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  1. I am just curious, if actually a nuclear attack or a disaster takes place, will you have that much reaction time to get to your shelter ? Because as I have read that blast, sound wave and radiations just takes few seconds to reach with in a 5 miles radius. If you happen to be in that radius, I dont think you will even sense it before evaporating. However, if it was in a near vicinity and you are not immediately killed then I think you may have couple of minute as reaction time to rush to your shelter.
  2. Site Name: AdvanceSurvival Description: We are a group of survival experts and preppers who joined hands to provide you guys with best survival guides for almost any scenario. We also host a store for survival gear which is of awesome quality and cheap prices. Free Shipping is also an added bonus for everyone.
  3. Hello guys, I am Edward Mark from CA. Ex special forces and void of 1 hand (Thanks to service in Afghanistan). I am a prepper my self and like to mingle up with other like minded people. Have some real experience about survival as I learned it during my training and got plenty of chances to apply that knowledge on ground. I have started a online store where we (a small team of 4) sell supplies that will be useful for survivalists and preppers. In near future we will expand out store further by acquiring more stuff for our store but for now this what we have. If you would like to take a look at my store Advance Survival I would be sharing some very useful guides (yes very useful) in near future with you guys so you can also benefit from my personal experiences. If you guys can take a look and provide some (constructive) feedback I would be very happy...