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    Safe Tick Removal

    Hey Gang: It is heavy tick season here in Central Canada. There is information floating around about drowning them with essential oils, burning them with a match and others, and these are not the way to do this as modern science has shown that they will regurgitate inside of you in their death throes. What may enter into you if this happens are things like Lyme's Disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever if You are further West, or if in Europe, various tick borne forms of Encephalitis. Not good. Time to add one of these to your key chain to be safe, especially if You live in an area where disease carrying ticks are a concern. For smaller ticks, where a tick key, or a tick spoon is too big to work properly, thus leaving the mouth parts remaining, or for fur areas in a pet, a fine pair of forceps- tweezers and a Q-tip with alcohol should do it. In fact, that is all i use.. https://www.amazon.ca/s/?ie=UTF8&keywords=tick+keys&tag=googcana-20&index=aps&hvadid=174229435665&hvpos=1t1&hvnetw=g&hvrand=16034205444962035867&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=e&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9001269&hvtargid=kwd-314638007738&ref=pd_sl_o0c8y0zzk_e https://www.amazon.co.uk/Tick-Forceps-Tweezers-Length-Stainless/dp/B004PGVPRC What I have found works well is a fine pair of tweezers. Use gentle force with tweezers as close to the mouth parts as possible and pull the tick up and back till it 'pops out'. Then i check the entry point for embedded mouth parts, (tiny brown specks) then use a cuticle cutter to clear anything like that out before swabbing with alcohol. A small loupe might be a good idea.. Sorry about the photo quality..
  2. Dan Seven

    Pistol or Revolver for Concealed Carry?

    Thanks Thomas: i apologize to the Forum, especially @zackmars and any others, for taking my argument too far, for the fact that i may have hurt someone's feelings. Clearly I recognize that I have gone too far on this subject and for that I am sorry. Won't happen again.
  3. Dan Seven

    Pistol or Revolver for Concealed Carry?

    You win Zackmars.
  4. Dan Seven

    Pistol or Revolver for Concealed Carry?

    Not about insulting people. It is about a bullshit argument that You are protecting yourself instead of destroying yourself with Guns. It has become a pathology in your part of the world and it is time to wake up to how sick people have become about guns. You don't agree. But if You were in my business it is plain that the remedy has become the disease. Perhaps if sought out to support victims of violence to see what they are going through, You would understand my point of view. But then, maybe if i was like You and made my living selling terrified victims of violence a gun as an answer to their problems...i might see yours. Perhaps we will have to agree to disagree.
  5. Dan Seven

    Pistol or Revolver for Concealed Carry?

    As I have mentioned before..I have spent a lot of a professional career doing trauma and grief counselling. To diminish these efforts by conflating this body of work to an intellectual understanding dishonors those that i have attempted to provide a reason to live that i have lost to suicide or derangement. It is not easy to do this work not knowing if the heart you are working with is too torn apart from violence to go on. After all i have said here, i am still getting that people are justifying preventing pain by dishing out, even lethally, as their first instinct and response. Both sides of the smoking barrel get hurt, and very badly. I have lost enough clients to know it is not always the one who is attached to the trigger that is the "Survivor". Surviving the decision to kill someone else is not black and white. It is clear that one cannot Love themselves and hate the decisions they make for themselves, because despite the outside threat, it is a decision we need to own. Better darn well be right in the eyes of your Maker..You will know it soon enough if it is not, as a piece of your Heart dies inside your chest. that is the moment when it ceases to be come a "practical" choice. I like guns. However, I do not have murder in my heart, and that is a burden i will always find freedom in, and express that freedom in what i do for a living to keep others breathing. Fault me for it If You must. I will be the one speaking to the fruitlessness of violence, and cleaning up the mess that happens to people, who walk or fall into this without conscience of consequence.
  6. Dan Seven

    Pistol or Revolver for Concealed Carry?

    wow..will You look at that...something that you can pull out of your pocket and somehow even the score with the universe.. good luck with that..a guy has to be a tool to understand the value of one.. Lovin it..
  7. Dan Seven

    Ammo philosophy

    Good points Aquinas: Developing a front sight picture with iron sights can be a challenge for aging eyes. I do some amateur Astronomy and have an issue with floaters that are a detraction, now decided to keep with a smaller telescope and forego an investment that i can no longer utilize to a more highly perceptible and expensive advantage.
  8. Dan Seven

