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  1. To those who believe Martial Law could “never happen,” I suggest you take a good look at what is unfolding almost daily “You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you.” Imagine what happened in Orlando happend in several cities at once… and you think Martial Law could “never happen?” Wake up America!
  2. There are basically two types of preppers getting ready for SHTF, those who are ready and willing for a fight and those who will .... Pay attention to how someone says something versus what they are saying. What type are you ?
  3. These communitys are so very hard to put one together even harder to keep one to gather i have experienced a couple failed communitys
  4. Prepper Rob

    Looking for Video review

    WANTED video pros to do short reviews of my website for my youtube channel I have been able to reach 1 million people in a 30 day period through all of my social media FB twitter google+ linkedin mewe ECT....... so if you got video skills I want you on my youtube channel Clever Preppers
  5. For me i think i was born and raised to prep so i was a prepper even before i ever heard the word prepper or even knew what one was http://cleverpreppers.com/topics/view/59/almost-forgotten-native-american-survival-skills http://cleverpreppers.com