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  1. My Terava Skrama & Terava 110 Jakaripuukko combo or my LT Wright Genesis & Corona 10" Razor tooth folding saw combo is all I'll need in my AO. Dom
  2. Here is my latest acquisition. LT Wright Genesis. Blade is made of CPM 3V Steel, Scandi grind to 0°, 4.250" blade length, .149" (3.79mm)thick, Matte Natural Canvas Micarta scales. 9" OL. The knife weighs in at. 8.5 OZ. Dark Brown Leather Dangler Sheath w/ 3/8" diameter ferro rod holder. The spine of this blade is sharpened to a 90° edge which scrapes sparks off a ferro rod like the 4th of July! It'll scrape wood like nobody's business and make fatwood into Maya Dust. The edge is a true 0° Scandi Grind, no micro bevel and is ridiculously sharp!😱 I'm very happy with my new toy! Dominick......
  3. DomC

    How to Start a Fire with your Pee

    Thank God there are better ways to make fire than to rely upon urine and a balloon/condom. Be prepared carry a BIC matches and or ferro rod and be experienced in the use of these tools and proper tinders to make fire. Dom
  4. DomC


    I'm a knot junkie in both fishing and bushcraft. The one thing about cordage, it's absolutely useless without a knot. Tying knots is a skill that must be practiced till it becomes permanent. If you have a survival fishing kit and can't tie good strong knots your chances of landing fish is severely handicapped. BTW, the Palomar knot is easy to tie, strong, secure and is my go to knot for fishing... Dom
  5. DomC

    Many uses for a Tampon

    Good info. I just realized that Creek Stewart is the author of that article. He is a renowned Survival instructor and host of the defunct TV show "Fat Guys In The Woods" which aired on The Weather Channel. His knife of choice is the OKC SK-5 Blackbird. Dom
  6. DomC

    Any backpackers.

    I enjoy backpacking but it's too hot and humid to backpack in my AO right now. Florida summers are like living in Hades. I'll be happy to start backpacking Nov 30th, when hurricane season ends. Dom
  7. DomC

    Non-locking (UK legal) blades

    Yep, as I stated before, it is my favorite small fixie and I own quite a few. The 3V blade holds an edge and is really sharp. The spine is a true 90° and showers sparks from a ferro rod like a flame thrower. I use the spine to scrape fine dust from fatwood ( ie. Maya Dust). Dom
  8. DomC

    Non-locking (UK legal) blades

    I own a BRKT Mini Canadian which is slightly larger and it's my favorite small blade. I wear it as a neck knife. The following link is the one I own except it has a 3V steel blade instead of A2 steel & slightly more expensive. https://www.knivesshipfree.com/bark-river-knives-mini-canadian-tigerstripe-g-10/
  9. I can relate to pappy hiker. SHTF has always been on the horizon since the A Bomb. I've survived for 63 years. Hopefully SHTF will eventually happen after I'm gone. I remember our brush with nuclear annihilation during the Cuban Missile Crisis...we came really close. It never resulted thank God.Till then I'll enjoy my meager, hard earned SS benefits... Dom
  10. DomC

    Why Thomas and I have been MIA

    Being close to family is great, good luck and most of all , enjoy your new environment. DomC
  11. DomC

    What The Best EDC Knife you've?

    Victorinox Farmer finds itself in my pocket most every day. Definitely not the best, albeit the most useful FOR ME. DomC
  12. What a coincidence... I own a pair of those Keen Newport H2Os. They fit my duck feet like a glove. Albeit, they aren't light weight IMO. Dom
  13. Yep, the Merrill moabs are breathable and they get great air flow IMHO. Be forewarned though, while being breathable, they aren't waterproof. DomC
  14. Merrill's Moab Ventilators. I too have wide feet and their wide sizes are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. I highly recommend them. Dom