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    Mossberg 590A1

    Comparison of a 835, 590a1, and the shockwave The A1 has gone through some more changes, a wolff extra power magazine spring, an S&J high visibility follower, and I'm giving the light setup another shot. I put some ranger bands on the raptor grip, need to find an old bike innertube for more grip. Added a 5 round shotcard, and set up a BFG VCAS sling, not shown. Need to order another follower and extra power spring for both the 835 and the shockwave. I've got a cheap scabbard coming, this may or may not turn into a more involved project. The action on the shockwave has slicked up quite well
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    Mossberg 590A1

    Got the little brother today
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    Picture a day thread!

    Bluebonnets, our state flower
  4. I've seen that, it's pretty neat. For me at least, the distances involved in bugging out are pretty long, if the vehicles give out, or can't be used, I'm stripping down as much as possible to clear room and weight, and adding water. Even then, I wouldn't be dropping much gear. I could see its use if you don't have any supplies at your BOL, but if you do, this seems like it would slow you down, with no benefit, assuming you can reach your location with only what you've got on your back
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    Chris, please lay off the politics and insults. I know it's easy to get charged up on politics, but there's no need for it here. If it matters this much to you, I suggest you and Dan try and work it out over PMs. (But play nice!). I'm going to lock this for now. Too much of a touchy subject.
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  7. Your list is great, and encompassing, though depending on how you have your gear set up, keeping it all in one kit might not be the beat idea For more "tactical" use, your list is best broken into separate layers Shears, chest seals, a TQ, gloves, clotting agent, gauze, saline, Israeli bandages go in your primary IFAK, typically carried on a belt. Most keep a spare TQ and shears on their chest rig/armor so it's immediately available. Things like bandaids, pain relievers, alcohol swabs, and antibiotic ointment are often kept in a smaller pouch or tin. Since space is at a premium, and these things don't serve much use against GSW's, most keep them seperate from an IFAK. Typically this tin (aka boo boo kit) is stored in an admin pouch, or kept in an assault pack or ruck, depending on how you are rigged up. I keep baindaids, alcohol swabs, OTC meds, and antibiotic ointment in mine, along with burn cream and some chap stick, so it's pretty full, and needs to be secured with tape. You can probably get a similar amount of stuff in an altoids tin or something. Lots of guys keep personalized care items (like an epipen) in their primary IFAK, but will often have "standard" IFAKs for aid to others kept in their packs. Lots of people who I've talked to also have a sort of "+1" kit, to supplement their primary, and will include the more esoteric and in depth items (cpr masks, decompression needle, airway tubes), along with refills for their regular IFAK, should they get used, or damaged. I ran a lot of stuff in my IFAK, which was a pretty big pouch (6.5"×6"×2") but even then it was STUFFED. Moving the alcohol pads, antibiotics, medication, bandaids, extra rolls of gauze, and a smaller israeli bandage to other areas gave me enough room to add more urgent use items, like a larger Israeli bandage, and 2 celox applicators, with some room to spare. Since the IFAK on my belt is primarily ment for self care, the TQ and Shears are kept up front, but the other full IFAK and the +1 kit in my pack have spares Obviously it a pack in the only line of gear you're running, you aren't going to be super concerned with space, or which line of gear gets you the quickest access, but if you do have a belt, or plate carrier, moving stuff around makes a massive difference.
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    Shelter In Place Kit with pictures!

    Heres a few commonly avalible masks you can find without much hassle, for around $60 All have hydation tube adapters for bladders or canteens (you will need to buy special connecters though) all of these have 2 filter adapters, so you can have the filter on whichever side you want, so you won't have to do yoga to aim a rifle Mcu-2, has the best FOV of any mask I've played with This one has a polycarbonate shield over the visor, so it looks a bit off, but it can be removed. Most examples have yellowed with age, but they are still functional, if ugly. New ones have a blueish color M40, ok FOV, but well built. This is an original M40, but you can find more recent models Both the M40 and MCU are venerable to some nerve agents, but you can find "second skins that can protect the mask Scott M95. Lot of these being sold by CA police departments. Good masks No idea how these hold up under nerve agents, but these masks are pretty well built. These were designed with Finnish people in mind, so they may not fit westerners well. Mcu's can go for some sweet coin, unless you luck out, so I'd look into an M40 a1 or a2. The original M40's like mine are perfectly functional, but the hydro tube sticks out a bit too far, and can be annoying. Most NBC filters last about 24 hours, so be sure to think out how much you'll need
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    Shelter In Place Kit with pictures!

