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    All Things Archery

    I have one of those takedown Samicks and a Hoyt longbow I used to hunt with. As time goes by I am getting less enamored with things that go bang.
  2. Aquinas

    All Things Archery

    That looks like a Samick in the middle,
  3. .A while back I bought a Case Sodbuster Jr. at a hardware store after the clerk told me he had received some of them by mistake, so he let me have it for an Amazon type price. I used it as my EDC knife for a while, then decided I would like to have the full size Case Sodbuster, so I ordered one. Well, I was underwhelmed with the quality of the big one. The blade was off center but not enough to impair functioning, and the blade, once the knife was opened, wobbled a couple of thousandths of an inch, I am guessing. Again, not enough to impair function. Shortly after that I happened to see something on the internet about lockback Sodbusters, and while looking around for one, I found the Boker Rangebuster, actually for about $10 less than the Sodbuster I have cost me. It's supposed to be imported, but I have enough offshore knives to not be put off by that, so I ordered it, reasoning that if it was at least as good as the Case I would be (reasonably) happy with that. When it arrived I unboxed it and was blown away at how nicely made it was. The first thing I checked was the blade centering and it was perfectly dead center. Other reviews have complained about the walk and talk of this knife but the blade opened smoothly and closed smoothly after pressing the lock, which is right about where it is on a Buck 110. There is no play in the blade once it's locked. The nail nick is slightly forward of where it is on the Sodbuster and the handle is a bit more square then the Sodbusters handle but I don't think that will matter any more than it does with a Buck 110. The lanyard hole in the Rangebuster is a nice touch. The blade is a satin brushed finished as opposed to the bright Cro-Van polish of the Case. The blade is marked "High Carbon Stainless Steel", along with the Boker name. I supposed you could call it "shaving sharp" if you're not too particular about what you shave with, not quite as sharp as the Case was, but we feex. This knife feels like a Buck 110 that you can keep in your pocket, I am very pleased. Pictures and more info to follow.
  4. Aquinas

    Mossberg 590A1

    What a drag...
  5. Aquinas

    Ammo philosophy

    Mine has slow twist rifling (1:66) and although I have not tried to shoot bullets out of it I wouldn't expect that to work very well. Also, having taken deer with round balls with one shot I don't know if Maxi bullets are necessary, but they probably are a bit easier to load when you have cold hands.
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    Ammo philosophy

    It's a .54 caliber half stock Hawken, percussion cap ignition, pretty much a dead ringer of the one displayed at the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri. It's like this one in this picture although the one in the picture is something I got from the internet. The only one I have of my own has me in it and I can't lay my hands on it right this minute. I have had this rifle for 30+ years and it has taken a lot of game and won a lot of prizes. I am not likely to take up big game hunting again any time soon, though, and I was looking for a good home for it among friends and family.
  7. I know Thomas has reviewed this one, and I bought it after reading his review. I have a lot of large folders, like the Buck 110 and Selkirk folder, but this thing is next level stuff. As Thomas says, it is big and heavy, bigger and heavier than a Buck 110 I believe. I have been carrying it at work and although it is very heavy the pocket clip helps with that to an extent except for one thing: the thumb stud keeps getting caught on the inside of my pocket when the knife is clipped in. It doesn't help if you have anything else in your pocket, either, but I don't think that was the intent. Because I have back problems I carry my wallet in my front pocket (so I don't have to sit on it) and because I am right handed I keep it in my right front pocket, the same pocket the SCH304 is in. Needless to say, it gets pretty crowded in there. It doesn't seem all that sharp because of the blade thickness but it does what I ask it to do. As Thomas pointed out, if you need Opinel sharpness, bring your Opinel. I often carry both. I do a lot of cardboard cutting, cutting heavy paper bags, and prying things open, as well as delicate cutting and I started carrying my own knives after finding out that the hardware store utility knives they supply us with just don't hold up. The blades don't hold an edge and the handle with retractable blades malfunction regularly. My first "use at work" knife was an Opinel #8 but I thought the blade was a little too thin for some of the things I use it for. I have also auditioned the Case Sodbusters, the Buck Bantam folder, and now this monstrosity, and other than being heavy as lead and bulky, I have to say it comes in handy. One handed deployment is easy, which is nice when you are holding your work in one hand and the knife in the other. (It has the added advantage of freaking out the fragile snowflakes I work with). So I like it, although the SCH303 might be a better choice for most people, and it's cheaper. However, if you don't need to punch through the hood of a car, an Opinel might be a better choice for most things, but they are two different animals.
  8. Aquinas

