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  1. Todd

    Spyderco Dodo

    Ugly is the wrong word. It is a unique knife. Why buy 10 knives that are all the same? I like this one a lot and REALLY want to get one because it looks different then any other knife I have. i think one reason I am such a Spyderco fan is because a lot of their knives are like this one. Unique looking and interesting. Congrats on a great find bribe guy! I'm jealous!
  2. Todd

    Picture a day thread!

    Excellent! Thanks Elise!!! Here is a photo of a Kershaw Blur. It is a good looking knife but I was not a fan of the opening action so it went back.
  3. Todd

    Picture a day thread!

    My understanding is that an iPhone, iPad, etc... Default to .JPEG files. Whenever I try to load a photo from iPhone or iPad it just tells me the acceptable file extensions and does not add the photo. Any help/advice is appreciated. btw, I am on the site through Safari and trying to pull from camera roll. Not sure if that is the hinderance and if there is a better way.
  4. The course sounds very interesting. I will try to look out for one in my area, Midwest, USA. I would be a terrible failure at your challenge so I will respectfully await more knowledgable repiies.
  5. Todd

    Why Thomas and I have been MIA

    Very nice! Congrats on the move. UK sounds amazing! I'd love to visit there some day and do some hiking.
  6. I just got a Kershaw Camp Pack on Clearance at Walmart. Came with a small, very cheap folder, the K widget tool, and the spoon/fork combo. Couldn't resist for $7.00. I'd post a pic but for some reason photos from iPad or iPhone don't work.
  7. Great thread... Leaving for Florida tomorrow and got some good info! Will stow my Tenacious in my checked bag and take that.
  8. Todd

    Awesomest Water Bottle

    @dan... That is a great looking bottle for a good price. Like the dome lid for clean ability. Be a good water bottle for my youngest at baseball this summer. May have to order a couple of these. Thanks for posting this!
  9. Todd

    Pocket / Field Sharpeners

    @Thomas and anyone else who cares to share experience... I'm wanting to get a pocket sharpener. I saw the comment on the blade medic. For a newb just getting started is that the one you would recommend. I'm also looking for a Nite Ize skull key and will want a sharpener with a fold out rod like you showed in the review to sharpen it. anyone have any issues getting these widgets through security at an airport?
  10. Todd

    Disaster and Response

    God speed to all the evacuee's and the volunteers and other folks sacrificing to help others!
  11. Wow... The exchange is brutal. Mine was a gift. I think I found an easier and much cheaper solution to my issue with the lid. Some of the new copy cats are advertising splash proof lids that will fit their cup as well as the Yeti I have. The lid is not leak proof, but it should stay upright where I carry it so to save $$$ that will be my plan. The lid is less then $15 US. Iconiq makes the one I was looking at.
  12. I have not done it yet but I definately want another Spyderco Paramilitary. I love the size, I love the smooth action. Will also get at least one more Tenecious as for the money it's a great knife. I purchased a Kershaw Blur today. That one is going back to the store tomorrow. I bought the wal-mart exclusive tiger striped Tanto. It looks good and is very sharp. I also like the handle and grip. The deal breaker is the assisted open... I do not like the way it opens. Maybe it is my inexperience with it, but it is not very smooth and it really ruined the knife for me. Also I can confirm Thomas review on the issue with the Liner Lock. I held it carefully and gave it a good push with my hand and there was a definite flex there. As a result it's going back and I'll get something else later. It's a shame because I had high hopes for it and from a vain perspective it really looks cool with the tiger striped dlc. I have tried to post a couple pix I took of it with my phone, but for some reason it is not letting me add them. ...maybe it is just the wal-mart factor...?
  13. I was looking for this online but missed it somehow. Wanted to see if any of the bottles would fit in my EDC bag. I know they are crazy expensive, and an unlikely purchase, unless I get a gift card, but just thought I would share with anyone who might find this info useful. Also since I am talking Yeti I want to point out they lost the patent on their rambler mugs and there are a bunch of less expensive copycats out there now. i did get a 20oz Yeti tumbler as a gift for Christmas and it really does work very well. Hot stays hot and cold stays cold as advertised. I finished a cup of coffee while traveling about 4 hours (sipping in the car) and had to actually blow into the cup to help release the heat to put a cold beverage in for the remainder of my trip. Hope this is useful to someone... Have a great day! Rambler 18oz Bottle Dimensions (largest diameter x height): 3” x 9.24” Weight: 15.3oz Rambler 36oz Bottle Dimensions (largest diameter x height): 3.75” x 10.54” Weight: 21.17oz Rambler 64oz Bottle Dimensions (largest diameter x height): 4.8” x 11.25” Weight: 29.98oz
  14. Thanks Dom! They will likely be my next footwear purchase. On a dif note regarding water shoes... I will say that I was surprised to see how wide the Keen Newport H2s are. I wear a 10 and my pair of Keen Gypsums are a little tight. I held a 10 of the H2s up sole to sole and the H2 is a good 1/2 to 3/4 inches wider then the gypsum and fit my screwed up feet perfectly. Sad that they fit so well and are not real shoes, but I'm excited to find ANYTHING that fits me that well. Hope that info can help some of my widEE foot brothers and sisters!
  15. How "breathable" are the ventilators? My feet get hot easy. Do they really allow good airflow like they claim?