making 20 gauge versions, these will have less recoil and be lighter. They will have more recoil when you use loads that have similar external ballistics. 20 gauge also lacks the sheer variety of loads that 12 gauge has. I considered the 20 ga, but I didn't feel like adding another ammo type to my ammo fort, in addition to finding a good defensive load to stock up on. So unless you are recoil sensitive, and/or have a good stock of 20 ga already, I'd stick with the 12, and go for the low recoil stuff. Keep in mind, a big part of what makes a shotgun so effective is the weight and size of it's payload. That lower recoil is a result of a lighter load of shot and powder. There is no free lunch, as they say. When I first got the gun, the action was quite stiff, but has smoothed out very nicely. Since the gun has a bead sight, most people are going to shoot high. To avoid this, either get an XS big dot that epoxies onto the bead, or learn to "bury the bead". Bead sights work great on bird guns, but not so much on defensive weapons. People are going to question the point of such a small shotgun, since you are getting rid of at least 4 inches of barrel. Fortunately, shotgun shells use a very quick burning powder, some even use pistol powder. This means most shells achive a full burn in under 14", which happens to be near the same size as a 5 shot mag tube, so you get a good balance between capacity and maneuverability. It's no accident that lots of combat shoguns have 14" barrels. It's much more pleasant to move around with this vs an 18.5" or 20" gun. Even if you are a die hard stocked shotgun guy, the shockwave still has at least some merit. You can use braces on it, effectively side stepping the ever increasingly irrelevant NFA, you can get it as the easiest NFA SBS starter kit available, or you can just keep it as is, and just have a ridiculously small 12 gauge firearm. Its a neat little thing, for sure, and it's certainly going to get used a lot. Part of me wants to send it to aimpro for a tune up, and SBS it on a form 1, but that stuffs quite a ways away.
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    Mossberg 590A1

    Shot it today, federal low recoil tru-ball low recoil slugs, aguila mini slugs, and federal #8 birdshot, 2 3/4. Shoots high, as will any shotgun with a shorter barrel and a bead sight. I tend to pull a little left with shotguns. My dad kept pulling right, so im pretty sure its our fault. I would have gotten pics, but we couldn't shoot buck, and they have no targets for birdshot, so our trip was like 15 minutes. Its a jumpy little gun, but manageable. Going to put a brace on it
  23. Welcome to our little corner!
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    Mossberg 590A1

    Havent shot mine yet, but have shot a friends. It's not too bad with standard buck and slug loads, assuming you use the right stance. Low recoil buck and slugs are very manageable, and are IMHO the way to go. Birdshot is extremely fun. Theres no pistol grip to jam into the web of your hand, so it's nowhere near as uncomfortable as a full pistol grip. I'll have a full post up on this thing by monday or tues.