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  1. I try to entertain both options..i have multiple go bags in the house and one locked in the shop and one that belongs in the truck. Who can say what the future holds.. i have 2 communication systems..one is a cellphone with a broadband radio receiver..The i do not want to be found but want to hear what is going on around the world system, and text somebody if i have to...with 911 added. Both work off the same solar usb charger. The second is a plant myself here and ride out the storm communication system.. 2 types of gear for 2 types of scenarios i guess...
  2. Well considering the thread is titled "one pistol for the whole family..." Yes that .357, especially with 'hot loads', might be a bit much for little Suzie, and might not fit in her lunchbox for school..
  3. @crazyman Thank You for the kind words..i am trying my best, and i have managed to get much of the way there, but i am trying to hold on and increase my earnings so that i can 'lock my situation down', and that has been a real challenge. Very impressive article about the family in Quebec. They obviously really know what they are doing and I like how they started out modestly and grew it from their hard work. I do some gardening, but i am not sure i want to get into farming intensely. Anyways, folks like that are a model of sufficiency, and if most of Us lived like that i bet this world would be a better place. cheers
  4. @KCM I think i get what Your saying, but which is better Cake or Pie ??
  5. Nice Post.So many good points.. I am on a few acres...3.85 to be exact. That is not a lot, and it takes me a half a day every week in the Summer to keep it tamed. Sometimes that feels like a lot. Cutting the lawns with the garden tractor, cutting saplings from the siberian elms, slashing the suckers from the lilac and chokecherry trees, pulling weeds, watering on and on.. For me, not many acres were needed because i wanted it to support a few people, but i don't want to farm. Very good water and trees..access to a woodlot, a small one of my own, plus wild stuff next door, plus 5 dollars for all you can take in a day of dead standing from the community pasture up the road on several hundred acres. It is a bonus being next to a Lake. So I searched for years until i found a place far enough away from town, yet a few neighbors to watch the comings and goings. I also lucked out with a house and a separate cabin and a 3 car shop. It is developed. That is a big deal. Even a decent garden plot is a big deal. If it borders on some parkland that can be future proofing for you as it was for me. What I am getting at is that a few acres on the edge of a lake and/or forest or desert i guess, really increases the size of your 'backyard'. Location location location, as they say. Anyways..hopefully i will die on this property, so everything i do is an act of martyrdom. I am willing to kill myself digging harder and weeding more, and wheelbarrowing rocks and mixing cement, and obsessing over how often i feed the birds and what wildlife is allowed in the yard and how many fruit trees to plant. It is the place where i make my last stand. Somehow it only makes sense to give it everything that I have got. I don't measure that in acres..
  6. I think there are a few posters here who would share this opinion..
  7. I thought You would move to one of those South Sea Pacific Islands where they go naked and have no crime..
  8. You are funny..the wheels on the bus go round and round...
  9. @awesome KCM.. I have a patch of dried river mint from up here that is outstanding..size of a garbage bag.. If You like Mint..
  10. if i was retarded..or suffering from a blow to the head i would pick a wheel gun. For Grandma, a hand grenade in her knitting, just pull the pin and throw the basket. For Grandma's Grade 5 Grand-daughter i would buy her this t-shirt.
  11. Start of the Garden..h Herbs and chives are up tomatoes are solid, potatoes broken through and beans are starting to reach. Takes awhile up North for things to get going. Started a red and white Petunia patch to commemorate Canada's 150th birthday