    A few thoughts on the Schrade SCH304

    Can you imagine what Cold Steel would do with a knife like this? They WOULD punch it through the hood of a car, after cutting a few chickens to shreds.
  9. Aquinas

    Ammo philosophy

    It's a pity, I have a very nice black powder rifle that I had a guy build for me and I keep trying to give it away and nobody wants it. My daughter in law is afraid my grandson will blow himself up with it, and the guys I know who hunt with black powder prefer the modern blackpowder arms with inline actions that you can mount a 'scope on. If I was close enough I am sure I can still hit a deer in the vitals with a rifle, but if I was that close I could also shoot it with a bow. I have a small(ish) telescope, too, but some of the guys I know have cameras rigged to their big telescopes so they can see what the telescope is seeing on their computers. I am sure that isn't cheap, though.
  10. Aquinas

    Ammo philosophy

    I've done enough hunting with black powder to be able to count on it as a legitimate hunting arm, although my eyes aren't good enough to shoot a rifle with iron sights any more. Sooo, in addition to having two modern shotguns of different gages, I also have a 12 ga blackpowder shotgun. No need to worry about reloading ammo for that.
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    This is good information to have....
  12. In my line of work we used to buy it in 50 lb. bags. Can't say how much it costs anymore, maybe a buck or two a pound in that quantity.
  13. The Borax is good for cockroaches and water bugs too.
  14. Aquinas

    Mossberg 590A1

  15. Aquinas

    Mossberg 590A1

    That will kick you in the shoulder when you touch that thing off..
  16. Farm kid here, too. Like Justin Wilson used to say, "I don't waste anything because I have been hungry before and I don't want to be hungry some more".
  17. Aquinas

    Mossberg 590A1

    I have one of Mossberg's Model 835 3-1/2 inch 12 gage turkey guns. Show guns Mossbergs are not, but there is a reason why the cops here keep them in their cars, they are that dependable.
  18. Wow, just got my Morakniv Eldris today, it is a LOT bigger than I thought it was going to be, nothing like the Boker Gnome or the MTech neck knives I have. (I know, it gives the size in the description but the picture is deceiving.) That said, this thing takes an edge like nobody's business.
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    Over the years I have had a ton of sharpening stones, from the flat ceramic stones to the ceramic rods to the pocket sharpeners to japanese waterstones, and the old school oilstones. Mine are nothing special, just your garden variety Norton stones, a two sided fine/medium and an extra fine translucent Arkansas stone. I thought my oilstones had fallen overboard in my voyage through life but I recently dug them up and used them on a carbon steel Opinel with a nicked blade. Years ago I sharpened my knives by eye and used to get them razor sharp (and I have the scars to prove it) but I used jigs to sharpen my woodworking tools and wondered if I still had the knack for holding a consistent angle with a knife after years of using the carbide and ceramic sharpeners. Wow! A few licks on the oilstones and that Opinel was like a scalpel! I can't wait to try them on the Mora 2000 Outdoors I just ordered. For my money it's hard to beat oilstones.
  20. Aquinas

    New knife

  21. My point is that protecting my loved ones is one thing, but in either case, you have to make a split second decision on what to do, and even if you are cleared by law enforcement or God himself, can you live out your life with that memory, and wonder if there could have been another way.
  22. Funny that you should mention this, I had to have this same internal dialog after having a pretty serious operation make me feel very vulnerable. I thought about getting a pistol for self defense, but, as a Priest, I had to decide whether or not I wanted to take the responsibility of ending the life processes of another human being, even in self defense. In the end I decided to trust God to protect me, not go places where I know it wasn't going to be safe, keep my eyes and ears open, and take my chances.
  23. Got your email blast on the Wanna Cry virus a minute ago. THAT is why I don't use Windows for my everyday computing anymore. Have to remember to patch my Windows box the next time I go to use it.
  24. Using hand tools doesn't have to be hard or slow, but it can be if you use cheap, dull tools. Back when I used to teach woodworking I was able to saw out the dovetails for a box in the time it would have taken someone else to set up the router jig to do it. (Don't think I could do it any more.) Learning how to sharpen planes, chisels, and saws changes everything.