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  1. zackmars


    I've put about 3k through the Beretta. Only malfunctions have been user induced. I think I'm riding the slide stop. The thicker backstrap prevents this, and I'd rather take the easy way out instead of re-learning how to hold a gun. Its not an issue that i can get to happen consistently. As for holsters, ive taken to using a bubba'd alien gear. The crossbreed has a crazy amount of retention, and a few others I've tried have too little. I've had the opportunity to handle a few other beretta m9a3's, and they are very consistent. Beretta has consistency nailed down, far better than CZ or Sig Some rust showed up on the grip screws, so those were replaced with houge stainless grip screws The gun seems to slightly prefer 147gr ammo. This is in contrast with gen 5 glocks, that seem to shoot 115gr a bit better. All my carry ammo is 147gr, so I'm happy. I wish the front sight was a tad larger, with a bigger tritium lamp. Its like 6" out there, it could stand to be larger. That said i don't loose it during recoil. The transistion from double to single isn't that bad thanks to growing up with a P.38, and a lighter hammer spring. The reset on SA has just enough take-up to not make me feel like the gun was going to outrun me, like on my PPQ
  2. zackmars

    22 caliber Fire arms

    Looks like a clone of the marlin 795 or mossberg plinkster rifles. Being a blowback .22lr, there's a limit to how different you can be. All things being equal, I'd go with the marlin version, as marlins "micro groove" .22lr barrels are fantastically accurate, and there's not a huge difference between them price wise. I don't think mags interchange between them unfortunately.
  3. zackmars

    KELTEC P3AT .380ACP New Pistol

    My experience with my p32 and kel tec in general was not great. I got one as an inheritance from my moms co-worker who lost his bout with cancer. At first i really liked it, it was small, and slim, and i was ok with only having it in .32 I had to hold off a while to shoot it to get some ammo, but once i did, i pulled it out of the safe, and i noticed a big bulge in the frame. I field stripped it, and the gun came apart, i think the hammer spring broke in half, and the frame bulge means the spring that holds the takedown pin in won't stay where in needs to be Anyways, I open a CS ticket with keltec, and i explain that the gun was an inheritance, and was used. I told them i was willing to pay for shipping and repairs, only for them to close the ticket without explanation. I sent off another email and they asked if i didn't see what the CS rep said (well duh, and even if i did, there isn't anything i could do on a closed ticket) and then they went on about how i need the FFL info and other info i had no way of getting. Needless to say i still have that thing in parts. If it were a simple broken spring, that'd be an easy fix, but the frame is a bit jacked up as well. I hope your experience is better than mine, but if i need a serious use gun, kel tec isn't goimg to be my first choice.
  4. zackmars

    M16A1 "clone"

    I went ahead and got the correct lower. At least i can sleep soundly now
  5. This isn't my gun, it belongs to a fellow RSO It was bought new from cabellas, for a bit over $600, and came with a sig red dot. Gun was carried iwb for 3 days and developed rust bad enough that I'd consider it pitting the sights have surface rust, but those are made by ameriglo. Notably its only surface rust there. There is what looks like a spec of rust on the barrel, but it is beyond the capabilities of my camera to document 5 days of carrying, and thorough oiling, rust came back even worse, it got to the point where the mag release would stick open, and a magazine would not lock into the gun. Sig was contacted, and wanted to see the pistol, but wanted the owner to pay for shipping both ways, and pay for replacement parts, which totaled out to over $200, on a gun where they confirmed that this shouldn't happen They also said that the slide lock, takedown lever, and mag release button are made of 3 different materials, but that sounds like complete nonsense to me, as most of the guns internals are MIM. On the positve side, the gun hasn't had any other issues in 600 or so rounds, and is accurate. Sig has some cool designs, but I don't think they can be trusted to deliver on them properly
  6. zackmars


    Got the G45 today. I do like the flared magwell. Trigger isn't worn in like my 19x so i still need to get used to it. Im lukewarm to the forward slide serrations 750 rounds through it. Had a fiocchi 124gr ftf. Was most likely an ammo issue. The hit on the primer was as solid as can be and 3 re strikes did nothing. I also noted all my fiocchi ammo had what looked like corrosion on the primers, and I've heard other people mention this happening
  7. zackmars

    Stop The Bleed

    Old post, but maybe this will help. Did a stop the bleed class a few weeks ago Would have liked a bit more reccomendations on gear, especially TQ's, or at least which ones to avoid. Our guy showed us CAT's and SWAT TQ's, and briefly mentioned SOF-T TQ's A more detailed description of what should and shouldn't be in an IFAK, how to organize it, etc would have been nice I liked how he stressed organization, one guy calls 911, one guy gives aid, one guy gets the attention of the EMS people, etc. Carrying people and recovery posistion was good info as well
  8. zackmars

