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  1. well said. sometimes you just find yourself in a situation where having you gear ( a knife in particular) just isnt feasible. I too have snuck items into areas where strictly speaking they were not allowed, but sometimes the legal ramifications just arent worth the risk now that you mention it, i often find myself pseudo scavenging. im always looking around just to see whats there. even when im at work walking around a job site, im always sizing things up and thinking how it could be useful. even when i do have all of my standard stuff on hand.
  2. btl5008

    Ordering a second of the same knife?

    if i like a blade enough i will definitely buy a spare if it is an option. i think in part it comes from the prepper in me. i always like having a backup plan. i like having a spare in the unlikely event that i lose or break one. or sometimes i just like it so much i have to have a second. my profile picture is a good example of this. the knives pictured are 2 each benchmade 940-121 gold class, and 2 each 940Ti (my personal grail knife). i absolutely love 940 and have 21 total at this point ranging from basic stock 940s to extremely limited edition versions.
  3. i have a pretty sizable collection at this point. probably somewhere between 100-150. not really sure as the number is constantly fluctuating. i am a benchmade fan so a large portion of my collection is from them. i have everything ranging from regular production beater type knives to a gold class that are now worth a few grand. i tend to go mostly for folders in general. for fixed blades, i really tend to go for pure function vs flash whereas with folder, i go for both. i do not go for benchmades exclusively though. i have a handfull of spydercos and ZTs that i really love as well. i am just more picky with them as i tend to either really love or really dislike their designs. i have a few microtech OTFs, a bunch of Bradley alias' and 2 Chris Reeve Sebenzas i like to both collect and carry. recently i have gotten into Brad Southard midtechs. while they are certainly not cheap, but they are absolutely some of the nicest knives i own. i carry them frequently and they are excellent. doesnt hurt that they look awesome as well below are a few pictures of my southards. the first is a Tolk and is my newest. very awesome knife. but the one i carry the most is the Avo. it is a bit smaller than the tolk, but for me this knife is just about perfect. the last pic is a pretty standard EDC rotation. i carry the benchmade 940-1 every day regardless of what else i have on me. i just love knives. i always have. my tastes have refined over the years but in general, i just like quality. i dont tend to put my trust in cheap materials or construction. i have a few showy art type blades that i dont really carry (not much reason to muss up a $1000 blade when i have other more user friendly options of the same model) but in general i buy knives i can use as well as admire
  4. i have one of each and i would have to say that i prefer the delica. i just falls more in line with what i prefer in an EDC blade size wise. the endura is a great knife that i enjoy quite a bit, but it is a bit larger than what i like to carry. if i were going out in the woods and had to choose one, the endura would be the choice for that, but in general it is more blade than i require for daily carry. the delica is super light weight, nice and sturdy and very useful. though it isnt dirt cheap, it is a very solid choice for someone looking to get a good EDC blade without breaking the bank
  5. i recently went on a trip to san franciso and was very limited in what i could take with me. for starters, i was flying there. so you have all of those limitations that go along with air travel right from the start. to compound that, we took only carry on luggage, so that further limited what i could bring with me, since while you can have a blade in checked baggage, they are a no go in carry ons. obviously i was still able to wear my watch and paracord bracelet. and i was able to take my flashlight, but i am the type that feels almost naked when i do not have a good pocket knife on me. i have carrying on most of my life and use them very frequently. my question for you is how do you deal with prepping and EDC when you are on the go? driving is a completely different story as i already have a small bag in my car and carrying whatever i may need is not an issue, but how do you manage when you are forced to fly? im really just trying to brainstorm a bit so that next time i need to fly, i can have a few ideas on how i can maintain my preparedness while i am away. we all know that issues can crop up at anytime. and in my experience, issues will tend to compound themselves when you are outside of your comfort zone (as in say, out of town or on vacation). anyone have any thoughts or wish to share their own experiences? curious how others go about maintaining their preparedness when they are out of town.
  6. they are great. i bought them second hand, but they were made by igor. he is a custom scale maker from russia. if you search 'griptilian scales by igor' you will find him. he makes some cool stuff
  7. btl5008

    looking for a new EDC light

    id be interested in what you think of it. i believe it is twist only which is a little disappointing. id buy it in a second if it had a tail switch.
  8. btl5008

    leatherman signal

    anybody else seen this thing? a leatherman billed towards survival. i just got an email that they are now available curious what others thought about it. seems interesting. i really like leatherman in general. although i still feel like id personally prefer simply building my own kit around a leatherman wave (my favorite). but this thing looks like it could have potential. depending on how the ferro rod and sharpener perform. http://www.leatherman.com/signal-439.html?utm_source=bronto&utm_medium=email&utm_term=Image+-+Shop+Signal&utm_content=Never+be+unprepared.+The+Signal+is+here.&utm_campaign=150922_signal&_bta_tid=3.cL8.CNIOqQ.EyEh.Af-zNA..AxPVjA.s..s.Afh9.n...SMkCxQ&_bta_c=1cxkkfx3n5971hs9llvbg1ok01ldd i have a MUT as well and while it is interesting, i feel like it is a little too specialized. i definitely prefer the more standard use tools on the wave. what do you guys think?
  9. btl5008

    Your daily prep?

    my daily prep is to get on the bike and go for a few miles. i do try to check my gear pretty frequently, but i dont have a set schedule. usually just when i have some time. i try and exercise as often as i can though since maintaining your own health is one of the more important things you can do to be prepared
  10. btl5008

    looking for a new EDC light

    i am a big fan of titanium. very light and super strong. it can be pricey, although in this case i got a deal and the TI was the same price as the SS model. couldnt say no
  11. btl5008

    looking for a new EDC light

    exactly. i dont mind it if it is presented as their initial impressions. but i frequently see people unbox something for the first time and then attempt to give a true review straight away. that makes no sense to me. i dont know how you can confidently make a judgement on something youve never used before
  12. btl5008

    Wishlist Wants

    Brad Southard Tolk. gotta get one of these sometime
  13. new knife and light. Thrunite T10T and a Brad Southard Avo along with the Benchmade 940-1 (never leaves my side) i am in love with this southard. its like he molded the scales to fit my hand. it is perfect. i dont see my EDC blades changing any time soon
  14. the Brad Southard Avo. absolutely love this thing
  15. btl5008

    EDC pays off

    i dont carry a p-38, but i always have a victorinox cadet or a leatherman on me, so a can opener is always available. its kind of startling how many people have never actually used a p38 or a multitool style can opener.