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  1. I don't know enough yet to pick models but I think I would choose: 1-Paracord 20m-Should be enough to hang a hammock and tarp with? 2-Hatchet-Axe and knife in one? 3-Hammock-Bed 4-Pot-Boil water, then cook 5-Ferro rod set-Obvious 6-Water bottle-Boil water to drink, transfer to bottle, then use the same pot to cook 7-Towel-Liner for hammock if nothing else, or keep food/clothes dry 8-Bean/legume/lentil mix-Food 9-Rice-More food 10-Flashlight-Gotta be able to see when you get up in the night I shouldn't have to hunt too much with that much food and the rations. Depending on how much one ration pack is I might pick shovel and a sleeping bag instead of rice and beans. A hammock can be put at whatever height you want so can be out of the way of wildlife.
  2. One of the few useful things I remember from school is that any knife you can carry in UK must be folded, less than 3 inches, and in your pocket or bag at all times, and you can't actually use it in any way, even to defend yourself. I have never used mine except to open packaging or cut fresh fruit. The exceptions are if you just bought it (you must have the receipt with you), or if it is for work (you have to prove you're on your way to or from work which needs it). Nothing with a spring to open it, nothing with a hidden blade, nothing which locks into position (like the little one I bought a couple of weeks ago). Pretty boring really.
  3. One of their videos is a pile of stuff stuck together and suspended (including: plate, drill, toaster, jug, and camera). Does it do what it says on the tin?
  4. I'm just starting but I went round and claimed BimbleThunk on various sites so if I want them at some point I have them. Is this the social/virtual version of prepping I wonder.. http://bimblethunk.blogspot.com/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcZxLg5w-Kw4Tvn22RPPa5g (nothing on there yet) https://plus.google.com/117285896060912652730 https://uk.pinterest.com/BimbleThunk/ https://twitter.com/BimbleThunk https://www.instagram.com/bimblethunk/ (not sure how to use it but there's a couple of bits on there) http://bimblethunk.tumblr.com/ (again, not sure what I'm doing but I have something on there) These should all have the same flower on the profile picture.
  5. BimbleThunk

    When does food really expire?

    I was told that Use By is usually still good for 3 days, Best Before is 3 weeks, and frozen is 3 months.I would look at it, poke it, sniff it, and if it passes all three it's probably fine.
  6. BimbleThunk

    Prepping for free?

    I volunteered in a charity shop for a while and you get all sorts of weird and wonderful items show up, some of which can't be sold (like knives). Drinks cans can be made into a mini alcohol stove, an empty lighter can sometimes be re-filled, and a broken one can be cut down to a sparker. Dead/cheap candles and cotton balls make firestarters. Save seds from fruit and veg to grow some if there's jo other seeds around. Carrots can re-grow from just the greens and top if you plant them. (don't know how well though) Ask in shops just after gardening season if they have any of last years seeds they would have thrown away because they didn't sell. If you find a damaged but fixable item on a shelf you can sometimes get it cheaper if you ask.
  7. Notebook, 2 pens, phone, keys, wallet, change, trolley/shopping cart token (don't know if USA uses this system), keyring light, [fake] cree/ultrafire mini torch, magnifying card, music player and headphones, little knife, jet lighter, tissues, 2 carrier bags (not paying for the pleasure of carrying stuff I just bought). I think that's it. Wait, I forgot the women's items. You probably don't want to think about those, but pads were proper EDC before I knew EDC was a thing.
  8. I guess I got into it because I always thought it was interesting and it was the best thing on tv when I was little. I always liked the idea of going out into the middle of nowhere and being able to live there just like you were at home. If something bad ever happened you could just walk off into the woods and never be seen again till you wanted to come home. Or if you got lost somewhere you would know how to get back, or at least to someone who could help. My dad is interested too so we actually have something to talk about.
  9. BimbleThunk

    Fish Antibiotics

    Looking at those articles on cipro I don't see any mention of a reaction to UV. When I took it in summer I had a nasty photosensitivity rash on my hands which took weeks to go down. If you need to take it please be extra careful when going out in strong sunlight.
  10. BimbleThunk


    A couple of things stood out when I watched San Andreas. -Don't shelter in a doorway, go under the table. (Knew this one) -If you are near the top of a skyscraper go to the roof. (Not sure on this one)
  11. BimbleThunk


    I've always been interested in survival and bushcraft so now I'm trying to learn what I can and share it with as many people as possible. Feel free to message me about whatever. See you around.