    I'd look into some gas masks, plenty of good ones, both milsurp (m40's and MCU2's) and civilian ones out there. Get some new CBRN filters. I prefer the MCU, better fov. You can get things like Gp-5's and the Israeli masks pretty cheap, and will serve in a pinch, but might not be as comfortable, and condition can be hit or miss. I've seen lots of old CD geiger counters on ebay in good condition for 60-100 USD, all you'd need to do is send it off to get calibrated. Some places still do calibration, you just need to look for them. I have no experience with modern counters, so i can't help there. Civilian duct tape is ok, but if you're looking to step up, polyken 231 (aka 100 mph tape) is absolutely nuts. Avalible on Amazon, HERE. Yes it's expensive, but i think it's well worth the price. You get a good bit of tape, so it's not a total ripoff. Lots of different widths as well, up to 4", which can be real handy for securing tarps. If you haven't already, get a box of contractor grade garbage bags. Very useful for almost anything. Keep bleach, soap, and lots of clean water on hand to clean people/gear, etc Some m8 chemical test strips are a good idea, there are a few places that look like they sell them, but I've never delt with them. I'd also look into getting some canned water, if you haven't already. Keeps very well. While not the same animal as current canned water, I've had 2 of the old CD water rations both from the 50's. This was like 5 years ago, and they were perfectly fine. Don't know how much of this stuff you already have, but remember, it's good to have spares! Lots of great stuff on this subject from the 50s-60s, they knew their stuff back then. This is a handy little picture, should you consider hardening a part of your home
  10. Uss Texas/San Jacinto monument I wish i vould have gotten more pics of the Texas, but 99% of the ship was cordoned off. I am not joking, there wasn't a single area you could fully explore. This was made worse by the amount of people walking around. I had to wait up to 5 minutes some times to get through a bulkhead. Yes, the tub is 100 years old, and it isn't cheap to keep up to shape, but i think its a bit scummy to charge full price tickets to an attraction that doesn't have a single full fledged deck to tour. All the construction stuff also made it hard to get nice pictures, but oh well, such is life The monument still looks great, no masses of dead birds this time, but i wasn't crazy about paying $6 to go to a super crowded observation deck. I get they want to have the battleground look like it would have way back when, but it makes it real hard to get any idea about the scope of the battle. It's not like there were any trenches or bunkers to alert you to some military history. I do have to admit, the resto work they're doing on the Texas is nice.
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    Power company

    Not going to drop names, not yet anyhow. A power outage is no big deal to me, I'm plenty capable of being self reliant. Extra food, water, generators, you name it. But when i pay good money for a service you provide, i expect you to deliver. I can understand interruptions for various acts of god, but a simple blown transfomer and downed line should not translate into 9 hours without power, or running water (we have well water) and to lie to my face and say 3000 people in my area code are without power (a quck drve disproves this) I'm tired, I'll try to get some sleep and come back to add more detail
  12. I think its kind of illegal, but definitely not enforced. The last bunker had tons of trash in it. Both had lots of graffiti, but the first one was in pretty good condition, since it wasn't as easy to get into. There was at one point a fence that surrounded the last bunker, but sections had been removed. The first bunker was still pretty secure, we got in by going from the top, down some stairs, through a pulled back chain link fence They had grounds keepers watching us explore the bunkers, but they didn't care. My friend needed to relive himself, but their toilets weren't working. They told us to "get creative", so that kinda shows you how little they care. As long as you aren't destroying, stealing, or smoking drugs/drinking, most people don't care. It's not wise to just look around any old building here though, castle doctrine is quite strong in this state, so make sure nobody cares about the property, or get permission. I plan on going to the USS Texas/San Jacinto battleground this thurs, hopefully 2ill get some cool pics
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    Mossberg 590A1

    Pretty much got it figured out. Couldn't find any sling and light set up that i like, so I've just decided to slap on a velcro side saddle and call it done. Just a cheap no name version i found on amazon, I'll probably upgrade to an esstac sometime down the line
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    Where do I start

    Garage, attic, basement, wherever you have the space that doesn't get UV light. Under the bed might be an option. You can also cut up the pack, and tape it up so you can place the smaller packs in more places
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    Where do I start

    The only stupid questions are the ones that remain unasked, or however the quote goes. Just follow the rules, and remember nobody is born super knowledgeable about anything, we all have to learn. Feel free to look around and ask questions, and if you have questions that you don't see any threads talking about, by all means start a new one! Oh, and welcome to the board!
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    Picture a day thread!

  17. zackmars

    Picture a day thread!

    Galveston train museum lobby. They have these plasterd mannequins doing various things. Has a sander cohen type thing going on, and i love it.
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    Cold weather vegetables

    Still plotting it out. Really muddy, and we've got more rain coming. Did move some chicken manure around, so that stuff is ready to go. Not doing much this year, maybe a few jalapenos and a tomato plant or two
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    AWS molle day pack

