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  1. Jetboil Joule Cooking System Reviewed http://letstalksurvival.com/jetboil-joule-cooking-system/
  2. Stevie

    Power Outage

    A little late to the party, but I just stumbled on this thread... It has reminded me of an article that I recently wrote for my blog [LetsTalkSurvival] that discusses ways to keep power tools working in a grid-down situation. The article is called Grid Down: Power tools in a powerless world! http://letstalksurvival.com/grid-down-power-tools-in-a-powerless-world/ Steve
  3. Hello Everyone, I operate a survival blog [LetsTalkSurvival.com] focussed on emergency preparedness, self-reliance and the demonstration of survival skills and techniques... And lots of gear reviews too! Steve
  4. I collect discount deals and coupon codes, some exclusive, for many food storage and emergency preparedness items on my blog... http://letstalksurvival.com/specials/
  5. LetsTalkSurvival.com A survival blog focussed on the discussion and demonstration of prepping and survival skills and techniques... And lots of gear too. Visit the "Specials" page for deep discounts on food storage and emergency preparedness products. http://letstalksurvival.com/specials
  6. Schrade SCHF55 Frontier Fixed Blade Knife Reviewed http://letstalksurvival.com/schrade-schf55-frontier-fixed-blade-knife/