    M16A1 "clone"

    Ok. Sure thing pal.
  9. You are missing the point. Ballistics gel is not meant to simulate tissue, it is supposed to provide a stable, controllable medium to compare one round to another. It is formulated to be CLOSE to human tissue, yes, but not meant to be exactly the same. The reason why so much penetration is required is because people have bones that protect important organs. Its funny how the rounds that do REALLY well in ballistics get testing has a very good record in the streets? Gold dot, HST, the various winchester loadings, all have excellent reputations. If you really had the answer, you'd have big bucks and all the ammo companies trying to get you to design for them. But you don't, and if i have to pick between shade tree ballistics, or millions of dollars of research and decades of real world data, its not a hard choice
  10. zackmars

    M16A1 "clone"

    I do lots of dry fire practice, both at home, and at the range with snap caps. I don't flinch. No, those are not very poor groups. The A1 has a pencil barrel, non free floated, on a hot Texas day, using a twist that is not meant to shoot 55gr, none of those things are good for accuracy, but if i want accuracy, i want a 77gr SMK, not a crappy 55gr pill. You also seem to be ignoring the part i said about 75gr ammo getting 2-3" at 50 yards To top it off the stringing was confirmed by another shooter at 100 yards, who also got about a 6" group, and I know this guy is a far better rifle shooter than I am. This isn't my first 1/7 ar. The first upper i had used that twist was also not great with 55gr, and again, multiple people habe confirmed it. It's easy to ignore the equipment and blame the user, but sometimes thats not the case.
  11. It's around, lots of write ups out there by Dr. Gary Roberts and others.check lightfighter, pistol-forum, and maybe m4carbine. While not as technical, TNoutdoors9 makes some good videos He was right about HP's needing hydraulic force to expand, but decades of testing and examinations of real world shootings disprove his other statements. The biggest factor in handgun projectiles is penetration, after all, hadguns only stop the fight if a critical organ is shut down, other wise you are playing a waiting game hoping the threat stops due to blood loss. Penetration is the biggest problem with light for caliber bullets, they just dont have the ability to get to the important bits. Id rather carry FMJ's than a super lightweight JHP
  12. zackmars

    M16A1 "clone"

    Not fliching, brownells put an o-ring on the extractor spring, ejectior tension was just too much. Have shot a few of the RRA units. The LaRue i have in this rifle is far superior imho. 55gr is plinking ammo. Modern bullet technology has left it far behind, and if i need to use this rifle, i don't want the cheapest option to be my only option. Bullets over 60gr perform much better both at shot range and long range with 5.56. When the chips are down, I'm not going to be shooting something with a failure rate of 15%. Oh, and I can shoot rifles from either shoulder, but I'm left eye dominant, so thats usually the deciding factor
  13. zackmars

    M16A1 "clone"

    Put this together. After a few too many Vietnam war movies, i decided i needed this. The lower is a ruger, since it is what was avalible. The upper assembly is brownells, just to save myself the headache. The furniture is surplus A1 stuff. The brownells stuff is ok, but doesn't feel quite right. The upper has a 1/7 twist, vs the standard 1/12, so it works better with heavier ammo. At 25 yards, i got about a 2 to 3 inch group, 50 yards was about 4, this was with 75gr ammo, 55gr was easily double that, and at 100, 55gr was all over the place, easily over 6 inches. It didn't help that I'm left eye dominant, and due to the lack of brass deflector, my cheek got cut up in short order with 55gr, which seemed to be rather inconsistent in ejection. 75 gr gold dot exited at 4 o'clock consistently. I shot about 200 rounds, including a mixture of brass and steel, and the gun ran fine, but an old usgi 30 round mag had an initial failure to feed, this corrected itself with a tap to the rear of the stock. Its a fun shooter, and at a little over 7lbs it's not too heavy. Sorry for the lack of pictures, everythings a bit hectic right now, so ill get more soon
  14. zackmars

    Tips and tricks for the beginning skeet shooter

    Outside of backyard clays (hand thrown or small machine), skeet is probably the most fun shotgun game around.
  15. zackmars


    I ended up removing the wilson combat mag guide. Every once in a while it would catch the lip of the CMI mags if they were partially loaded. Its held in place by a pin, and theres enough play to let it catch. No issues with the factory or mec gar mags