    If you're looking for an assault pack, $60 pretty much gets you some Chinese amazon special. It also gets you this. http://www.awsin.com/proddetail.asp?prod=50639 Some notes off the owners manual Made of 1000D cordura type material MOLLE webbing on the sides and front Side loops for tools Bottom loops for sleeping bags, or other stuff 3 pockets Velcro fields for patches Main pocket has a divider for a hydration bladder. Hardware is a mix of metal and polymer. On to the review. I've had this thing for awhile, and for the price, it's easily one of the best packs around, assuming you can get around the tactical look and coyote tan color. The pack is covered in loops, fortunately some can be removed if you want. However, there will still be some left, 2 under the main pocket, and 3 on either side of the pack. 4 of these side loops (the non removable ones) actually are very nice, they have QR buckles and will keep the pack somewhat closed even if it isn't zipped up. There are MOLLE loops on each side as well. Might be a good place for a large knife/machete, though that type of setup really didn't work for me. The 2 removable loops on the bottom are quite large, so if you've got a sleeping bag, this is a good a place as any. Since the loops are so long, you'll probably have a few inches too much of fabric. If this bothers you, cut it with some strong scissors and use a lighter to melt the frayed ends. I personally couldn't find any use for all these loops, so off they all came. The 2 main pockets have drain grommets, the one in the main pocket is obviously huge, so you wont be holding too much water if you get wet. In this picture you can kinda see the pass throughs for the bottom 2 removable loops, so you can move them closer or farther apart if you wish. You can also see the 2 non removable loops. These are pretty small, and non adjustable, so I'm not too sure what purpose they have The main pocket is very large, at 20"×12"×6", theres not much you can't cram in here. The zippers (which have 2 pulls, are very sturdy, and well protected) go almost down the entire side, so the buckles are quite functional here. The bottom is bright orange. Seems kinda odd, but at the very least it serves as another layer. The main pocket has a divider for hydration baldders, and even a full 3L disappears like it got dropped in a well. There is a tiny grommet so if any water gets in there, it can get out. The hydro tubes can be ran through a velcro flap up top. Not exactly the greatest design ever, since it pretty much restricts you to having the tube on the right, but I suppose it works. The second pocket is smaller, at 15"×11×2". Not too much to note here. Just a good sized pocket. The zippers only go down maybe half way of the pocket, so if you've got something bulky that you might need to get out in a hurry, keep it in the main pocket The last pocket is the smallest, but it's still pretty big, I can fit an MCU-2P with filter in there. Oddly, this pocket has no drain grommet. On the front of this pocket, you've got 3 rows of 8 molle loops, and 2 velcro fields, one for a flag patch, and one for a name tape patch. (You can really see the bell type shape here) Jumping to the back, lets look at the straps. Pretty standard stuff, adjusts like you'd expect. You've got a QR buckle to keep the straps together. The straps are very well padded, about 2.5" wide, and about half an inch thick. Whatever padding they used, it isn't crap. Whatever I do, it just springs back. The hardware here is a combination of metal and polymer. I suspect metal was used in areas where bulk ought to be kept to a minimum. The metal, where it is, is coated, with what I can't tell. Most likely just some paint, since One D-ring has a few scratches and underneath the paint is a black coating, so no need to worry about being given away or whatever. The actual rear pannel has the same type of padding as the straps, so nothing will be poking you uncomfortably. It doesn't breath as well as some other packs I've used (no duh it's 1000D cordura) but it works very well the pack also has a nicely padded abdomen strap, and has a large range of adjustment. Works as well as you'd expect. I really like this pack, there are a few areas I'm not too hot on, like the hydro tube flap, and the fact there is no internal loop to help route it, and all the loops that don't seem all that practial to me, but at ~65$, wow. Everything is double stitched, everything is 1000D, the zippers are beefy, have 2 pulls, paracord loops, and have protective lips, the pack is comfortable... I reccomend this. Very much. While a bit smaller, this mops the floor with something like the 5.11 rush 72, and unlike other cheaper packs, this is made in the USA. (Sorry for the lack of pics, had some errors when i uploaded them.)
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    AWS molle day pack

    Here's the pics that didnt upload MCU-2P in the front pocket Interior of front pocket. You can see the stitching for the MOLLE webbing Velcro fields D ring with scratched paint
  21. Yup! I wish i could have gone in the bunker in pic 7, but that place was locked up tight. The ladder in the first picture was one of 4 shafts, only 2 had the ladders, but all of them were flooded. They surrounded the locked up bunker, and it STILL drives me up a wall because i can't help but shake the feeling that something really cool is down there
  22. Looks like they caught it and kicked up the price. I'm guessing I'll get a cancelation email in a few hours.
  23. Vertx EDC gamut for 60$ when you use the code "APP40" Its optics planet, but this is an absolute steal, since the bag is often over 150$ https://www.opticsplanet.com/vertx-edc-gamut-18-hour-backpack.html
  24. Fort travis, Bolivar. We tend to be pretty big on history here, yet this place has pretty much slipped through the cracks. Most historical places are owned by the state, but this place is actually owned by a private company, and they provide exactly zero maintenance, aside from some crews working on the plumbing systems and yard work. The place goes all the way back to after the Texas war for independence, but the only structures that still stand are from ww1/ww2 Not truly "abandoned", but it's falling apart, and nobody cares.