    Ammo philosophy

    well..nice to see you. i shoot 20 to 50 rounds through a .303 at a dollar a round every year to stay sharp as i will only take big game here in Canada in the future if i have to. I did enough of hunting and killing and butchering wild game in the field, and at this point, all i will happily gut is seafood. Not a big investment. PRVI Partisan is good reloadable brass and a Lee handloader used on ebay will go for less than 50 dollars in .303 last time i checked, and is a superb way to roll yer own and it ends up costing half that of boxed rounds..in .303. I can smash a clay pigeon at 300 yards, so i wonder what more the old jungle carbine has to do for me and the answer is nothing. If You are looking at your world like the Zombie Apocalypse is coming, get cheap Russian guns with cheap Russian Ammo, like an SKS with a couple of crates of 7.62x39. Or maybe an SVT40..$200 for an arsenal refurbished item, even cheaper used..and $150 for 1200 rounds of cold war 7.62x54 ammo. You will not asking a reloading question any time soon, plus the gun and a couple of crates of will cost You about the same as a decent reloading kit. How long would it take You to load or spend 2400 rounds? However, if Putin is a little too close but for Donald Trump's personal pleasure, then perhaps a USA Gun with a NATO calibre. It will cost You more, but when times are good, NATO rounds are plentiful, and when times are really f'ing bad, with any luck, they will be giving it away..at least that is the plan. Reloading may be more of a 500 dollar spend gathering dust on the shelf and saving your half decent brass just in case. Here in sasquatchland, Chinee guns are all the rage. Ammo is too cheap to reload. We can get an M-14 knock off (made off the original US tooling) - brand new chambered in .308 NATO or for 7.62x39. Under $1000 will buy the gun and a crate of ammo. An M-14 with ammo too cheap to reload is what a lot of gunners want in these wide open spaces up here. Why not? Anyways, good luck folks, one cannot separate the gun from the ammo...choose wisely and one might hopefully get a crate of ammo, then think about reloading after a couple thousand rounds are gone and not before for some perspective. Range dogs, .338 Lapua fans or Krag collectors will not have read this through i am sure..they have no choice but to reload if the pursuit can eat them out of house and home but for the wealthy. Those issues rightfully require some emotional support best left to others as i am not in that boat..yet.. .
  9. Interesting thread.. Also, some pool supply stores sell Borax because it is an excellent PH buffer that can be used when heavy human traffic (producing uric acid an others) in a pool must be countered with excessive basic solutions like hypochlorites (eg. bleach in rough terms) so that ph does not go out of control. The second thing i find ironic is that the Portuguese introduced Asia to capsicum in the early 1500's. They traded it for rare spices for the West but picked it up from a pipeline of trading amongst the natives in Mexico, Aztecs, Mayan tribes in Central America where the capsicum originated and spread. More capsicum is now grown and used in Asia and SE Asia than anywhere, with China growing 5 times more than any other Country
  10. This is off topic, but there is a patch of 'creeping charlie' on the front lawn here. Borax is also a good herbicide for creeping charlie. It is a member of the mint family, and smells like sweet basil. In the long past it was used as a medicinal to cure tinnitus. Last time i researched it some time ago i recall it was never used in large amounts as there is concern of toxicity, but a tsp of dried in tea once in awhile was supposed to clear the hearing effectively. Anyways, awfully hard to kill this plant because it is like quackgrass and can propogate if the smallest rhizome is left around.
  11. Awesome..alternate comms are a good bet. I can't prepare for everything, but am glad that i have the mindset to explore my options. It bothers me to no end to be chained to utilities. My 2 woodstoves solve a lot of that, but one day i am going to flip the bird to the utility companies once and for all, but my cellphone will remain a necessary expense for the rest of my days i am sure. I can use my cell as a WAP off the cell tower up the road but unlimited data is 120 US a month here. That happens to be what i pay in taxes for my property..what gives ? One day the phone will be the price of an internet connection and use the same infrastructure, meanwhile some corporate pimp just sees me as a hooker looking for her next fix. This world is a sell out in more ways than we should put up with. United we stand divided we fall as they say..kinda rambling today..sorry
  12. i grow a lot of peppermint..but anyways...the 20 Mule Team Borax spread along the foundation walls and on the ant hills works real well on the ants we have here..long experience..better than ant traps in my my view..and as cheap as the president's integrity..
  13. Dan Seven

    How to Survive a Mugging

    Well i guess the Mormon was not a "Violence Virgin". We should be prepared that there might be a special inner circle in hell just for those who choose to 'break the cherry' - of the violence virgin. There may well be such said circle, for all those shaming and mentally abusing the 'violence virgin' for holding the courage of keeping their virtue intact. Claiming that the violence virgin is a pussy, and surely their virtue will only end with pain of cowardice, and the loss of the virtue of others, through the ''negligence' of refraining from corrupting their own. If we have already lost our violence virginity then fine..we'll see where we end up... Our last redemption should be the hope that not everyone in this world needs to get f'd.. Special circle friends...
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    A Sane Life based on the Earth. In America no less.. You are "Making America Great Again" aren't You?
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    home·stead ˈhōmˌsted/ noun: homestead; plural noun: homesteads 1. a house, especially a farmhouse, and outbuildings. I got one of them. It matters because if it disappeared suddenly, the neighbors would see me bleary eyed and urinating in the middle of the lawn first thing in the morning before i realized what happened.
  16. Dan Seven

    Pathetic Prepper?

    Welcome !
  17. I try to entertain both options..i have multiple go bags in the house and one locked in the shop and one that belongs in the truck. Who can say what the future holds.. i have 2 communication systems..one is a cellphone with a broadband radio receiver..The i do not want to be found but want to hear what is going on around the world system, and text somebody if i have to...with 911 added. Both work off the same solar usb charger. The second is a plant myself here and ride out the storm communication system.. 2 types of gear for 2 types of scenarios i guess...
  18. Well considering the thread is titled "one pistol for the whole family..." Yes that .357, especially with 'hot loads', might be a bit much for little Suzie, and might not fit in her lunchbox for school..
  19. @crazyman Thank You for the kind words..i am trying my best, and i have managed to get much of the way there, but i am trying to hold on and increase my earnings so that i can 'lock my situation down', and that has been a real challenge. Very impressive article about the family in Quebec. They obviously really know what they are doing and I like how they started out modestly and grew it from their hard work. I do some gardening, but i am not sure i want to get into farming intensely. Anyways, folks like that are a model of sufficiency, and if most of Us lived like that i bet this world would be a better place. cheers
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    survival related humour

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    survival related humour

  22. @KCM I think i get what Your saying, but which is better Cake or Pie ??