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  1. Kaye :)

    HOBO stove

    I'm gonna try it out tomorrow and I'll let you know.
  2. Kaye :)

    HOBO stove

    That's where I got the two stainless bowls-- The Dollar Tree
  3. Been enjoying YouTube survival videos lately. I watched a video of a guy who kinda smirked at all the expensive heavy gear. His idea was to get stuff for free when you go to a fast food restaurant. For example, an extra plastic spoon, salt & pepper, a plain plastic water bottle (not the kind you find in sporting goods, but one you would buy in a convenience store for $.99). That's pretty much the direction he went. I found it rather interesting and rather common sense practical. He did have a knife and lighter. I wish I could find the link so you could watch it and give an opinion. If nothing else it reminded me that it's ok to have at least a few things that are dirt cheap or free in my bag. How do you all keep things lightweight?
  4. Kaye :)

    SURVIVAL necklace

    I enjoy making all sizes of EDC kits. I mainly use Altoid tins of various sizes. I used an Altoid Smalls tins for a necklace kit. My thought was to just have fun making a mini kit that might be useful should I ever find myself stranded in the woods or who knows where. Honestly, not sure that will ever happen, but I like the idea of being prepared. The items inside the kit are: water purification (tablets and bag), storm proof matches with striker, razor blade, couple of band aids, alcohol wipes, small whistle, a bit of medication, dental floss, and a bit of Gorilla tape. There may be something else in there, but I can't remember at the moment. I painted the little tin black. I was going to decorate it to make it look like a BIG locket, but to finish it faster I went with using ranger bands to secure it to the necklace chain. Underneath the ranger bands on the outside and backside of the necklace I inserted a small flashlight. It may sound a bit nerdy or paranoid, but I had fun making it. I'm always open for survival ideas so if you have any in regards to mini survival kits I'd like to hear them. Thanks always.
  5. Kaye :)

    HOBO stove

    Just recently made a hobo stove. To be fair, my husband took it to work and drilled the holes for me. He also found a lightweight stove eye type thing that sits perfectly on the top to hold a cooking pot. The can was a bigger than coffee can so it holds a good amount of food kit stuff. I put things in the can that could be used to do everything needed for cooking: small Bic lighter, fat wood, water bag, water purification tables, matches, striker and rice, etc. I added some spices separately. I also have a stainless coffee mug, a small cooking bowl and a small/.medium'ish size cooking bowl. For the fuel I used a clean canned chicken can with spiraled cardboard inside. I saturated the cardboard with cooking oil and lit it to see if it would burn slowly enough. It does. I need to get a string backpack for storage of stove and accessories. Plus I'll add a bit more food to it. IF anyone has any ideas about changes or additions I'm open to suggestions. Thanks
  6. Kaye :)

    First Aid

    Just recently watched a YouTube video. The guy in the video is/was an avid hiker. He highly recommended something called "Leuko Tape". He said it's better than moleskin for blisters. I looked on Amazon. You can find a roll for around $10 or a little more. I'm gonna look at Walmart to see if they carry it.
  7. Kaye :)

    New but not new

    Hello and welcome!
  8. HI-- Welcome from TN in the US
  9. Kaye :)

    Lighter EDC ideas??

    Ha! I probably could fill a trash bag with the things I "think" I need. Were you asking me what I would suggest in your Altoid tin? I would carry a bit of medication--Tylenol, Advil and tummy medicine. Two or three regular sized bandaids are handy and maybe an antiseptic wipe. The kit I carry in my purse has a lighter, but I guess for now I can use it to light birthday candles. The New/Old Nokia is nice. Hmmm....nah. Probably wouldn't survive in the Altoids tin?
  10. Kaye :)

    Lighter EDC ideas??

    ALL good advice. THANKS! I do need to lighten up...not just on the weight of EDC, but mentally as well. It's funny you would write what you did--a few days ago I asked myself why I carried a lighter because not once have I ever needed to build a fire for warmth. Ha. Honestly, though I'll still carry a mini Bic...just because. Thanks again!
  11. Kaye :)

    Lighter EDC ideas??

    Hmmmm....good question. As paranoid as it may sound I'd like to carry enough EDC survival stuff so that if I were to be stranded somewhere I could make do for a couple of days. As I think about this (even as I type) I realize that most of the EDC that would be sustaining for a couple of days should be kept in my vehicle. If I were to carry everything I "THINK" I need I would be loaded down with 50 lbs. Tomorrow, I'm going to mentally walk through a weeks worth of normal 'ish days and figure out what is really useful instead of picturing what MIGHT happen. I'll still carry a lighter, multi-tool and small flashlight on me no matter what though...and a large trash bag....
  12. I've found no matter how hard I've tried my backpack/purse is too heavy for around town carrying. SOOO....I'm gonna try even harder to go more lightweight so that I feel comfortable carrying my bag in and out of stores, businesses, etc. I like the idea of having EDC on me at all times when I'm away from my house. I'll be making a new Altoid Surivial Tin. I'll most likely re do a backpack for my van so I'll get rid of the pressure to always carry ALL my stuff on me. One thing I may do is organize my EDC supplies better so that it will be easier for me to restock. ANY IDEAS or product ideas for lightening the load? Thanks!
  13. Kaye :)


    Bought a Gerber Dime the other day. I'm pleased with it. It's actually smaller than I thought it would be and that's fine by me. It's the perfect size for my pocket or purse. I had fun showing it off to a few people the other day. I was glad no one seem to act like I was weird for doing that. A couple young fellows were impressed too. One of the young men told me he was working on an Altoid Tin survival kit. After asking his mom's permission I passed along a knife and flashlight that were both small enough to fit inside the tin. He also showed me the paracord bracelet he braided himself. Impressive. I made another Altoid Tin kif up for my son this week. I used the more narrow container that's about half the size of the regular Altoid Tin--not the little Smalls Tin, but the other size in between. Anyway, he likes it.
  14. Kaye :)

    Large and small Case Sodbusters

    I still plan to post a picture of my bowl of knives. I'm slow as molasses sometimes.