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  1. A new YouTube video added by Perry Sasnett on the Down Range Tool, Please check it out and leave your comments and thoughts on this multi-tool.
  2. SurvivalTrends

    Best Freeze Dried Foods?

    Thank you I will check. What about freeze drying stuff DIY, how long would the shelf-life be, do you know? I've heard of people doing it for fruits and such but I just wonder how long it keeps until it goes bad.
  3. SurvivalTrends

    Freeze Dried vs. MREs

    would be interested in finding out how you made the hardtack?
  4. Hey y'all, looking to stockpile some freeze dried foods but I'm not sure what is the best and most affordable brand. I'm not really trying to keep MREs, they're okay but... Any suggestions?
  5. SurvivalTrends

    Newb in the room!

    Nice too meet ya!
  6. The DRT (Down Range Tool). This is a single-billet multi-tool with over 40 features and a glassbreaker. http://perrysasnett.com/coming-soon-the-drt/ http://perrysasnett.com/coming-soon-the-drt/
  7. Hi Guys, Wanted to share Perry Sasnett's new YouTube Channel. He debuted with his first video Creative Good vs. Creative Evil. Perry is a Bomb Disposal Expert. Here is the channel, please feel free to subscribe to see his upcoming survival and outdoor posts: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfU1fdWqk3MAeZ2TxM6cJFQ The website where you can check out new gear, reviews, and tech is www.perrysasnett.com -J.K.